Some asylum seekers should be held without bail: Attorney general

Immigrants seeking asylum could be denied bail in an attempt to slow border crossings.
5:06 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for Some asylum seekers should be held without bail: Attorney general
Let's talk a little bit more about that process of Francis Arroyo as she joins us now via Skype she is an immigration attorney Francis great to see you do you deal with. A good number of immigrants that are making asylum claims in court. What's your reaction to this decision by the department and in M what is sort of the real world implications for a lot of these people who are actually fleeing difficult situations. Well it's really no surprise that we've seen happen in. Order. It's. And what this case is essentially says is that people are asking purse I got the border. It removal proceedings and hurt. Determination there critical near her. Right. Or. This is a big problem that's what sending a message to those he won't. Every press silent aren't thing you're gonna lock up. You have the right and and treats you are caught me into its three. Fleeing persecution. You gag me my iTunes. So an attorney ready for mr. Wright isn't girl. Is seen an art. Jon Cohen know former DHS official who dealt with immigration policy do is joins us on the phone John great to have. Have you in this conversation you've been closely involved in border policy for a long time how significant is this move. In your view in the sweep. Of American treatment of asylum seekers. Idiots import for a few reasons why being part of Bourne had been a continuing effort rhetorically by the administration to paint. Those people those families that are fleeing violence wing persecution. Fleeing corrupt environments seeking the protection the United States as criminals. Com and you know that's just simply not the case yes we have to be careful. Only allow those people with a credible. Here claim to be Christina does crops such yet we have the act people coming. To the borders he gets into the country to which are criminal and terrorist. Are not allowed in but the idea that. People seeking protection about loud and international and US law somehow criminals. It is just. Not accurate and it's not helpful on operational perspective that's an issue real quickly it. That it be learned that there are tolerance we only have a limited detention space problems are tight immigration detention or criminal justice attention. So we're gonna bulk Marty people Seeking Asylum or not at room for more violent criminal. Yeah I was asked about that John because on the one hand the administration says the facilities are at capacity they're having to release people and yet. Here they're imposing a policy which would seemingly detained more on the yet it also cuts against the fact that so many of these migrants are families and children which by law cannot be held for an extended period of time. They added a reason why I am serious law enforcement professionals. Are very wary he uses zero tolerance programs. You know the reality of that and I said earlier law enforcement organizations whether they be border control all our. I want horsemen in our community that you only have a limited amount of resource if you eliminate number of people yet but no women in about a jail space you have a limited amount. You know associated resource especially you focused it's retorted not. Individuals opposed the greater threat. So that this administration seems to apply. A high risk a valuation. It just family batters he simply trying to find a better life in a lot of violent environment and from a law enforcement perspective from a law enforcement respect but it really doesn't make sense. Jon Cohen thank you so much in and Francis are Oreo back to you immigration attorney again someone who deals with these asylum seekers. I sort of just put U what the administration's claim on this that while there may be some legitimate. Fear claims among these asylum seekers. Is there anything to their argument that. Many among this large numbers showing up at the border or simply faking that they know the words to say to get into this country and then and then it's simply released. I don't believe that's it sure is an immigration attorney we saw. Rick Allen needs that's true. There are three and purity ice to gun is credible here is our experts 80. And that is what it is our whether or credible or not. Not gonna work right aspirants and by. We're that will be eligible for a right arm. I didn't hear or returning. And it bury it in the eagle or. Anybody during does. I don't. Want to doctors need people. Just when it's. These or any. Teen was just me this country is there. All right Francis or Oreo thank you so much for joining us from California immigration attorney for a perspective on that issue.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"Immigrants seeking asylum could be denied bail in an attempt to slow border crossings. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62466277","title":"Some asylum seekers should be held without bail: Attorney general","url":"/Politics/video/asylum-seekers-held-bail-attorney-general-62466277"}