Balloons, Fireworks Follow Trump's RNC Speech

The Trump and Pence families join together on stage at the closing of the 2016 Republican National Convention.
7:12 | 07/21/16

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Transcript for Balloons, Fireworks Follow Trump's RNC Speech
Did Donald Trump right there. But this club is something. Here. Just under 75 minute. He tied it. A lot of stuff building wallet he seems like money come out until. Let's capping trade agreed. We heard about stopping. Painted a dark picture of where America stands today and Matthew dowdy six. The man who could fix it they're there. Wanted to percent of bags out in his signature line now find your voice he's basically getting a lot of represented. Dreams of frustration the the American public I was struck by keeping also George this is less morning in America and was more morning about them. A new sheriff in. I can fix it fighting now you've got very thoughtful and is that it chilled night there. So much credit for the dark speech. Labeled Hillary Clinton the candidate death destruction. And briefings and Matt Wallace. Yeah if virgin America. Florida at night they aren't that night. Terrorism economic content for. The Lockport. Basically his messages. He can save America. Majority of Americans are worried about they're worried about. Worried about terrorism gallon up front right is number 161001. When they begin manager. Fact check they already are in. Twitter is the buzz about some of the things he says look at his foreign policy. And look at chuck Finley here. Take Darren right there. Fred is serious about this off from behind that podium he season fireworks store from Edgewater park here in Cleveland. As well ahead here comes confetti. Through traditional convention right there with the blue blood coming down. And Jonathan Karl. Promised and delivered on this a lot of hackles of Richard Nixon in 1968. Richard Nixon came into the room. That was a chump scale fireworks celebration right there over the over Lake Erie here Cokie Roberts. Most of his speech to his face but he did reach out Bernie Sanders voters legend 37 to African Americans prize but after American Latino pop. Eighteen Q. Sell news. Plates of noise about it really existed. This all. It's. Well Jim. Speech but the news. The magic. Is now. Then you're down on the podium here is we see these fireworks continue now. We did see some. Moments where Donald Trump actually try to calm the this is found by the widow. Right now his. But as you point out we have studies done. Eight drill now for months he's so famous. He had much more restraint tonight still careful. With the was big into the crowd went wild was set refrain behavior for days now walk through walk through all this talk about. Thought that that. Foreign ideology. But he didn't flaunt calls once again and then fitted the Republican candidate it feels great. And lastly George you. Were obviously hoping you. Walkabout get a lot of beer because headed dead then how great our. How great if we would. You need to come down right there Tommy ominous. This literally you've been covering this. The very big game. Mike Pence congratulating. And Donald Trump did find awaited day Donald Trump on the telephone and you're still right George I would actually. Protesters came out. And held the pet dander. Walls. Protesters tonight. Himself. Black River he did not attacker and I tell you the crowd on. Reminds me a lot of the same types. His rallies except for covering confetti right now and they're wearing suits and ties and they responded to the sea lions. Story changing. Dialogue anything he was moderating that. The plane turned and read your gather on the floor as well. Showed some more discipline with a with a hot streak that was then hot streak and lot of red meat. I think some of the ground. Over stuff if it wasn't. Good the crowd one it was a happy she's response in the Florida delegates. Crucial battleground state you can almost seed in the response to the people of the divided his daddy sure there will. Rose up and chant has filled the for that she would. As much and you. 3040 feet from the podium and can't always get what you want.

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{"id":40791872,"title":"Balloons, Fireworks Follow Trump's RNC Speech","duration":"7:12","description":"The Trump and Pence families join together on stage at the closing of the 2016 Republican National Convention.","url":"/Politics/video/balloons-fireworks-follow-trumps-rnc-speech-40791872","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}