Ben Carson Addresses Nevada Delegation and Reflects on Presidential Run

ABC News' Katherine Faulders follows Dr. Ben Carson as he addresses the Nevada delegation.
11:58 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Ben Carson Addresses Nevada Delegation and Reflects on Presidential Run
Yeah. Ten crews plan that. When the other hand have a right up there live. The raiders get private. I'd say it's done is it more difficult than mine I'm. Then I'm. Everybody can. The lady who. Okay. Thick. Again I would be edged. You're considering the senate. And I know there were a lot of people who sit in the know what the polls show that. You know government. Work. Where do you want a traditional candidate humans not on the campaign that was gonna fifty. When policy. I'm you were not. Yeah. Campaign. They're trying to rebrand. Now the it's presumptive Republican. He's now. Not me. Graham. You know he needs to do when he's been doing this growing success of its. That's but he still under reunion like. Every year. Be. We're. A lot of people aren't you are values. Because. We resonate very well. She's taking tests taken to the says things which if you if you sit down you. We realize it's not quite as as it was presented so when you. This of course. The ones we have friends. B and what I'm saying is that we can. Here is we know they're. This without. Border stores. You mention. Are going to be finding him uncertainties are you still pretty. I think. This station that we we've we very. I am it's in the government. Continue to try to make that very clear to people. But that doesn't mean. Well I want to thank you and I think we have to go in and look for the you know being. Back into. A bit about this but for our viewers here by the way very easy stuff Hollingsworth. Faced look like just joining us here sitting down here. Thank Tiki bar and then in the suburbs and the language former. Doctor Ben Carson he's just. It's a nice happy. Kept the Florida delegation today and now you are about to. A lot of those east and we get behind the scenes look into what life is like wind. That's a person with a minor for the I'm three months there. Now he was. There you. The amount. That aspect. Grids and everything here. But you couldn't do it again. What is. And doing the Princeton them through. It's not really the first time you're. God has opened the door. Anything that he. Passion. Not. She was nine. That is. Effective. Crews. I mean remember that's these Ted Cruz gave when he. Rock daddy oh. Okay pathological. Liar and probably won't miss fiery press conferences pictures. Now he had and in. However the two have agreed not to I'm sorry I'm the issues. The convention stage that night he expected. Don't lose the news. I think they are the key thing. He's thanking them. Two. From the campaign. Really begin. And when you talk. It's much easy. I believe that we will. It's always been. He got. Moves in the primary season than any other. That means that his message. And I think you're going to see them. Yeah. I expect that we. And I expect we'll. Hillary. Certainly. Glory dinner iron. Laurie. I guess you probably. You can believe. In the checker at. Best at. Record demonstrates. They're much. About. How do we fit. The this. Haven't we can. And didn't somebody like. Can you run for president. If I was doing it again if you are doing it again. I would I would. Have chosen. The people who are running my campaign. Myself. Seeing and say we're gonna all the time. You let it. Things of those who left remembered in December when we're for the and then you had good night that mr. trump so how do you reconcile that. I don't. About walking in here where doctor Ben Carson is about to address and in my case here you. Address the Florida delegation just a little while ago walking and you have room. Full of people and bringing productive person there and ask you is. I'm not sure whether. It. Is about four marks on today's reunion. I feel like that wanted him. We are going. S and you're like me. Work and women. Aren't alone. Again. Person around pain like I. Former presidential candidate Gary Ellis are different Donald Trump we he just address the Nevada delegation. Florida delegation earlier today. Oh win over and practiced for his speech tonight and in her into the great. He's maybe a few people are a little nervous about what that person may say because as you know never prepares. Area on the cotton. In there. Tell it wasn't prepared but he says he. Is it comes in his mind regulatory does onstage it's certainly something interesting to watch but keep headings and right now that is. Carson we'll talk about three of women's voters DC. Dias hearing there pretty sure we're gonna pay. We're there now isn't good enough to mrs. Carson the life after the campaign trying to she always say it's nice to flee and her mental answers. She's pretty happy to be out of the realm sleep states that an ABC Tuesdays six months.

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{"duration":"11:58","description":"ABC News' Katherine Faulders follows Dr. Ben Carson as he addresses the Nevada delegation. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40706237","title":"Ben Carson Addresses Nevada Delegation and Reflects on Presidential Run","url":"/Politics/video/ben-carson-addresses-nevada-delegation-reflects-presidential-run-40706237"}