Baltimore Goes to the Polls in Presidential Primary

ABC News' Lauren Lyster speaks to Baltimore residents and State Attorney Marilyn Mosby about how the city is feeling as it votes in the 2016 primary.
13:06 | 04/26/16

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Transcript for Baltimore Goes to the Polls in Presidential Primary
In Maryland York casting there. Today as well 38 delegates for grabbed up on the Republicans at a 118 on the democratic side are more on that. We potter lord Lester who went locations in. You are. Hey on the net and debt and so we just to write your short time ago werder polling place. In Baltimore city that is at a steady stream of voters coming in to cast their ballots and here's one thing that's new this year skies. They have moved back to paper ballots that we've seen so many people make a shift towards electronics. They did that back in 2002 it actually shifted back through the process here. A little different than what we become accustomed to see people coming and it its a closed primary as a you have to vote wit which party you're registered for either get Ed democratic or a Republican Alec. I couldn't get a physical ballot because they're not allowed to actually let me handle them for reasons not to do it you know the security of the election result. Get your ballot in older you. If the special and it's basically like taking a ski and on task. When you were back in school we all remember that take that let's take a little plot I can't get too close because we're not allowed to show you. Actual voting for obvious reasons so people come back they cast their ballots. They fill out their Scott scans on tasked and then they bring him Q when these machines where they are scant and and the rest of the process in electronics so. This is the ship that they made this is the first primary the first the first election where we're seeing and used at ease again. And and that's a process guys now the reason why we're not talking to the folks. That are doing the Pullman right now is because we're not allowed to use that we have to go out about a hundred feet in order to. 28 years. And you know some are predicting that this would be a year for record turnout in Baltimore because not only is it that presidential primary but it's also the primary for mayor for this act. For a number of races hotly contested but in this election judging Taki said she's been to instantly on time she says it. They turn that's been steady it but nothing like something years that she's seen so let's take kind of take a little locker brown and you can see. What's going on here you know Greta church and wonder that things they that the pastor has done is it wants her ten voting in every copy. So people hadn't handed it happening in doing now. It's in as I said just kind of a steady stream of visitors coming now actually. We see a line we didn't we haven't seen not yet people are getting off work so this is expected to be. A busy time and we aren't allowed to speak to these voters speak this week. Away from. The polling place so take a little plot and let's see who we can't grab guys I you have any questions for me right now all we make that John outside. Yeah alarm lawyer Charlie added we've seen so many polling places in the weeks of this primary campaign so far I don't think I've ever seen. A ballot where they provide you with us special pen. Maggie right now and I know right 120% streamer got special pens going out. Or special ink shows that again we need a second had become fascinated by that. Guys let's see the story. And how many people cast ballots today hundreds and hundreds attends gone you get to keep it as soon. Got to get to turn back an ambulance. Yet that's prop. Property of Baltimore city board of elections do not revenue in. And their. Interest in yes that's up and here. But we're about to there was some of these voters there. Yeah that we will hear her lie just wanted to show you that you know Dell electioneering not beyond this point so we aren't official point. I want it hadn't grabbed Alan species as a treatment Baltimore team and it didn't. Epic. On that we've gotten him who so first about what brings you hear it I was surprised this is totally by chance that I arrived here and and you're out here campaigning sales of just give us a sense of what's going on here. This. Is. Leadership. And so there's going to be a number of openings spots on the City Council and I'm not here representing somebody that actually believe in young man who works in my office. Lou I think is really vested in this community born and raised in this community understands the importance. Up getting to our children before they actually get to the criminal justice system and that's I'm I guess according. You know one of the things I've had found interesting just being this polling place for Assurant and a time is they. Billy a lot of the focus are the local elections I I there's nobody out your guys' campaign for the presidential candidates it's all City Council. The mayor's race. Why are our local politics important election in his typical is this typical amount it should be typical loud classic. In politics starts locally and it's very important time especially in Baltimore city. Especially when we think of and we need to take this city going forward at what we've experienced cashier. So locally I think this is this is a time that we really need that sort of reflects. Well let's talk about that because of course you and rocketed to the national spotlight when you charge six officers and adaptive Cory grant. The death of Freddie gray in the aftermath which include massive to massive protests happening here ago. What do you think is really focuses of voters out here now heading into this election in. South end. Exactly how you gonna be uprising with about a year the when you consider the fact that. 24% of Baltimore's population living in poverty there are percent of children living below poverty we have to start to address the systemic issues. As to lack frantically. You know present opportunities educational opportunity. I'm chops. And economics and so that's why you see so many people coming out here why we're focused so focus locally are transforming. Moving and changing the trajectory of what's happening. What do you think people want to see change we say change the trajectory what specific issues you know a couple of letters