Ashley Judd Backer Says McConnell Is 'Panicked'

Rep. John Yarmuth says Hollywood actress will appeal to women.
2:31 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for Ashley Judd Backer Says McConnell Is 'Panicked'
Clearly -- knows that he is in very deep water with women in Kentucky. His record over the last. With a ten to fifteen years has been abysmal audience voting against violence against women act consistently supported programs. In support for education and board. Children of middle and lower income families. Supported budgets that harm Medicaid I think that everything he's done over the last month or so has indicated he's panicked about and actually judge candidacy. I mean all -- everything from. Talking about. Having his it is us -- -- talk about. Her movie nude scenes to talking about a residency. To trying to discredit -- early on they know that they're in trouble -- -- actually judge. Mean they ran a poll that with their own people. And it's basically sampled their banks and he didn't get to 50% against Ashley -- so who knows he's in trouble. Yes the worst reelect numbers of -- senator country right now. And people of Turkey are just tired there's a problem with -- nasty campaigning when -- any -- somebody. Who is as. -- love -- Ashley Judd has been -- A lot of people really like her personally and she's a very sweet person sold to really go out of personally -- carries a risk and I think. McConnell team knows that she understands that. She needs to make a decision relatively soon because she has to establish residency and -- -- the furor over campaign the excitement generated. Will dissipate somewhat and I think she doesn't want to frustrate people who are excited about it -- -- industry so I think she's gonna. I've heard the date derby she didn't say that to me but I expected some time before him. The middle and made it. What Ashley Judd will be able to do and no other candidate would be. Is to show people and explain to people who civilians. In and talk to them directly she's gonna get so much attention. -- still have the opportunity to fight to define herself. And given the opportunity to. Here. -- candidate expound on her philosophy and on her positions. Always trumps a negative advertising characterize them so I think she'll be. Easily able. To defend her positions and to communicate. Her values and I think her values are the values --

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Rep. John Yarmuth says Hollywood actress will appeal to women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"18718716","title":"Ashley Judd Backer Says McConnell Is 'Panicked'","url":"/Politics/video/ashley-judd-backer-mcconnell-panicked-18718716"}