Anthony Scaramucci fueling White House's inner turmoil?

"The View" co-hosts discuss Scaramucci's role in the reported tensions inside the White House.
6:20 | 07/28/17

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Transcript for Anthony Scaramucci fueling White House's inner turmoil?
Somebody crazy things happening this holy that there are no wit of the yet but the new outposts. Which I read every day. They spent and Jacob are dead aunt who nails the climate in the White House right now the new communications director Michael ill more today. Oops. I mean I am elated to White House big waves in and I'm sensitive to yeah Olympic he called chief of staff. Ryan street the save blanking paranoid schizophrenic paranoia Eric. He'll also said Alan this. I'm not see Batman I'm not trying to blank my own blank hello. Yeah ain't. I can't believe what he said but suffice it to say Bannon must have a crafts Matic adjustable bed. I pulled home. Okay. An accomplished what happened on getting on the way it did do that he would need to work. Yeah if I ever als also you know what I'm trying to figure out with the with the boots is of he claims he did this to you two Ryan Liz over at CNN the new app and the New Yorker Magazine ad and says that you know he didn't think it was on the record last night to a report on an orca. He knows it was on the record and he wanted it on the record why do you think so because he wants to ally himself with Donald Trump against. Preakness who represents a lot of conservatives the establishment the old way of doing things business as usual. And let's face it Donald Trump got a lack did. Talking very bluntly sometimes outrageous thing so in his line and moved to study says you know what it worked for the Donald we're gonna ally ourselves wouldn't rally our base and witness stand up against establish I actually think it was a rookie mistake because he bench weeded out. And say I trusted a reporter I'll never do it again I don't know I thought well I enables him to then say it's the media's fault now I think I've figuring out relaying a snake I really didn't have personalities believe me this guy is as a hardcore new Yorker he's an Italian he lets everybody know what a tough guy pay all the right LK that's right at me up. -- I get it. But come I'm young eagle over compensates for that. He was not that I eat I think would happen is he so arrogant. That he thought that he would be able to see whatever he wanted and that if he got what are got on the record he could use the media at the scapegoat personalities like he is like trumps. Everybody else is it's everybody else responsibility they never take responsibility I think there's always there's only the bill of sale and I let it Meyer is a Republican I long conservatives let's let's say it's true. What is then shocking is that he says Doreen this this rant. You know that the FBI that he had information from the FBI if that is true then an FBI agent should be suspended or fired. Mean he obviously doesn't understand the line now between the White House now and the FBI so I got neither so why did. Surprising to me was you not as a what I as a pro prosecutor you know you get all these wiretaps. Ice but it. Re not sounded like the stuff that I heard when we wiretap organized aim at. There is that the person you want represented England some. You I noticed that there was a lot of talk about this need while the health care bill is is being voted down it yeah there was a lot of stuff going on net I think the American people across party lines are waiting to hear about. And they know him if you if it is strategy they know media goes for sensational headlines via someone dropping blanket need blanking getting just typed that on the lower third was really fun but still not talking about wheels on and not Russia eleven I saw banners that it's yet only does not like that calculated no I'm you know what was interesting that calculate because he knows that he's going to go out there he's gonna get that attention and talk about everything else but he needs to be careful because I think one note that I don't know that Donald Trump needs to consider the -- I want my arm is being Italian have to do with anything I'm just. Name the yeah I don't want to let everybody immediately goes to the mob you know I mean yeah that's not like a my Italian family my father's truck driver. I could not say as Helen's house without him getting its act acts I mean we're not all like that I don't honestly I am yeah it is a lot of and that. Congress should happen to them in the make up remaining enjoy you made the first joke about that you look I can't thank. I think you can't make I would say one interesting thing. Right art which used to be run by Steve Bannon yanked after our eyes their lead against them coach yesterday when this happens that perhaps most of the rest and it set. But first want from the opposite move over president Donald Trump you weren't yesterday's news it seems like this is now the Anthony's character that she shelves so I'm wonder Steve. Allen is now coming out saying okay a lot of got big sky went out of the products are ready are always as in jeopardy right now because that the move had yet. DC DC I. Now with people on strategies Tea Party begin stimulus plan but played well you can find him president Bannon another idol was saying president and a that really ticked the Donald's or not senate. Now my president looks now what's the president going to have to think that wrap up initially I think he likes it if I think Donald Trump feels like I have someone like quantum and gets neat it was just like me. Once his once mood just stop rises above trumps good and then he's gonna happen on what Bob's point about paranoia here that what I had about paranoia. Donald cools everything a which hides. He claimed that Obama Wyatt tapped him Kelly hands microwave is buying. Could I discount notes threatens to fire everyone because there will pit U late Ellen he's he's getting to that both getting to be let's get like a trumpet Nixon White House and there are the basic elements fruits and mean this whole thing that's guaranteed upset about the leak of its finance was closure but it is true the listening public documents I worked as a government employee you to continue yeah its public information what quality was not even true it's very propaganda if they're not lady different I think argument about the leaks that are concerned with from the intelligence community which I'm concerned with as well with league this what was not actually only.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Scaramucci's role in the reported tensions inside the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"48911304","title":"Anthony Scaramucci fueling White House's inner turmoil?","url":"/Politics/video/anthony-scaramucci-fueling-white-houses-turmoil-48911304"}