Backlash against Trump's 'lynching' tweet

Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., condemned Trump's tweet comparing the impeachment probe to a lynching.
7:21 | 10/22/19

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Transcript for Backlash against Trump's 'lynching' tweet
A lot of news to get to today including a growing bipartisan controversy now. On Capitol Hill outreach really over president trumps comparison of the impeachment inquiry. To win chain in the United States here's the tweet that set off the firestorm. I the president tweeting that if a Democrat becomes president some day perhaps the Republicans. I will win the house even by tiny margin they can abuse a president without due process or fairness or new legal rights all Republicans must remember what they're witnessing here. A lynching. Of course the term has invoked the dark history in this country. A violent end public hangings of predominately African American man but also women. Children and Jews largely in the American south during Jim Crow. During the period between the civil war in World War II historians estimate. But some 4000. African American men were lynched in the United States members of both parties today expressing their outrage at the president's comparison. Here's a sample of some of the feedback take a look at what Susan Collins Republican senator of Maine is sane. She says the lynch Sheen brings back images of a terrible time in our nation's history. The president never should've made that comparison and Bobby Rush. Civil rights leader Al longtime congressman from Chicago. A tweets that you think this impeachment is even then Sheen. What the hell is wrong with you do you know how many people who look like me have been winched since inception of this country. By people who look like you delete the tweet in a short time ago the senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell. Also weighing in on this in a rare rebuke of president trump saying he would not have used the word lynching. Although he did support the president's characterization that impeachment is an unfair process and want to bring in our investigators our correspondent. Cure Phillips she's here she's car I don't a lot of reporting on the history of impeachment and Scott passionate about very passionate mess and put some context around justices did a lot of people for perhaps scratching their heads going here we go again with the political correctness policemen are growing at an error. Look lynching for talk about community sanctioned killings okay white mobs would come and cheer on and take pictures. And en route on the fact that black people were being tortured and lynched hanging from trees also Jewish men also black women black children. I mean for president trop to make that comparison I wonder if he learned about lynching in school I wonder he saw the pictures of lynchings in school and then. Yeah I had yet to help our viewers better understand the context some of the pictures you're talking about cure we have some disturbing. Historical images here we won't leave them up for long which is to help you. Understand the context in which these remarks come out ahead it's been so upsetting to a lot of people including. But several members of the Congressional Black Caucus and we're joined now by the chairwoman. Of the Congressional Black Caucus Karen bass congressman of California. I think you so much madam congresswoman for being here and give us your reaction what did you think of when you first saw that we. Well. I do think that the president is consistent that every time his back is against the wall he throws out a racial bomb. And he knew that today was going to be a day of explosive testimony. In the depositions and I think he did that to throw us all off. He has done this time and time again but how dare he compare. Our constitutional. Obligation. For oversight. To a hate crime. I think sometimes that he knows so little about the United States history. That he doesn't realize that thousands of people were lynched that these were actually socially perhaps that they were advertised in the paper. Bring your kids come out and watch as burned to death a black person. What does this some bow someone these were social events that it's is a terrific part of our history but frankly it's not that long ago. I mean Texas just a couple of years ago X and Q did a man because he had lynched. Another man. And this was within the last ten years so the idea that he would trivialize. And everything is always about him that he would trivialize such an egregious moment in our history and compare it. To what is really my constitutional obligation. I'm and congressman all of this very well said there all of this comes as the president prepares to make his first visit. Two historically black college and universities you know on Friday he's going down to Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina. Where he'll be along side a number of the democratic candidates. What's your message to him as he go prepares to go to this campus and what should students. Members of that historically black college. What message are they sending him as he is here rides there. Well I actually think it's probably too bad that he's going because I have no doubt in my mind. What he's going to go and say he wants black people to congratulate him because he's done so much for us which is a complete lie. When he says that the black employment rate is down that's fine but that's not because of any specific program that he did whatsoever. If anything he is in the midst of attempting to shred. Everything that has been accomplished in the civil rights movement. And all lengthy litigation that happened afterwards and right now he is proposing to throw over a million people off of food stamps. And clearly the majority of people that are on food stamps or white. But poor African Americans are also impacted by this as well. And finally act congressman bass just got to ask you set the top of your comments that you thought that some of this was. Intended to be a distraction from the testimony that we're hearing today from Bill Taylor of the former ambassador. Eight you were in that testimony in that deposition what was it that you heard that you think the president wanted to distract from. Well as you know I'm not allowed to talk about what happened in the meeting but I can say this I can tell you that the ambassador did not retract his statement. When he said that he thought it was crazy. The idea that you would withhold military assistance to an ally for political gain. I can tell you that the ambassador did not retract that state. Plowing and dad this is Bill Taylor someone who has a career diplomat well respected cook like winners in the all parties. Let me just say something because I serve on foreign affairs I travel the world a lot. I go to embassies all the time and every time I go to an embassy I have to. Act like a cheerleader. Because the staff in the ambassadors are so demoralized. Because of the way that this administration. Has talked about them cut there. They're re sources and just completely. Have shoved them aside. That every time I go to another country I go win and I thank them for their service I tell them how much we appreciate what they're doing. And I think it's a sad state of affairs I think what is happening to this president though is that this is though he bends of the state of the State Department I think that things are unraveling for him. Because I think they have decided that they cannot take it any longer. Karen bass congressman of California chairwoman of the congressional -- black caucus thank you so much for your time really appreciate you coming on ABC news live congresswoman.

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{"duration":"7:21","description":"Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., condemned Trump's tweet comparing the impeachment probe to a lynching.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66452968","title":"Backlash against Trump's 'lynching' tweet","url":"/Politics/video/backlash-trumps-lynching-tweet-66452968"}