Battle of Benghazi Veterans Tell Their Story

Marine Corps veterans Mark Geist and John Tiegen speak at the 2016 Republican National Convention.
23:18 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Battle of Benghazi Veterans Tell Their Story
This is the bend diocese and the security team and come. Okay. I. Okay. Erica shown at the horror and the dedication that should have been offered by Hillary and her State Department. To those who actually save their asses. So it looked invincible approximately behind third Oppenheim reporting got involved in Wisconsin have been overrun. We've really got to hear it go it. Got got vehicles ready and we ask the present case is best all the way to by the chief based Bob and we got told to stand down. You know it's. Next thing you know we hear the State Department over the radio saying hey you guys don't get here are gonna die. Stand down order be damned. Embassies consulates overseas. We took off we left Norway. I. Okay. As three was moved on to the consulate. First thing you see is. The main villages golf and fire and smoke. You know and it's just worn out moved up the front steps of the consulate. Often are right I see them polar body out of window. When the body and an ambient sound Smith and you started dense population by the time we showed up. Myself in Rome continue to move this. We went in just a key. But the fired he knows of glass interface. The smoke just obliterated Ers are site was so thick we try to get our bellies see underneath the smoke. Is no laws. Little while later Todd doing DB came through the back day. As a move away under the consulate grounds. Sarge surgeon after a few. Minutes on to win helped State Department guys. Gather up the classified information. Get him ready to go when their armored vehicle. And most suddenly you know get a counter assault of and at that time so the State Department security agencies open up donors do send their US consulate. They took off which left the six buzz descend the consulate. You know I'm I got out went up on the the roof of the Villa. Meanwhile Layla to the sources back gate. The guy who initiated was with an RPG's. On his third shot is coming out as liked him over the top the pair could I let loose and about ten round volume drops. Okay. This talk revolves five minutes then we got word there are gathering about another hundred or so terrorists from the drone speed that go Hillary is lots and and Beacon Hill point we were Rihanna making Susan. No at that time we know the US ambassadors he was still up console you've been kidnapped Favre does he get there are preserved who's there he was dead. You know we had a responsibility if there dealer personnel over at the annex so we had to make tough decision. And we headed back to the addicts without the ambassador. He knows the team arrived back the annex we took up our fighting positions as we knew that they were going to be following up from the consulate. And come and our place but we know we are ready for. We started seeing movement on the east side of our compound. Then I'll send some came flying over the wall had sparks fly from Atlanta between take a night exploded. Nets win today. Opened up on us that we also on lease and hell on them. And. The first wave have not supporting terrorists and they went away with a whole lot less. After that first and as a fireplace. In Gaza houses being kind of all the noise in the forty years old minds in league yet plus Smith did express in Gaza is itself an easier. Actually signed would say he's got a ten opponents but it sorry it's like got a smile I don't know look at and say you know that don't allow much. And the you know that's because didn't come right beside me that he's done right here fired right next to my left deer can't figure out to this day thanks to him. It should have moved. You know as soon after that we got word that yeah I'll support different truly that might lead authorities. Have landed. You got the airport. Do you think airport security in the United States' backyard trash landed in an airport in a foreign country. Controlled by militias that you don't know who their loyalties to and you've got to want to get on the back of money. They got his money talks. Mine doesn't. Sohn. No pool going around 1:30 in the morning and still of the US ambassadors. He still listen. And you know still young movements are to come up again on Eric he sighed and you know get on the radio and say hey you know they Bob Missouri. They get us here the outer perimeter. Again you looking at 130 level three now powers into the attack and we get the answer I don't know. Good Intel. At employee. Of the election came out of the darkness the guy on jumped on the vehicle BBC drew his arm back. How on solemn you know believes that the eyes in the particular now. Through three rounds and then we drop like the back of second tornadoes. Knowing. Do you take that guy out another guy would follow up and then another guy would topple. US Cadillac yet arcade game up down on the made sure he always go play whack a mole. Yeah I'd stick his head up and you take him out. The other guys stick his head up nude shoot him. A pretty much about ol' blue and after that we got a call that the ambassador. Was located at the hospital in Gaza. You know there is no it for us determine if this was a valid and the Jews live reviews dead. You know we don't open to the Middle East portrait. For us you know despite our deep. Despite our defense. In owned and you know free months. Rules it's gonna screw reels over its consulate but you know we really don't decide to stay put again. You know at this time I moved from where I was that was taken got up on top of the wrote a column building see now is up there with Tyrone. Then you don't need during the downtime the entire own it started talking about. Events that night that. Then Terrell to tell me about earlier that night win tickets saved his life is he got lost in the smoke of the building over to consummate. And he started yell enough for taking Tate with total disregard for his own safety have to having just come out of the smoke filled room. Went back again and pulled sick and pull Tyrone out. It was during that. You don't we also he was talking about his kids. And it's