From the Archives: First Lady Hillary Clinton Takes on Healthcare Reform

On Sept. 9, 1993, ABC News' Peter Jennings reports on the First Lady's prominent role in the White House.
4:43 | 04/07/15

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Transcript for From the Archives: First Lady Hillary Clinton Takes on Healthcare Reform
Our person of the week it is one of the more obvious choices we've made in the last several years earlier this week it occurred to us that this particular individual had come an awfully long way. In the last year or so. And then we thought no maybe it's that country which has come a long way. When I lost our nation on this journey to reform the health care system. I knew we needed a talented navigate. Someone with a regular its mind the steady compass. A caring heart. Luckily for me information. Didn't have to look very warm. In politics even the politics of married to doesn't get any better than this. Public thanks and public confirmation. Of what so much of the nation knew all along Hillary Rodham Clinton is anything but just the boss's wife. It's been a wonderful experience I've. You know worked with my husband. Off and on since they were law school together and I'm always excited to do it. Mrs. Clinton those people who know Hillary Clinton will believe it would have been unthinkable for her to play the traditional wife of a politician. And in these months since the inauguration up to her neck in trying to reform the health care system she has been positively liberated. Mrs. Clinton. Is living proof of what has been developing for a long time. That the presidency. Is a two person job at the top. Mrs. Clinton's passion for health care is undeniably deep she worked tirelessly for healthier children in Arkansas. And her understanding of the health care system was only sharpened earlier this year. When her father lay suspended between life and death. In a Little Rock hospital. It is the only time she has taken for herself. We have also seen in the last several weeks that this is a woman who understands. Politics. Keeping the naysayers involved in the process courting her doubters and winning the respect of even her adversaries. I give Hillary Clinton credit for. I think a tremendous job. She has impressed. Democrats and Republicans alike. How long ago it seems that she and her husband were trying just to survive. The presidential campaign of a thousand cuts. It's. Melodies. Flowers. And yet when the Gennifer Flowers affair threatened to destroy Bill Clinton's campaign. It was Hillary Clinton who told the staff to get on with the job this was about more than individuals. You know I'm not sitting here some little woman standing by my man like he knew Linehan. And when she appeared to alienate so called traditional stay at home women. No one was quite sure she had she apologized and step to deliberately into her candidate husband's shadow. If this is what it took two in the presidency this she would do. You can do it by making policy. Or are making cookies. The clintons had no sooner been elected in the nation had its first genuine glimpse of Hillary the problem solvers. Here's president. For reasons unknown to us open the gates and let people without tickets and we got at least accountants can't. The power beside the throne they're saying this week certainly not behind it. Mrs. Clinton is a very religious motivated woman determined to make a difference. Listen to a man who has recognized her mission from the time she was young. I've rarely met with the person. That has the same kind of burning desire to to make the world a better place. As for all the humor about whom is really president. As the president said last night. On behalf of the president do at my husband asked me to do. This week we asked the next generation for some impressions. Send me pregnant Clinton is like actor and mrs. Clinton is like interactive China she does a lot of what most was still only make. How about their husbands and like she's always did you get the milk professional. However it turns out her personal covenant seems to be clear as she told a to graduating students last spring. I have always try to heed those feelings with me. I want to be idealistic. I want to care about the world I want to be connected to other people and I hope that you will as well. And so we choose Hillary Rodham Clinton in 1969. Mrs. Clinton was chosen by her classmates and Wellesley College. To be the first student to give a commencement address she said in that speech that the challenge was to practice politics as the art of making possible. What appears to be impossible. In attempting to completely revolutionize the American health care system she and her husband are attempting just that.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"On Sept. 9, 1993, ABC News' Peter Jennings reports on the First Lady's prominent role in the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"30146119","title":"From the Archives: First Lady Hillary Clinton Takes on Healthcare Reform ","url":"/Politics/video/archives-lady-hillary-clinton-takes-healthcare-reform-30146119"}