Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Promote 'Debt Free College' Plan

The Vermont senator joins the Democratic nominee for president at a Durham, New Hampshire rally to promote her campaign's education plan.
6:07 | 09/28/16

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Promote 'Debt Free College' Plan
Our nation use to lead the world in the percent of young Americans. With college degrees we war. Number 01. Today we are number are. Fifth team. And that is not except the ball. And that is why Secretary Clinton. And all I understand. That in today's world when we talk about public education. It's no longer Gooding off to talk about the first grade. Through high school that was put. That was wonderful thirty or forty years ago it is not in not. Today. And today when we talk. About public education. It mocks me. Making public colleges. And universities. So when action three by the middle class and working families. Up if Cotchery. During the campaign. Primary campaign Secretary Clinton at the virtual proposals I had a different approach. But weakening again. After the campaign reached an agreement. That sets. That every family in this country. Earning I'll 125000. Dollars or less that is 83%. Alt outlaw populated. Should be able to send their kids the public colleges and universities to which it for a and make no mistake about it. This is a revolutionary. Proposal for the future of our country with wide reaching implications. It means that first students will not be leaping college. With outrageous levels of stowed in debt. I glad all over this country during the campaign and I talked to many. Young people and people were nuts we. We're paying the law student debts of 385800000. Dollars. And in some cases. It was taking them decades. To pay off those depths. I want young people to leave school excited about the future. The new businesses they'll open up getting married having kids buying a house not being saddled. Where tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. And secondly. Making public colleges and universities which entry. Thumping EP more profiled. Then just reducing. Debt. In my state of Vermont here in New Hampshire route this country. They are on millions of loving column and working class families. With kids. Don't know. I regret. Their parents in all like current level the college. And they are thinking to themselves is no way. In God's earth that they are ever going to make it through college and into the middle class what this Brooke hopeful. Secretary Clinton's proposal. Countless. Is that if you already low income them at working class and if your kids bodies. And does well. Yes Reid godless of the income of your family your date will be able to Beckett and the college that is not big yeah. My friend Bernie Sanders. One of the most passionate champions for equality and justice. That I have ever seen and some line will I am looking forward to working lent to get. Kind of but Jen does well our congress that will began. To make arc and three stronger. By providing the kind of support that working families and middle class families so richly deserved. You know birdies campaign energized. So many young people. My BLN as crowd. And there is no group of Americans who have more at stake in this election that young Americans. Because so much of what will happen. Will affect your lives your jobs. The kind of country we are the kind of future. We want to build together. I'm proud of primary campaign that Bernie and I ran we ran a campaign about issues not insults. Am. I. And when it was all over we began to head. Work to gather to try to figure out how we could take the issues we agreed on and come together knowing we are stronger together. To come up with specific policies. In education in health and so much else. Thank you Bernie thank you for your leadership and thank you for your support in this amp pay.

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"The Vermont senator joins the Democratic nominee for president at a Durham, New Hampshire rally to promote her campaign's education plan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42425813","title":"Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Promote 'Debt Free College' Plan","url":"/Politics/video/bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-promote-debt-free-college-42425813"}