really is all of us had a lot of young kids there everyone of us that was there. Then. Jack had just found out that his wife had been pregnant. And so yet a newborn baby coming in you know none of us at that point knew we are gonna make homer not. And this is not about that time in the morning about 530 when the sun starts coming up we start seeing that changeup on the horizon where. This guy turns from really dark today. That that dark blue canister to turn light blue and you're here in the morning prayers from Mata minarets in the distance. Bout time the the call for prayer finished. You know we thought hey. The next attack is going to be here. But that time when we heard over the radio that Glenn. And the tea from Tripoli have made their way. To the annex and we're just getting ready to pull land and when they did it. Still to go inside the building. Dig. I'm sorry Glenn. He came up on top of growth he wanted to get in the fight. So he joins us up there you know and Tyrone introduced me to Glink that never met him before. Bursting out of my mouth was as good to have another gunfire our top without growth. He can attorneys are walking away from me and it was about that time that the final attack started. A rocket propelled grenade hit the back. Wall it's not small arms fire opened up from the north right for an immediate tie. A mortar hit on top of the hour hour wall around her through the wall. And the State Department got yelled out that he was hit. Took some shrapnel induced forehead. We opened up fire. Tyrone opened up with a machine gun I opened up with my assault rifle that's when the second quarter hit it about fifty feet to my right. The explosion kinda knocked me back a little bit and as I stood back up a kind of noticed that Rome was in a fetal position it to my left of my feet. Not raise my left stand up to grab Mariah poster shoot and that's when I notice that I was first injured. And my left arm about six inches above the about the risk it's kinda hanging off at a ninety degree angles. It was then that the third mortar head as I glanced over my right shoulder I noticed that Glenn went face down on the roof. And he was out of a fight. I tried again to bring my arm up and grab a weapon to want to get it back into the fight. And it just wouldn't work couldn't get it to hold on nets when the fort mortar hit and that's really the first time. That I ever felt like any pain that night and it felt like I got stung by like a thousand bees. I figured that time is heart pedigree brought out against covering Casey's drop another one on us. Simplified thank you. No I dove for cover and everything went quiet. God bless you thank you. I pulled a tourniquet out. Started to get it on my arm and it kind of got distracted I want to check gone wrong sector growth over tried to find wolves. Couldn't find one. News about that time I saw a shadow come up on top of the rough and I was ticked. The dust and debris still hadn't even finished fallen when he got when he come up on that. I was. You Jenna gets scared were erroneously fighting out of some he went on the roofs. It's. Because I'm standing there you and your first round you know he's saying he'll roan was just lane hate pretty much in. You know and a first round hits against the rules are just went dead quiet. You know the debris was so thick you can see the stars you can ceiling just went pitch black there's quiet a start moving towards the building C and I get on the radio message hey you guys are right on building up popped on building C. Course that it is expect a response at all bill. Are the team leader gets on the radio listeners. No they were all right here for snippets on the shut up talked about the guys up on the roads. Jacket sciences say you got no movement ran over their. You know first thing I'd do it and I don't know prepared for his first diocese estate guy is generally enough against the walls just pistol out. You know his left leg just below the knees for almost Clinton summoned officers left arm below the nobles almost put some Abbas. And I had to disarm them ruling clerics but he did she mean. Maybe I got a metal scene would have I don't know. I got to got to turn it gets. No military and arms legs but tourniquet on his arm in arm amassed a for an extra help from the guys blow inside the building and in all time I'm also doing that I'm hearing cannot something like something trying behind me has animal we're sound of music units who lost in combat but. You know aside like I get him Donna given back this fizzles line loaded of course as you know eight I give him a loaded pistol back as a certain crossed. You know again I can hear the whimpering the next alternate annex and I know it's it's odds. He's innocent is back and in small plane dismissing all too little to me like this is my JD uniquely do negatively to work. Are kind of figure are start to put it back places but it would stay there. Yeah I needed and having super glue. So you pianist tourniquet out and grabbed his attorney did. I got his tourniquet on his arm. So to moms and aiming and you don't get to the latter by yourself. I told them yeah is hell yeah because I knew that trying to land that still needed help somewhere in the back of my mind are still hoping that they were alive. So walked over the ladder that went down and knocked on the set up on the legend and sitting there looking down thinking OK am I gonna get down off this thing you know ours. I just survived two two or three assaults on our compound. And three mortars landed on me and next thing you know I'm sitting there thinking it might look I'm a fought this darn road from break my neck. You know those are the stories I want my kids to hear about how I died I'm on the front and go out I want to go on a blaze of glory. So I ended look at my good arm on the top rung of the ladder and I think anonymous when my feet down around and land on the latter but sure enough you know Murphy's law. What can go wrong will go wrong so right as I kind of slid my feet down and fell off the latter luckily I cut myself my good arm kind of pull myself back up. Got myself together climbed on down the latter. Turner walked around to the front of the building not meet one of our other guys coming up he