I've spoken to hearsay jobs. The top city I mean jobs as is nature and and that goes to social economics it's anything poverty. Rate actress -- children living below property involved at a meeting. You know there are over. 161000 vacant houses 141000 vacant lots in the city of Baltimore. You know it's about opportunities education so any systemic issues that plague our communities and that's why locally it's important for us to be out here. So what about the presidential race read a statistic. At ten. Baltimore voters are Democrats. Oh lead that what do you think it is kind that sent that the president here. My pulse but give out more. It I can't you that would count on. You aggregate. But I can you that you know it's again it starts locally. And it's it expands. We have to start addressing those and Atlanta leaders explain to those that he was now. He. Aaron beekeepers that's we're gonna try not to send letters that Maryland SP is the attorney for Baltimore. That this patent matters all of these folks you are out campaigning for our area S that. City Council member. Pain. There. Nice to me now. So what he thinker and a key topics her for this election. It has been a number of lines we've we've been knocking on doors and on earth over a year the concerns of the citizens are. You know they won a word they want to have a opportunity and so that's insane is. We've still got a number of questioned hairs we want to partner with people of different needs to make sure that they come to east Baltimore that they come to the thirteenth district to make sure they have jobs here we my folks to have skills. My folks and be able to be trained. Meant to get those jobs and I can't do it alone as a little about partnerships that we wanted to. On the national scale do you have a sense and do you feel is the strongest presidential candidate or art that carry out you know on the broader. I want. Guidance and we want to see Donna how negative you know we just lunacy that Keith Bogans is that. Don Edwards is an interesting race because this is actually for this scene and it where the senators retiring in Chris and Holland and and on advertiser. Competing for for that see on the democratic side and she would be antley. Just the sec and you know island get on somebody and say look and act Alan. I appreciate talking to us we're gonna try and I grabbed some voters. Did you guys vote. Did you about. You guys but it did you guys though proper president. The. And them. Hurricane Sony glove and I'm already said I'm so much candy run also in the thirteenth district born and raised here my entire life. My ticket nobody now community both for granted and don't Overtown neighborhood are Coughlin department of public works. He the price that the candy in his neighborhood I know field ahead young men and women humble cooperative facility be left out of the guy. And no hostility. How he'd go to a building is closed and overextended if it in the plea understand and that. And I feel now young folks speak ousting its likely to let them forgotten as you know Palestinians at a backbone of community in the long been neglected and worn strife Arab community hearing east Baltimore we believe. And I game. I'm not thinking nobody's will program. I hear you I wanna announcer you're in the minority here we have a budget Clinton supporters white supporting Bernie Sanders a support grants and has won because I think he. He can relate to. I'll young African American men and women. He's out this Friday when he's out there quite a little research on that wrote this is not yet bottom Handel want me. Gotta be about who has the best planes to move America forward who has the best minds of new Bolton will forward and that's one of the boys and earnings and is and that's why sport myself the league level. Even approaching this like and you know I know we have to wrap up quickly outlined like Clinton supporters at the park behind. I'm also run in the twelfth it's Robert stokes. Well I think Hillary has its parents see as the Clancy has the lay out seek and some routes off to a good quality people. That can make this country better and I think that's what we needed it because the president don't know everything so you put to good people around you asking me. Young people want to get involved. We got to deal with is these after school programs this close and we got. Things is gone in Baltimore and uprisings resin distance. We got team Baltimore. Have. One ham Hampton I have don't have anything soda whereas it's dotted. Matt old look. Freddie great we've been allowed Fred agrees we all seen them out of Ford agrees but we need to now not just that money on a problem. We need to make Sheila that would have a money programs we put together Munich shoddy work. Make sure they work in the community because if you look at that African American community we've been neglected. And every book all these big companies and put all his money in our community but we need to be sit at the table to make the decisions on what we want. Now outlook VG any law that would John happening we need to put our young people. Partly on the go for your big development important. For me. Some money they eased out tax money. To build lookup and and sex and money. That's our money buying recent and that tape went so what we want that he wanted to anonymous money aren't. Just take the same concept of money and put it back in the can and we have after school programs we have programs housing. And we had to take until we sit at a table without people making these laws and need to change. That's why we got a lot of people running now that's why you honesty and leadership the president of the season a new man and you see a need some counsel Pete. Don't get gravest of. I hour at. An. Expert at eight and helpless yeah. On baking. And EEU. Walkie. REE. Mail obviously we're so focused on. Rates for. Primary care and focused on local. And local. Eden. Hiring. On the day you aren't. Out in war or.

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{"duration":"13:06","description":"ABC News' Lauren Lyster speaks to Baltimore residents and State Attorney Marilyn Mosby about how the city is feeling as it votes in the 2016 primary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38689870","title":"Baltimore Goes to the Polls in Presidential Primary","url":"/Politics/video/baltimore-polls-presidential-primary-38689870"}