Ben Carson: Will Stay in Race No Matter What in N.H.

Moments after the debate, Ben Carson says he will not end campaign with a loss in New Hampshire Republican Primary.
2:48 | 02/07/16

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Transcript for Ben Carson: Will Stay in Race No Matter What in N.H.
Last week and I regret roundtable together. Our UI deny Iraq it was very good excellent. Judging from the social media response from the commencement. How do you feel what was it like on stage witness that all the back and forth especially the back and forth it went on it you're right I between Chris Christie. And what went with Marco Rubio what looked. That feel that there. Well I mean we've seen evidence from the other debates that back and forth fighting each other. I don't particularly enjoyed it. Because I'm much of the talk about kitchens and I would like some of that time to have been spent. In asking me about immigration. And asking me about some of the foreign policy issues and without me having that. Dig my way. They talk about. You know that you might have been there just because you're pre. Whatever the great that the opportunity early on and reached moderate ask you about what that would include an Iowa. He took the opportunity not to attack them despite the boys know being leaked to slightly bills throughout the year due date that was Tuesday. Neither. Like I said. In this is though 105. Anniversary of Ronald Reagan's. Third. And he really emphasize the of them men. So on his birthday. Why would we do that but I did use the opportunity to talk about something very important and that is. Why would any logical thinking person. Believe that someone like myself. We just walk away from everybody after all the effort that they've done and not even given the period a few town that you didn't. But proto receive them. It's called street because he's from Detroit I'm from Detroit you're perpetrated straight because the dateline expects to Africa yeah yeah. Let's. All right one final question for you and that is what kind of showing you need to have on Tuesday. In order to give encouragement you needs continue to go on with your campaign. Obama to go on with the campaign no matter what happens and teams that. So deep into seventh place. You're gonna be a South Carolina and keep your house that what will be the breaking point for you. The breaking point for me will be when. The millions of people. Who are still pushing me fluent. Who are still booming. States we've had enough. Two sent out its. We have a tremendous social media. I'm. And also with them and it's pretty easy for me to figure. Out the god bless them they marks.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Moments after the debate, Ben Carson says he will not end campaign with a loss in New Hampshire Republican Primary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36766848","title":"Ben Carson: Will Stay in Race No Matter What in N.H.","url":"/Politics/video/ben-carson-stay-race-matter-nh-36766848"}