Attorney General Jeff Sessions out

Matthew Whitaker, a critic of the Mueller probe, steps in as acting attorney general.
2:33 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for Attorney General Jeff Sessions out
Attorney general Jeff Sessions is also making headlines because he was fired recently Sy want to go to. Jack dot today in our DC bureau Jack Carey doing this morning poking through Harry you very good so. Jess is sessions he's fired literally 24 hours after the mid term elections. And he was are placed by his chief of staff of Matt Whitaker. I want you to tell us what you know about Matt and what does this mean for the -- investigation. So met Whitaker is a former. US attorney. From Iowa. He was brought in to be it Jeff Sessions chief of staff after Jeff Sessions chief of staff was promoted within the Justice Department. And he's he's well regarded within the Justice Department he he actually play college football to use a tight end it at the University of Iowa. And it. He that it has been elevated to be acting attorney general now and so. From intensive purposes he has the authority and it has oversight over the Muller problem. Yes so. Can hear me. Yes Kimberly does yes so what are the what are the Democrats. Saying about this move and what can they actually do now you know since they've. Taken back over the house. Well so you know Democrats have been this somewhat critical of the appointment of that would acres acting attorney general in this role because before he became. Before he came back to the Justice Department. He was publicly very critical. The Mueller probe and and so. You know he's already on the record. Saying things about it that Democrats have questions about whether he's. Able to be objective about. Any decisions that he might have to make about the probe since he's already been critical of it and it's so that raises questions about whether he should recuse himself. From the probe and whether he since really. Let go through the kind of ethics. Investigation or ethics evaluation that the career attorneys might duty case like this. And it's not clear that any of that happening with with mr. Whitacre so. You know Democrats are concerned about that. As they take over the house they'll have subpoena authority and they'll be able to call up for questioning and he'll be underwrote them you'll have to testify about his decisions. And so. You know that may be the check. What he ultimately does in decisions that he makes regarding the mold problem. Well it'll certainly be very interesting Jack thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it took.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Matthew Whitaker, a critic of the Mueller probe, steps in as acting attorney general. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59061010","title":"Attorney General Jeff Sessions out ","url":"/Politics/video/attorney-general-jeff-sessions-59061010"}