Ballot Watch: Independent voters hold key in Arizona

ABC News’ Alex Presha reports from the battleground state of Arizona where independent voters could help flip the state’s electoral votes from red to blue for the first time in decades.
6:20 | 10/13/20

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Transcript for Ballot Watch: Independent voters hold key in Arizona
We're back now with valid watching tonight we're taking a look at two key battleground states where early voting is already under way in person early voting began in Georgia this morning and with it. Huge lines in the Atlanta area some voters reported waits of more than five hours to cast their ballots there were some reports of technical issues but also large lines were simply due to a record turnout about a 120000. People voted today. Buckley so far no repeat of the issues seen during Georgia's primary in June when a consolidation. Polling places in a shortage of poll workers cause massive problems. Election officials have said that they already this time around early voting Georgia runs through October 30. Meanwhile early voting started last week in Arizona and backup of counting the State's largest could hold the key. If Joseph Biden is to become only the second Democrat to win here since Harry Truman and if early voting is any indication in the rosy as it is hi this is a packed parking lot there today Maricopa broke the State's record last week for the highest number of it in person votes on the first day of early voting. And one of the biggest factors in whether Arizona swings from red to blue in 20/20 will be independent voters so it seems outs for shaped its time in Arizona with that crucial voting block as they make their decision between president trump and former Vice President Biden. Puppeteer care down. Even though the temperature still registers in the triple digits every afternoon between four and six. Lyndon Tom Rawls walked to the edge of their dirt driveway and tear creek Arizona in hold up their Joseph Biden signs. Yeah. They get haunts. Thumbs ups due to seasonal middle finger and they waved back at a mall detect their. It's. Better than sitting on the couch watching the news doing nothing. We feel like we're contributing. Lifelong Republicans in tilt when he sixteen the wall sports scenes of Donald Trump so they voted for Gary Johnson but this November they'll probably vote Democrat. Is there anything in particular instead opted to put chew over the edge so we were sort of already there or when but it certainly Charlottesville. Is the time when I said. Enough. Because right now in the Republican Party if you're not a sand and in the cult of Donald Trump you're not welcome and they will they will tell you that you don't the welcome. Oh no no no no no as manifest when we sit out there whether signs one of the things we hear the most often is go home. And we're trying to figure out since we're at the end of our own driveway where home is supposed to meet. And you know we are held and this is a purple state and there are a lot of different opinions in the state we're very independent minded. If she's Arizona State public affairs professor doctor Tom Reilly says independents have turned this formally bright red state purple and could help put should bloom this time around. As a third of the states elect Torre independents are trending toward abided by a whopping 25 points in the latest New York Times Siena poll 53 to 28. What we're seeing is as general frustration. To the divisive myths that is occurring in Washington and across United States and people were searching for different way but they don't want a third party. Many of these individuals do not like the two party system. And they don't want to be pegged as having a certain platform. That's especially true among Latino voters. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic Caroline been whose team came to US during her college years she voted for Obama no weight and has ping pong between parties ever since. Her feelings towards Democrats. They're just taking it for granted and thinking oh okay well aware of Latinos and they're going to go ahead and I mean Democrat. That's not the case. She plans to vote for Biden despite being disappointed in a lack of focus on the issues. A lot of the Democratic Party has been. Neglecting to really addresses that issue of immigration and that's why we see that a lot of the Latino voters are really just going. They're they're really up for grabs and they are having a hard time. Making a decision of which way to go because no one is addressing the issues that matter to them most. Maricopa County which includes Phoenix has by far the largest voting population in the state. In the county went for trumped by three points in 26 teams that he follows through on warnings that this party rule and also voted for Jerry Johnson and when he sixteen but now he likes which he seemed from president trump. What sold you want a president for another four years. What really really sold me on it this sense corona viruses come out. Our economy and state didn't staple. And that to me is this astonishing especially considering the number of people who are. Out of jobs because they can't going he's allowing the states to make the decisions for themselves which is to what it should be. The president's handling of the corona virus was the deciding factor for filled Peary as well there's no question the handling of the corona virus was. A complete cluster I think that would be a great way to just accept. Bowl game which she does has a problem doing except blame and say look. I was wrong let's get on. Let's Wear masks let's be healthy as a country let's stop the carnage du 52 year old father of three is a registered Republican. No he's voted Democrat in for the last five elections sees bite in the ideal candidate for pipe unit is a very good candidate. Against a very bad candidate. Now MIA enamored with Joseph no but I'd love of his history I let his resonated politically it seems like. That's the independent voter it's it's more a mindset. That this and there is no platform there's no common doctrine. There's no. Political playbook or pimp with that they can go to to look out on how to vote the one thing we found all the voters we talked to here want to turn down the temperature a little bit. I've trading get back to a country where we can have conversations where we don't agree on every issue and we can still be friends. And I know that sounds whether cliche but that's really my deepest prayers. For ABC news live I'm Alex for shape. Cheer for your resume at that.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"ABC News’ Alex Presha reports from the battleground state of Arizona where independent voters could help flip the state’s electoral votes from red to blue for the first time in decades.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73576549","title":"Ballot Watch: Independent voters hold key in Arizona ","url":"/Politics/video/ballot-watch-independent-voters-hold-key-arizona-73576549"}