walked me ended lady down on the floor. Then I sit there and they're looking at me and I told me don't Haiti to cut my clothes off because I know I got about other holes in me. I know there's a much other wounds it need to be treated so finally they got my clothes cut off of me and found about twenty or thirty other shrapnel holes. Most importantly to Betts we got big ones plugged in not. Ready to go again. He you know that after I got also any. Beat each dynamo a little bit as you losses team. When when the mortars and sleep do you have a cane to walk across roofs anymore. But you know merely went over to err on the next I was which is room. A roll them over merely checked for polls. There's up throw moved just a little bit. And into the polls so I'm merely ripped off his body armor. You know lift officers and do it don't look listen sealed kind of puts her ear and mouth. So are you trying to do this year are still there breath and see if their chests for the stomachs movement at all. Hodding get anything. Got a flashlight. Check per pupil dilation. Then there was an up and saw that Mona you know I knew he was gone. And you know I knew Ozzie just went down and you know so I knew and the next radio call was going to be for him and because Iran was also are medics. On site announced they know rose gone. Done. Move over to the next guy. Which end up in. You know going door to you love again seem like Gaza never work for them never met him. Roll them over that same thing checked her pulse. Look listen soon. Did people dilation same thing there's nothing. I'm really went back overgrown. Grabbed all of his. Weapons and stuff like that kneel down said a prayer over him. Wendell win over to Bob. And I'll grab his weapon system. Kneeled down and sent a program. And a time we know we all know the rules. And you know we knew added we had to get out of there. We have to get everyone's out of there because there's nothing though we had to descend. Against mortar attack. And the fact. A building just got hit by 381 millimeter mortars and it didn't collapse on everybody inside. Well definitely wasn't an instructional buildings suffered from officers whose grace card. Once we got all of us a saluted stabilize. We secured the dead we make sure that we didn't have any critical information left behind. And that's when we made our way to the airport to get there we didn't have an endless PI. And militia. Happen to be Qaddafi loyalists those are the ones that helped Hillary wanted to get out could happen Libya. They're the want to help the Americans get to the hospital and get to the airport. When we got there we loaded the Knox city personnel. I was I made my trip in the back of hi Lux pickup truck Taloqan Toyota. They came or email us economic security they came over grabbed the Gurney. That's my kind of sat up and told him I walked into the Gaza on the walked out. Yeah now is the same playing that brought Glenn and the guys now and tripling. But in all this this was one of the planes like Lyndon make it back on. No deploying advanced security here. To Tripoli teams cheered years. From the Libyans and exit just met that day. Again I don't think it's really coincidence. You know we get all we have over and over Watson what does that night. No we got everybody loaded. Edited Tripoli. And then we had to turn our tasks. We LS nobody left behind we'd stayed behind is that in the whole don't everybody. Again the Gaddafi loyalists Melissa stepped up and so today we can go get the ambassador. They took off they came back return with the ambassadors body. Myself. Tonto and one delta force guys you know made checks are mixer was him looked him over. You know he was wearing the exact same clothes who was learned that morning when I saw him. When we went over there because there was a threat on a local. Well there is a threat on a government compound that day. And you know would use were an exact same clothes the only difference. You know we had blacks and unseat. On a stringer knows around as the years. You know and but. There is no sign of torture no sign a meal mutilation. You know is obvious does he died of smoke inhalation. All those rumors about that happening to run and our old government asked Washington runaways box below and poker. Not outpouring you know we still don't know how we're gonna actually get out of there. Some Romans don't know someone writing a lot of minutes go by C 130 starts thrown down. The runway. I think announced might be for us to kind of don't look closer than does you turn pulls off to a little hangar area and shuts down. Sealed a true get off pods to DOS. You know we're gonna stand are for little bit. Well the team one of the team members like to end up in Tripoli in the linguists like came down trip we went over there. And took about fifteen minutes or so they can't persuaded the plants to take is backed up to Tripoli. And again. Last American to Lee's been Ghazi. We don't leave an American plane when we left on a Libyan plane flown by Libyans. Now the first US bird in the US asset we saw wasn't a jet. It was a medical transport burden that took resulted Germany. Both 5 PM on September 12. In all at least twenty minutes after sees. What of books one and. Israel. You know that night they were more than thirty American lives were saying that night. And because Americans never give up. Okay. And I. A loses. Big god he's been a four letter word for the left but it's not about politics. Being godsey was about opportunities. Opportunities taken when we defied the stand down orders. An opportunity squandered. When Hillary failed to protect her people on the ground. I'd seen them. Had she done her job that night we wouldn't have had to compromise the NX. Tied Glenn Shawn. And ambassadors gave it to be alive today. Now. Now we as Americans. We have an opportunity. Now opportunity is the Lex elect someone who make this country safe again. And. Yeah. Someone who bring our guys home. Won't leave anybody. Okay. We have to let someone will lead with strength and integrity and and I believe that person is Donald Trump. Oh. The it. I. We did our part every fall and that's are doing their part. Now do your Sunday you do you do yours.

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