Bernie Sanders' Iowa State Director Talks to ABC Post Debate

ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to Robert Becker about the third Democratic debate and the 2016 presidential campaign.
3:22 | 12/20/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bernie Sanders' Iowa State Director Talks to ABC Post Debate
Back now with ABC news is Josh Haskell who is over in another early voting state he's been. Stories and watch parties tonight shots you are in Des Moines, Iowa way of Bernie Sanders supporters what's the latest on the ground there. Well I'm not still in the Bernie Sanders watch parties kind of died down but I'm joined right now by the sanders' campaign in Iowa State director Robert Becker and you'd ask your question earlier on about those moments tonight between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and heated moments where they laid out their differences and I want to ask. Bernie's I was the director Robert Becker exactly doubt about those moments how do you think your candidate did. When he went up against Clinton well I think delineate problems and I didn't want to get it through videos and wisdom and courage of president especially on foreign policy. You know pointing out that the Iraq War vote which was through fundamental issue that is the British under current retirees. Martin are currently going on a Middle East. Potential on the wisdom to not don't rush to force that's a major difference that he has reorganized themselves are undergoing. And on I have to tell you that following the launch party pretty interesting moment as I was standing here in the back. Robert Becker here gave little speech to his supporters and he did bring up that data breach and I want to ask Becker tells exactly what you told your supporters. Talking about the hard work they've done here in Iowa. Well you know what it was it was a tough day horse yesterday the the most important thing is that we we took on the establishment yesterday and we are overwhelmed by the over half million people. Sent messages of democratic national committee to to Cuba's backer day. That is that is information that the hard work of the volunteers. Throughout Iowa throughout this country have put together and the Democratic National Committee overstepped their bounds when joining us now. So we're happy to have it back and we look forward to getting back to organizing and then winning under burst. How do you think your candidate handled himself when he apologized. And also complicate when he had complemented. Hillary Clinton on how she was a First Lady. Well I think the most important thing about the apology is what we took swift action a member urging to supplement an appropriate we didn't we didn't really deli around he has been dismissed. And so I think he he addressed it head on tonight. You know he apologizes -- about it and now we're gonna get back to actually discussing issues that matter. As far as the First Lady comment I think I was more registered and quite frankly and him talking about James Sanders do audio is an amazing woman and we're looking or to get their backer Iowa girls. Any questions for Robert Becker on the yeah. Josh I'd like to know where where he thinks his candidate goes from here now is so that you debates coming up in the news here there's a lot of agreement on this day. A few moments of disagreement on a few issues but what would you like to see next from his. And. Yes Robert on our anchor back in New York she wants to know where the campaign goes from here or six weeks left until the Iowa caucus some more debates on talk a little bit about. What you guys have planned for these final six weeks to win Iowa. Well back on Monday the senator Reid back in Iowa offers thirteen troops and announced we're going to be western Iowa Sioux city's normally. Ended up in Council Bluffs and here's a good news we've got to change venues in the last 48 hours we've had a huge upsurge aren't we please don't. That's going to be hurt and keep talking violence the morgue or so. Better we give thanks so much Robert Becker Josh Haskell life here DeMulling.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to Robert Becker about the third Democratic debate and the 2016 presidential campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35875335","title":"Bernie Sanders' Iowa State Director Talks to ABC Post Debate","url":"/Politics/video/bernie-sanders-iowa-state-director-talks-abc-post-35875335"}