1-on-1 with Andrew Yang

ABC News catches up with 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang during a game of bowling in Iowa.
5:10 | 12/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 1-on-1 with Andrew Yang
He'll be the only a racial minority candidate on the stage next week in the December democratic debate he's also. Embracing his status there as one of the the candidates in the singled this digits. Today he was bowling in Iowa with our Margo Garcia and Andrew Yang you see him there will in fact be on stage. At next week's debate in Los Angeles and today talked to Wear Armando Garcia about impeachment. About these state of the economy right now about his estate on the care his set place in this campaign. And that's Baghdad and it's Armando here at a bowling Alley downpour with Andrew Yang as to yank it very much for joining ABC news that's it here thanks for joining us more than equivalent bus tour. A lot of violence excited about them. Came out in the middle of the day. Hopefully. To make history together and joining trying to rewrite the rules from Boston is being I would ask some questions but first a quick on the spot and don't watchable and all right. Today let's have. Already joined in this I don't know how to do how many do you bull once in Kabul a ball neck and right. Okay. They're gone. Yeah. Evening news. Everything looked live part of the ball that out that I did what all over the pricing instead. You just barely made the cut for the debate today and few days you can be the only candidate coming up on that basis do you feel responsibility. To talk about race in a way that no other candidate on that state. I'm certainly very proud to be Thursday in America and and around the president is a Democrat and that he. Let's not color the debate intensity. I'm going to sorely missing comma laden. Who's been my neighbor on the needs to the last several debates and Paul Mike Woods. I think if you wait too much to ask for anyone of any background as me all people of color. On the debate stage next week and when I talk about the issues that concern Americans and there is she's on concern us all they like them back we're going to. The greatest economic management and our country's history that's hitting particularly pleased. Particular community is part of climate change when there's a natural disaster who summer's the most news. Communities of color have lower levels of resource Vanilla look like themselves their families. It's being brought to going to the impeachment process and our nation. Are you satisfied with the article and he's. That that house panel on which big changes or amendments. I think that the articles are correct has written. But we also have two days back to hasn't processed. Puck costly distraction for Democrats because. And if you look at the facts in the senate we really wanted Republicans to switch sides in order to succeed. So you can easily seen. A number of weeks from now Donald Trump crowing about how it. Exonerated him in the winter fun and all of this attention been England's and isn't this opportunity to present the news hostages. Where the country. We'll help move the whole are reportedly talking if you miss the opportunity to make that case to the American people that are closely its Topper. Tillman crime against Donald Trump is here. I want more question for you but I am notable. Because they to my word here. Oh given to go. Boeing on camera look ago are on the deck and you'll have now. Now journalist direction. It's actually very very tense. Go to sandy have been an eight. Do horrible about it I don't know. They may have enemies they've all of them back. And they got from you one more question for you mayor go to Chad has released its cactus from his time and that private sector. He's called on the Democratic Party and and I don't democratic contenders to follow suit. Would you follow suit and would you allow breasts to be accurate but right. Our fundraisers are essentially all open up public right now we don't impress women people who were the whole thing talked market. Zone we as development of the public. I think experience is very good thing the democratic field. People he's certain he'll do is about what is behind its. And they're looking at. Thank you very much her joining ABC news five I want to thank you and you look at our list that moment longer than some of the headlines right. Zero corporate pac money and zero agenda. So tell me that's standard of the Democratic Party I'm happy it is an ignorant. Think it is being appreciated. Back to you DeVon.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"ABC News catches up with 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang during a game of bowling in Iowa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67667235","title":"1-on-1 with Andrew Yang ","url":"/Politics/video/andrew-yang-67667235"}