Andrew Puzder withdraws nomination for Labor Secretary

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Rick Klein break down the causes and what's next for the coveted Cabinet post.
8:01 | 02/15/17

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Transcript for Andrew Puzder withdraws nomination for Labor Secretary
Hey everybody I'm on an of in New York bringing you a little bit of breaking news. President trumps nominee for labor secretary Andrew pastor. Has withdrawn from consideration ABC news has now confirmed he's the first among mr. Trump's nominees to not make it through the process to withdraw. From that confirmation process and we want to give you a look at more information about exactly what happened here are gonna bring in ABC's political director Rick Klein he's been keeping an eye on all of this from Washington. DC and joins us now from the bureau there Rick. Custer was not that the tally the one everyone had their eyes on is not making it through the process what happened here. There were flags early and they were flags often with Andrew pause during his nomination to be labor secretary he's the CEO of the chain that includes hardee's and Carl's junior he was accused of multiple -- violations over the years then came the revelation. That he employed for a period of several years in undocumented immigrant as households as household help. And bid the the most damning piece of evidence to emerge was a tape. Of his ex wife's appearance on the Opel with Oprah Winfrey Show in 1990. She appeared in the skies of the times talked about being abused by her husband and threatened by her husband at the time she is REIT has recanted those remarks but that tape. Meet the rounds on Capitol Hill and ultimately made this nomination untenable several Republicans came out it's a they would vote against the nomination it became clear. That if indeed this came for a vote on the senate floor. That he would be defeated so apparently trying to avoid that embarrassment and avoid for further punishment he's he is stepping away from this position even before getting confirmation hearing this was delayed by weeks and weeks and weeks on the because there's only concerns about his qualifications and his record. That confirmation hearing you mentioned is actually rescheduled again for tomorrow which is why the news is coming out now we should note that mr. Custer has tweet it. Confirming this is well from his account saying I am withdrawing my nomination. For secretary of labor. I'm honored to have been considered. And I'm grateful to all who have supported me. But Rick if you mentioned sort of a litany of issues that just kept coming up again and again but if you look back at some of the other nominees who have been confirmed to in many ways. For more controversial Betsy did box for department education head. Basis of basically on the basis of being unqualified that was a lie the scrutiny. I'm for her Rex Tillerson for secretary of state because of the closeness of his relationship with Russia. They made it through fine so what was it with 'cause there was it just too many things piling up over time. I think it's the quantity that it ultimately. Drove senators over the edge on this and I think the tape. From it from Oprah's show made it and particularly untenable you can watch this and and have good feelings about him by the end of it frankly and it's one thing to just simply. Love confirmation hearing questions so nothing to have so many things in your record that are things and I think. It's a testament to the lack of vetting. That the trunk team went through to name and deposit to this post that they that he pursued in the first place this seemed doomed from the start. I'd also say out of that these things are linked and that the at the grassroots energy. They came close to derailing Betsy Abbas and it didn't derail Andrew paws are actually related and you see a lot of the similar liberal groups that were motivated energized on this. They set for the beginning of the Democrats don't have the votes to stop any nominations on their own all they can do is highlight deficiencies they see. In the records and hoping to get a couple Republicans over the top so what you saw with. That he'd Abbas and education he sought to Republicans crossover after a deluge of phone calls and letters about her qualifications something similar happened. It rational districts and senate offices around the country. Iran Andrew posture and it created this grassroots swell of support. There are Democrats that feel very good about this not just because they're denying one person one job but they feel like they're showing a waited they can have influence in the front era. So realistically make you think that there's some way in which we can interpret mr. Paz are being a bit of a sacrificial lamb here's the Democrats. Get a win they get they're able to say we were able to stop. One of the nominees to president trumps cabinet even if we didn't get the other thing is some of the congressional numbers look that a cover here. I think that I think there's a piece of that I think there's a piece for Democrats at the real point to. Any instance where they're organizing had an impact and for all of the the energy that we've seen the grassroots energy over the last couple weeks at the trump administration. This is the first documented instances you mentioned some are actually being beaten forced to withdraw the nomination. Is also again in the bigger picture the second child casualty. In as many in as many days to see Mike Flynn have to step aside out from from his post late Monday night. He was asked to resign by president trump that was not a senate confirmed job that serves of the pleasure of the president but. This has been a rough week for the trump campaign in some ways I think the positive stories bit of a distraction from the very real concerns that are out there around Russia. And around Flynn and his service it's been a very busy day in Washington a busy week in Washington. But the end the end of this is that the Democrats are able to point to this and say that they there at the grassroots organizing made a difference. We mentioned poster is the first to not make it through that confirmation process the Hurst told many other nominees for cabinet positions who have not. Yet been confirmed are keeping an eye on the senate floor. Earlier where they were debating. That nominee for a two lead Allenby a congressman Mike we'll zany so where are we and that profits are there other people who could be vulnerable to on the line to. Yet it Maldini to congress in South Carolina his nomination in a bit of trouble as well we've heard from Senator John McCain. Very influential senator obviously senior senator from Arizona he intends to vote no if you get just one more you've got a 5050 situation. Mike Pence of the tiebreaker one more after that and and then it goes down up Pruitt at the EPA is another one that's been targeted. I think poser was one of his most problematic from the start those side so far that Albania's gonna go down but I'll tell you these things that have momentum and the hope. Among Democrats liberal groups that are already blasting out statements is that this does send the message that Donald Trump that it that they have to be careful modest picks. And that he's not gonna get everything he even wants rubber stamps because he controls the Republican senate. Rick we spoke yesterday about general Clinton's resignation we spoke earlier today about Israeli prime minister Netanyahu's visit to Washington. A little bit of reaching here and now we're bringing with everybody what what's coming up next on catching it into the dance that's gonna get inside your head what are you watching for the next waiting for hours. Well I'll tell you the next thing is going to be the OMB director and and other cabinet officials wells are going to be that the next pieces in terms of it the action on the senate floor. But the real story in the big story remains Russia. And the ties that they did it the trump campaign and now White House has to Russia. The D'Qwell the calls for independent investigation special counsel anyone to look at this further and any other details that come out of the intelligence we FBI investigations those are going to be. Driving this news cycle and the fact that the president trouble avoided questions on that today. A you'll do that for so long so he's gonna it's any sort of a split screen next couple lazy is gonna have those investigations playing out. We also know that president fronts to be hitting the road on Friday and Saturday. It's an event in South Carolina on Friday and down campaign style event in Florida on Saturday so he is trying to get out in in kind of remember what what what brought him to Washington. Rather than read the Washington air because it has been a very weak a tough week. And a week of setbacks were also waiting on the executive board of the revised executive order on the travel plan. That we're told would come by yesterday so wordy behind schedule on that so there are so many fronts today the TV chaos. Of Donald Trump and I think from the beginning it there's been an element of Donald Trump this to disrupt her but that content that can tend toward another direction of being. All over the place and we're seeing that the downside the all over the place the chaos side of it in the last couple days. Heck could be some more big headlines in the days ahead Rick Klein our political director down in DC thanks so much for joining us thank you on the and I think solid you for joining us to you can always go to for more on that story and many many more stay right here for the latest live streams happening right here. And around the country I'm on an Abbas a peak in sin.

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