The Battle for 'Obamacare' Rages On as Inauguration Looms

Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker talks to ABC about the options facing Republicans as they work to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
7:22 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for The Battle for 'Obamacare' Rages On as Inauguration Looms
And we're talking earlier about the status the Obama camp since you know we've stopped. President I'll come here to capital accounts really rallied his troops it's been here. Panic cheerleaders tenacity his hands up and fight scene. On the flip side Republicans every single day maintaining this morning. Hot priorities deep signs that lots. As soon as possible and that after reports playing out all the times I'm not only cracks in the headlines in newspapers. Floor of the senate floor. Right there in the capital. Just last night senate nowhere fast talking to. Yeah. Yeah for me an area. How hard again tonight gaga this week in Allentown Scranton the only. Now downward dollars. And here's another Albert. If you thought. Thank you energies and N. Yesterday it angers and it asking Republicans. Take a moment so you delay days wait another month. It's really make sure any hat and ducks in a row terribly partisan sleaze to yield about Arafat cracked how would you summarize. Yeah easily right now wait in the bills crafted the replacement. Coming back legislation in town it once. I don't come prices in the me in on business they take this it's what seems likely be. There. Has solved its own audience. Much of which. Helping out process has to make sure that. You know the going away process currently stationed in this way this time. What's really works. Back into the yeah. I'm I just make sure there. Free and it. Point now. Shared with others is we do and what is now playing out. Billion dollars. And mud I'm. Doing away. I'm here you say you saying that Republicans plan for replacing. Part. Opulent and legislation. Aren't ready you're saying added that while I don't now there's no. Such. Hi it's good it's. On this prudently. And others scrambling around to figure out one of the ways and means. You'd think after six years. Pretty through Gwinnett. I it is this I realize there's a great chance it won't happen why but I think I'm doing a public service. Caution and you know like state review touches anybody like the city in the replacement. As an evil ones Cummings issuing caution. Have you heard that crown and tunnels. I think he'll do. Now I am going to want to write his. Where they discussed. Dave Wallace announced back. Look I think there's. Thing on us. Son's illness in. You know concern that we may be self creating an hour call box and you'd make yourself. Very difficult to get out. Repeal it and wait three years. Life and his. I think you. Santa okay. Dallas. What are you summarize. Smile flex please be conned. And that's and her partner again talking about some of the back and forth but how to remember how Republicans are gonna move forward on the legislation to. Defund obamacare and whether they should. Get something on the books and how it starts financing parts of the law that Republicans. If you look at the campaign for the evening it's time for healing obamacare. And on the one hand he's saying he understands that he needs to move quickly on the other hand you heard him saying he wants his colleagues to. Some costs and in some pot to make sure they don't feel it Atlanta and then not with the words. He is that you keepers I picked up on was the consternation on both sides of buildings is not just Democrats or Republicans you needed and you asked in the McConnell what's in that there are some divisions within his own quirks. Exactly and there isn't illness to east and that it favors the illness. Hot companies don't have something to pregnant place. It's gonna. Each and hot insurance companies and the average American isn't new owner hasn't been strengthening people want so Chris hall. Can be often matter like that. And so seeing hearing out way to make sure that. Republicans. Can be even if you something that's important to them and them that there introducing a plan that they killed political. Popular it makes me think of don't trust me. We're asking you sort of a veiled warning. Members on the hill saying. Guys let Obama here fail means some Democrats. Created let's not put. He said I believe the end of his tweets and be careful. And that's exactly the message from the Democrats if you briefing and I am. Mechanics and thing if you miss a lot you start taking away pieces and taking nineteen year. Beginning on sixties this Steve tear and a lot starts to fall into your off and I'm not sure that Republicans. Are re don't. So one last recap for viewers we or of course in the Russell office building in of course right behind us senator sessions is doing is here for trust happen. Senator corker he's been on the Judiciary Committee just gives a sense of what. You discussed earlier there so many issues in play right now. For members of congress. For senators that people are milling about there having meetings are doing TV interviews we just ran in to senator worker because what is right over your shoulder not. Us this. And yet. Hopefully guys conceded there's the US capitol we are right next door pulled. And right now ABC's Josh Haskell Mary Alice parks sign off but. Didn't if you for a while we. Found a lot of interest in these here in this one spot so we'll come back ups and you know. Thought it was so hot. Intel briefings on the rest easy hearing on -- another confirmation hearing underway so you have to stick with ABC digital dress the day we are only getting started. And we're gonna be here all day. All week. Stay tuned. Thanks buddy.

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{"duration":"7:22","description":"Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker talks to ABC about the options facing Republicans as they work to repeal the Affordable Care Act.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44686770","title":"The Battle for 'Obamacare' Rages On as Inauguration Looms","url":"/Politics/video/battle-obamacare-rages-inauguration-looms-44686770"}