Backlash over Trump’s Syria decision continues

Turkey Radio and Television political analyst Yusuf Erim discusses the complexity of the region and the U.S. decision to pull their troops out of Northern Syria.
3:02 | 10/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Backlash over Trump’s Syria decision continues
Let's bring in Yousef Arum from the Turkish. Radio and television network to I give us his perspective used to think he's so much. For being here on in a lot of Americans wondering perhaps why Turkey and president air one have been so determined to go into this. Our region and why they have been pressing president trump to get those US troops out of the way outlets understand that why is this such. In important. Strategic area for the Turks. Well from Turkey's national security issue now. People that the US are calling cards there actually a group called people's protection union at Kurdish paramilitary group. That has direct leads to another group called PKK. It turns you just anti terrorist group and it's also US designated terrorist you're supposed to simplify this you're going Colo occurrences. Not a lot of credit not a correct legal. They're ducking out the Kurds there's over thirty million Kurds in the Middle East scattered through four different. Countries Iraq Iran Syria and Turkey 120 you just living in Turkey aroma. So it's a major national security issuing this something that's been grosans 2014 when present I won't hold Obama not a partner this group. Obama went ahead and in India eat inevitable happened. This is an that is completely unacceptable. Further Turkey to operate right along its borders. At this Turkish affiliate has lost a war against her keeper forty years inside Turkey being over 40000 people. How we realize that the PKK. Has killed more terse and I joke. People period. This is a rare national security threat to Turkey now and I says. My and his. Let me ask you let me ask you about let me ask let me ask you about that the ice as fight in and you're very right to point out that this is not a black and white. Situation there this is a complicated. A dynamic with different groups of people different allegiances and obviously. Complicated players. On the question of crisis. It. Housing all of those ice its detainees what what can you tell us on that side of the story. Turkey is abiding citizens to about sixty much operation you breeze shooting to beat Charles outlaw and other area I strongholds. Turkey actually mutual either. Less politically correct choate 2008 his fighters it's also. I think this is not an organization that. Turkey let circulates at all actually them. Targets are anywhere Turkey an opportunity to regain its operation they're gonna target ice as well and yes. Had given presidential assurances that Turkey will keep over the responsibilities. To play any I just. LME's in that region and Rebecca I sent act.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"Turkey Radio and Television political analyst Yusuf Erim discusses the complexity of the region and the U.S. decision to pull their troops out of Northern Syria.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66169368","title":"Backlash over Trump’s Syria decision continues","url":"/Politics/video/backlash-trumps-syria-decision-continues-66169368"}