Arizona Senate race too close to call

Reps. McSally, Sinema wait out Senate election results.
2:27 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for Arizona Senate race too close to call
And as we mentioned there are still three key senate races that are just too close to call those in Georgia Florida and Arizona terror Paul merry. Is in Scottsdale Arizona with the latest on what's happening there care. That's right Diane last night we went to bat and we did not hear from. Either Hispanic candidate Republican Martha make Sally our data tech here since that a Monday Evan neck and neck in the polls. For months now and we didn't think it was going to be a night where there will be a clear winner but. It was a little bit shocking not even have an idea what tomorrow might mile hike or even today. While today now tomorrow but you know they're still counting we talked to some people unlike Sally can't they're hopeful. That some of the Election Day voters that their their votes that weren't counted last night no coming today. Might skew towards makes Sally because they tend to be Republican voters. They're also hopeful that some people that cast in their early ballots late might also. These skewing towards make Sally but there are about a million votes that still need to be counted Diane. They kind of interesting though Tara this is a state that has never had. A female senators so either way we're gonna see history made. Exactly we'll see history made either way it's been really bloody fight here in Arizona and to tell you I've been watching the ads. Watch the debate between the two congress amid and they really flooded out I mean. Cinema is a Democrat if she's been playing it down the melon that's the way to get Arizona yet Jeff flake a moderate. John McCain a maverick and she's saying I am a Democrat but I'm a moderate she both of the president's 60% of the time. As opposed to make that you really embraced president trump. Towards the end of the campaign. And she's been trying to paint senate much as a lefty playing a moderate to get this senate seat. Had you know but. Nick Sally has really made her campaign about immigration RO early exit polls show that Nevada and arizonans thought that. Health care whether number one issue and immigration was their. That was alone or issue 32% thought it was the most important but. Without it can't said that they thought that it would motivate people liberals they kept hammering away on border security and it is the border states met talked to cinema at the Dayton for the campaign and she told me. But she supports the president sending troops the border this is that really stepping away from that Democratic Party line. Yet not for the usual thing we've been hearing from a lot of candidates there but I guess we'll find out soon enough. Whether or not that strategy will work terror file Mary from Scottsdale Arizona.

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{"id":59033289,"title":"Arizona Senate race too close to call","duration":"2:27","description":"Reps. McSally, Sinema wait out Senate election results.","url":"/Politics/video/arizona-senate-race-close-call-59033289","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}