Andrew Yang talks Republicans and impeachment

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang tells ABC News Live his focus is defeating President Donald Trump if impeachment doesn't pass in the Senate.
2:17 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for Andrew Yang talks Republicans and impeachment
Reside here eat and eat it you are Jeff of those who live that would look out there I carried hearing president it was saying you. These are budget thanks Tex on time. I panic or NIC go way back and core is actually almost impossible not to like so I'd have to be a real jackass to be like oh that Cory got a good really really happy this image RC a plus that you're running for president nudist. Run into each other not all the campaign stops and so you know actually end up developing a French. I want to ask you about the impeachment trial they did you watch it and you think that silent made eight clear seeks. Outlining at Wipro up. But I got the same information the American people did it end it it's unfortunately verifying some of the things that we peered were the case. To me unfortunately the tough parts going to be succeeding than a trial in the senate because it would require. A couple dozen Republicans to actually vote for impeachment has been no indication of that would happen. My job is to focus on solving the pounds I got Donald Trump elected in the first place I expect him to still be there at the ballot box and when he Tony for me to defeat. Which you call that failure to Democrats cannot bring Republicans over to their site is that a failure. Well I wouldn't consider that a democratic failure are consider that failure Republicans to put country before party. Where at this point. Republicans the de facto obstructionist defense instead of actually engaging in a fact finding inquiry which is what impeachment is for and that is not historical norm historically even though party of the president. Is actually trying to figure out what happened but I'm forced the Republicans don't seem to have or are really seeing contrast in what happened. But you can't fault Democrats for not being able to change Republicans. Minds on this you have to go to the Republicans themselves. Lately there is keen interest in McConnell say that he want to drag this Al. What does that mean for some the year candidates who are going to be on the trail how does this affect deal. Obviously. If your in the senate than you might get dragged back to DC during the thick of the campaign which should be. Unfortunate for the race mean no one wants. I'm a dynamic where literally half the field is is in DC and in the rest of us are stumping in early states obviously. I will be something in early states regardless but I'd like to be able to see. Tom aligned and Bernie and Elizabeth and the other senators on the trail to Andrea Greene is so much.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Presidential candidate Andrew Yang tells ABC News Live his focus is defeating President Donald Trump if impeachment doesn't pass in the Senate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67189162","title":"Andrew Yang talks Republicans and impeachment","url":"/Politics/video/andrew-yang-talks-republicans-impeachment-67189162"}