In an Anti-Incumbent Year, John McCain Faces Primary Challenge

ABC News' Ali Rogin interviews Kelli Ward, primary challenger to Arizona Senator John McCain.
8:17 | 08/30/16

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Transcript for In an Anti-Incumbent Year, John McCain Faces Primary Challenge
GE out and producer and digital journalist I'm here with doctor telling our. There is a candidate or. Primary this evening. Actor we're you so much for joining us Ahmanson's. Justice thinks it needs talk about it scene now the polls today. When he seen well thank you for him it's skinny second and I think that people aren't really. Looking Boortz today in its primary. Street by retiring coming and watching him for almost forty years and putting in new model fresh face with new ideas and deck where you hate them headlined. Your comments about Senator McCain recently you may retiring Senator McCain keep partner campaigns and apparently new I think outlined how. Life expectancy. At Stevenson wouldn't make up of all day intention that that remark. And again we I think that he turned eight yesterday and I want to placement in an ironic given the president today again retire. I I think that the political loser you know back in 2008 when. President menu he. Mainstream media outlets we're bringing up his aching back. And and you know now eight years later we need to consider food isn't Washington either way it's clear they want on the national stage they opinions. And the McCain campaign respond to its citizens by calling it desperate what do you mean. Well they actually it's been are having too many nutrients which I think shows they're experts because they didn't point out all the great thing to John McCain has done. Because that simply is impossible because he has not delivered. Many conservative things if any and he's given us instead tax hikes bailouts. And fitness. Apple's list of things that he brought to us please don't friends of yours and editors. It's is immense and so that's what people. I want best start after polls closed tonight and it winds ask you about the possible. You. Would UV into. In general election you know even completely. To think you just like Paul Ryan and John McCain upset about our president. To come out but I think to get to that point we think we're actually. I'm 100%. Behind dot I think he's going to be our next president I think he's in any legislative partners to excellent homeless. He didn't do the things that he thought I don't keep trying to secure the border stop immigration put America perched on tree. Get the economy. And finally fix the veterans administration all of those things and make excellent policy excellent policy. Hitting nineteen hillside along when you bill designed to treat the size of government lower taxes. Let regulation thought I had to small businesses. Health Care Reform welfare reform and education. All comments and things that people of Arizona have ended around and I wanna take to Washington says that not only our state winners then it was. Yeah Richardson you just act. Not mention Paul Ryan took a while around Donald Trump national team. It's not fully. But I want to ask you think you would John Keane. Yeah. Are okay but it won't mind. And it's. He. Does this party unity. What we think. That problem. And it jumped into the company. Doesn't hurt. Well let me ask her party unity high tech future are relentlessly hats with his life. His here tactics and his immense. You know saying against the ringgit my husband's military me. Saying that I somehow propelled ice to power and please it's kind of and that its policy could be early light what all the that he had a stake. All the things are kind of ridiculous we're talking about our unity and John McCain hasn't seen here statement. Should have been person whose Foster again. But again looking our. There's this. I'm here in it. You know you're campaigning criticizing John McCain for not everything's now more than. That you actually hurting him if he gets he gets into the presidential election season to general election. That it examined him running in a competitive race against prince. Look the only person's image John McCain and his his. Strength in this state is John McCain John McCain and his tear record at the image far beyond anything I do. In I thirty years in Washington. Where he can tell you that I am one can be in here pack. Polls show that I can beat her handily over 50% per. Latest polls also show that it's neck and neck and hand John McCain and we are right there he's at 37 third quarter. Point 5% margin beer 23% undecided so today it's gonna make a huge difference. Which is why everybody needs to get out. Now I want to turn really liked him presidential race it's going to be here tomorrow isn't about immigration. On this thing. Yes this it's like to be in the run up. Up a speech tomorrow. Up the thing he'd hate. Saw that his position on immigration what do you and. Well we're hearing his great policy accidentally will be. I know that Donald Trump and when Nixon ordered its order that. Musical theory it need you like technology analyst Ethan Allen Border Patrol actually you do your job keep people from coming. Recently in eastern opportunities for people who come in Hamlet for helping free education. I can and sanctioning employers who hire illegal workers. All of those things will go a long way to border security which we all connections here that seniors on this. Isn't it turns immigration policy. Until his plea and mask. And I don't that's in the central Tenet. And I didn't finish I think tomorrow and see what his policy experience and yet can actually talk about let it what they think it might well let me ask them what. What team. Does embassy. Analysts agree that means according to the broken into our country would be. Ability to accidents can benefit from the backs the taxpayer. So what you did not just from them is a path to citizenship no sense I don't think. Yeah. But if he works himself as this thing. Work behind prosecuting. Immigrants bring your mind that came after a lot like me sir yeah me AA another time. It's like slow course I think we keep your the be. Dangerous criminal our prayers. I think that we also looking so taxpayers because when you look at the that the tablet saying that what happened on him as he understands. They're people who come from our country through our client orders could be created by John McCain Hillary. You want to do list that's got to stop that's why that would seem like I'm at and I think mark and I look forward to be a legislative partner. Why not sell them on statements how many have you. I talk to me if you. Let but it is it the economy on Tuesday. I didn't like. I'm invited him speak and what does he didn't rest today. All southern Israel set up its. I'm gonna send an appearance country and it's going to be here tonight. He three you know. Come on the night with us watch the returns and salary history. Thank you doctor partners with us today and thanks all of you continue into ABC news I'm.

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{"duration":"8:17","description":"ABC News' Ali Rogin interviews Kelli Ward, primary challenger to Arizona Senator John McCain.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"41755350","title":"In an Anti-Incumbent Year, John McCain Faces Primary Challenge","url":"/Politics/video/anti-incumbent-year-john-mccain-faces-primary-challenge-41755350"}