Anthony Scaramucci feuds with Reince Priebus

"The View" co-hosts discuss Scaramucci's investigation into leaks from the White House.
4:29 | 07/27/17

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Transcript for Anthony Scaramucci feuds with Reince Priebus
Speaking. It just is. The move she hopes this past summer White House that this war read that he's gonna clean house. When he tweeted last night in light of the link a Mike financial disclosure info which is a felony. I will be contacting the FBI and the Justice Department. Ending on a hash tag swap. At. I ramblin' wreck and inquiry according. Ambulance took this as a warning did she must have brands previous. And most taught class five stuff. To CNN the swine take a look. When I put out a tweet like we're going to name in the tween. They're all making the assumption that it's him. Because journalists know who believers are sort of points while six point that he not a believer let him do that. How. My way. After I got into this half hour vis vis the other crazy part of this is that. The information was not leaked it was gotten. Because of the Freedom of Information Act because it was requested so nobody leaked it. And I guess is is happening because the world has only joined the administration like last Friday. What he just doesn't seem to it he seems to want a lot of attention. I think I think that and mood chance like to call now that's a good William Louis JJ. But he. He's got a big person if they hit yes yes a big personality and he's kind of charismatic in his own way. And I was watching him this money doesn't shut up you know period you're Phillip how I am Conway they don't believe in a period the end of the sentence. And he has a big personality I guarantee you that the Donald is going to be threatened by him very shortly he may be going that was five cents. I could be overshadowed by the arms or legs men who else would take as a great person. I miss out on the tape that you won't see me a lot of the podium like Chris Cuomo was talking this morning called on the phone's ringing and it's like. He filibuster only heard from Paul Melissa. But it appears that's hard to do it Chris yelled oh my god he did it is a fascinating interview though he's not in nineteen neighbor on my but doesn't it's not Donald Trump want and Lucic to do that doesn't he want him to sort of be. We'll he had just gotten that far the president any talked about that because if Chris was nice to him. He could come back again he might as well because the Donna are only going to get Chris figured right not OPEC to give permission to will move today is say. So that's just it was it. Yeah. Have good Seau who. It's expanded yeah EL however you column he's having trouble I was having trouble keeping his story straight arrows as a little paranoid about what's going on at that hasn't pointed to. Movement his ever worked for me people were listening. Send a managerial message to the people are working for me. And community being transparent. I'm not an answer that Washington because because I just that I was and it's horrible what happening straight what have an additional money and obfuscation arched rate Lee. Which were really not answering your question. Take dramatic action to stop those leaks. All of the cynics around here in the tweets and also the not to say in the legion never gonna stop and I say to those people. You're correct. In fact he likes to shake things up I think Donald likes to shake things up and what I learns from this is that boots. Apparently has a problem with the right Revis who represented the establishment which tells me that Donald Trump. Has a problem with Wright's treatment so heat he wasn't a leak like we have known any of this information about strike little ironic without spending looks. Models and aliases. Those eleven I. Cried constantly Lincoln oil mix right on I don't know if that's something we should be worried about. Olympic on the constant. Leading yeah. I mean that's. Renowned film his good looks is is cute he's good his job to you cannot like he's good looking yeah I might not.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Scaramucci's investigation into leaks from the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"48888332","title":"Anthony Scaramucci feuds with Reince Priebus","url":"/Politics/video/anthony-scaramucci-feuds-reince-priebus-48888332"}