Ben Carson on Why His Perspective as a Black Man Is Important to the GOP

The prospective 2016 presidential candidate weighs in on marijuana and vaccine debates.
3:13 | 02/26/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ben Carson on Why His Perspective as a Black Man Is Important to the GOP
Doctor Ben Carson potential presidential candidate thanks so much for being there offensive. I was struck by one thing you said in your speech at C pack you talked about race and talked about what it's like to be conservative black man and a target that puts on your back if you're. Black. And you opposed to progressive agenda. You crazy. I'm wondering if you turn that around is there something. That makes you may be uniquely qualified to replace President Obama something about race in turning around perceptions of what it means to be black and what needs to be black hawk well. I think you know one of the things that gives me a great new perspective. Is you know having grown up and the lowest runs economically society and being in the rise through every level to the time. And seeing what concerns people had all those different levels. And that thinks that concern but people are really the same things that concern white people or brown people and help people. And we need to start thinking about. Probably make this place inclusive for everybody and not have favorites. But have a truly fair and create a society that. People can move. And is an important message for the Republican Party to party that is going overwhelmingly democratic for generations now an important to have. Someone who can speak to communities that haven't felt represented its it extremely important. But you know I'm not a person really who is very. You know I really want to look at the things that are pro America. Now if I decide to run I have to run as one thing on so you're on the pick one but in I think the partisanship. Is that in destroying our nation and give us some medical and some some policy and political perspective on what's going on the now wanna right now in DC as you know the federal government trying to step in and to try to to overcome with DC doing is that Smart politically is that Smart medically. Well marijuana. We know there are many studies that demonstrate that it has the deleterious effect on the developing right. And to bring continues to develop into your late twenties. So why don't we even think about it I mean that's that's to be tough complete. The off the table and eating the federal government should step in when when a community doesn't decide to go forward with it the federal government and in no way should be advocating. For them now I have no problem with medical marijuana usage and their ways that it can be done. That a very appropriate one of the medical question it was a distressing to you as a doctor to see that the beat that erupted over vaccinations a couple weeks ago you came out with a pretty strong statement did you. Yeah does it upset you any way to see people consider that to be a debate that delivered it well. What upsets me is the fact that appropriate information has not been appropriately with them. In I think I think if you get the information to people so that they can make right decisions they will make them. But we also need to understand that you know there are some diseases that are deadly and devastating. You know we never once see those come back. There are some that are just inconvenient. I think there's room for discussion there. But we just need to be rational sit down they have that the debate these things without the emotion. Thank you thanks so much thank you.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"The prospective 2016 presidential candidate weighs in on marijuana and vaccine debates. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"29249491","title":"Ben Carson on Why His Perspective as a Black Man Is Important to the GOP","url":"/Politics/video/ben-carson-perspective-black-man-important-gop-29249491"}