Bernie Sanders has early lead at Nevada caucus

Democratic rivals appear to be battling for second place ahead of Super Tuesday.
3:37 | 02/23/20

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders has early lead at Nevada caucus
I'm Doreen Scott in Las Vegas, Nevada it is pocket stay out here this is the third state to go 36 delegates up for grabs. Now we still don't have the official results from this hot gift but that's not ever the president he is already weighing in. Calling a state that very getters did well they did Biden was weak and saying that Bloomberg would not able to restart his campaign after that last debate. Now we are at filled by a new headquarters where the people in the area they. Would quit saying quite literally that bite they feel very strongly about and everyone here porous stated they they pockets where were they early voting for and but the man with the momentum tonight it of course Bernie Sanders so far we have Rick Klein in DC with some of those numbers. Rick what do you see there. As auriemma got about 10% of precincts that have come in so far you're beginning to see Bernie Sanders opened up a sizable lead a widow and housing to think it's going to be we don't have any projections to make at this time but. Are critically here you see those two different sets of numbers or read on the screen the first one is the first alignment that's what people say. When they walk in the room the second one is what happens after other candidates essentially drop out of the running out you don't have 15%. The candidate doesn't get anything at all and therefore all the people that supported that individual gets a move around and you're seeing. Bernie Sanders. Strength in his numbers based on that. You see that final column is based on a different data set that's only a partial one it's very small so far that's official data from the state party that really doesn't tell us much so far because it's so early in the night. But what I would say it was notable about that is that we're seeing anything at all because we remember well what happened in Iowa few weeks back serene when. The state party had nothing to put out for the entire evening and had to just put goose eggs went to zeros. For the for all night so the idea that some information is coming out as it is a positive sign. But she campaigns are still concerned that it's been too slow. Up again all indications are that saw. This will be a very big night war. Bernie Sanders that they would be the third straight contests where he wins the popular vote if he's able to hold on to the Levys begun to amass soaring. And Rick yet Mary Alice over at party headquarters Mary out I think people there are tight knot at Y eight margins so far these are the numbers that we're seeing. Between Bernie Sanders and everyone else and of course we don't have the final results yet but what are people saying out there. Yet campaigns are art is starting to spin the possibility of second place they know that a second place headline under Bernie Sanders could be. Really big going into Super Tuesday expressly is so many candidates stay in the race. With no candid able to break 50%. That number two slot just become so important. So I'm going to be watching obviously who comes in second. But what that margin is if Bernie Sanders is able to run away with this and we're looking at something like a double digit win here in Nevada. It's much harder to spin the posit city a second place finish but if someone is able to crowds out and and say that they did pretty well next to Bernie Sanders. That might be the kind of story that could really help them Doreen going into Super Tuesday. And that Debbie little director Mary Alice martz and we are every year. The fighting headquarters where people are getting really rowdy despite that the numbers currently RE not Philly that blinded in the elite they are hunt here a lot of people. Really excited by its stayed in the next half an hour don't mean nobody wanted at hockey fans. That's on stage according breaking news live I'm doing.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Democratic rivals appear to be battling for second place ahead of Super Tuesday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69150974","title":"Bernie Sanders has early lead at Nevada caucus ","url":"/Politics/video/bernie-sanders-early-lead-nevada-caucus-69150974"}