Ben Carson says slaves were 'immigrants'

Secretary of housing and urban development clarified what he meant about slaves.
3:47 | 03/07/17

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Transcript for Ben Carson says slaves were 'immigrants'
America. Is about. A land of dreams an opportunity there were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships worked even longer even harder for less. They too had a two me. That one day their sons. Toward his grandsons komando it is great grandsons. Great grand Otis might pursue. Prosperity. And happiness and the slant. Honestly think. Pol Pot you know I. I thought and I just. Maybe we needed him I had sir but I mean. What is slaves are really thinking about the Americans. Yeah now they costs that looked at it what. You knock. When people Emma graves they come with the idea that they're going someplace for a better life that's why you know people. Emigrate to America every bank and it's usually voluntary it's voluntary but just let it. Which we. Hot one minute we will look it up on anyone an amazing land and next thing we knew we like. He also read I'm not making jokes about it because I can't believe that. I mean am I am right now. It should bad things slip because he also said Obama camp was where as the slavery I mean yeah that's a club on his clouds the Ben Carson is that he's not not him he's one he's a really nice guy a good hearted guy wanted to reach and help them out there because I I know him to be a very nice sincere guy who does care very deeply. About the plight of everyone suffering in his country low income people no matter what your race your gender or whatever it is. However he needs to think before he speaks because when you're a politician who they are great responsibility and when you have moments like this by the time you get the chance to make the correction. You've insulted people you've heard people you've lost people and it's finally really until. He did Clark contestants on reeling but Kennedy went does that happen I. It just happen Baha pen and he wrote the slave narrative an immigrant narrative are two entirely different experiences. Are two experiences should never be intertwined nor forgotten. As we commit the necessary progress towards an America that's inclusive and provides access to equal opportunity for all or any. This bill because I don't understand if you drink don't I guarantee you get what I am I am well because my husband was meant soared by Bennett Johns Hopkins and I can tell you. That he feels very deep beliefs about the African American community he held at dinner for the African American residents at Johns Hopkins hospital. Every single year and we looked forward to it because. Have black friends do you. I know. Also have that grant that they they mean well they say eggs in eagle howl. Leave him the witness table he said again and got hit every T what Italy is I know that every ten minutes this theory of evolution was encouraged by Satan allowable. But that. That's at I want added while that just band he's one of those really Smart people that is how excited he only socially oriented. Listen what I don't want to say to I didn't know him well what what he does my ears and irate got you let me see hands. Hot hot I want Ryan sir David Williams arena glitz I would track. If you miss what slavery it currency mix that no Slade came to this country willingly. How does that get missed by this wonderful isn't nicely I don't keep in what you but you I'm sorry. Bent at the roots. Watts room.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Secretary of housing and urban development clarified what he meant about slaves.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45970475","title":"Ben Carson says slaves were 'immigrants'","url":"/Politics/video/ben-carson-slaves-immigrants-45970475"}