Arab-American Vote Could Impact the Race for Michigan

ABC News' Serena Marshall visits volunteers at a phone bank in Dearborn focused on getting out the Arab-American vote.
4:02 | 11/08/16

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Transcript for Arab-American Vote Could Impact the Race for Michigan
I'm here are now it has signed chic you helped organize this. Phone bank here today I'm the executive director of the Michigan captain images today and educate the we have a lot of our dedicated. Young enthusiastic. You know when makers. Eighty degree ranges varies from high school and college immune. Some others yeah. We are younger is volunteer every hair in business news. Are you turning now. You know Islam and that when mixture. We get as many people the polls possible polls close EP. For young individuals such as you know this young this young on any of in the future you know we need him pictures that we create a culture where. People are giving up the polls for the future of our you know our our community. And it's it's very. It's very positive to see such a great impact we're having on on the community couldn't how many days have you been doing. We've been doing this for about. 21 days now where we're getting people. We have a lot of very young volunteers here yes. It is so. We. If that our our volunteers ranged from now on mania from many age groups we have four. Stations you know continuously going right now this a lot of locations in another location in Dearborn. At a location in Kansas and the location look where continuously making calls and getting as many calls made this possible. And it's like if it's want to see so many young enthusiastic individuals. And as firmer USA measure focusing on Arab American vote. Are you calling everybody so we're thrilled with coaxing and most of America. We want to make sure you know we we are focusing more. For those communities that moment. All communities can. But we are specifically focusing goes Kenya's because I'm notoriously. Those communities are no it's not get out and he has. Involved and it's you know. Or emergency it's important that we need these communities and you can get into applause and educate them. Now Michigan here is a leaning blue state but it it. Almost and that tossup range now are you finding they getting these folks the book and to the polls could make a difference in the left. Definitely I mean getting people to the polls is what. You know and tax collections anywhere and everywhere obviously but specifically in Michigan. You know an election can be swayed either way. Yeah. It's and it's imperative that we get you most Americans look out because more Clinton won this lets an average historically. We will have the biggest impact with the numbers we're that we have the largest and most American. Population registered and orchestras right now so hopefully the connection to the. Into the bulls and so when these volunteers carcass there whether doing here when they make these phone calls we heard one of them Carroll air pistol. Minister calling on and then letting them know that appointment nonpartisan. Organization mining merger assay. If it was definitely there candidate they're caught people off a list of registered voters everybody that they're calling is registered. On the for the more from there what they're gonna do as they're called. If that person answers the state alone I'm looking for someone so. Are you going to be voting today and we let you know individual young lady over there said majorities people are voting. Which is which is wonderful it's wonderful to hear on for the small population voting funny line. And what we can do to a tournament. I resent when you hearing from them and they say no actually I'm not gonna go out thanks to various reasons but a lot of the a lot of times you know what we've what we're trying to do for them is trying to distance the bulls put their various reasons and specific reason. There's been a lot of divisive rhetoric thirty fining people are just fed up with the election and they collect. Not worth going now I mean that you find that in every election I saw a lot of people detail counts. Politics but at the end of the day we must understand that we had pushed through him this is the future countries and communities. You know we do. Who gets in you know elected now is in effect for the next four years so this is something that'll give them.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall visits volunteers at a phone bank in Dearborn focused on getting out the Arab-American vote.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"43390049","title":"Arab-American Vote Could Impact the Race for Michigan","url":"/Politics/video/arab-american-vote-impact-race-michigan-43390049"}