Bernie Sanders: Muslim Troops Should Be Going to War With ISIS

Sanders and Clinton discuss their plans to defeat ISIS at the ABC News Democratic presidential debate.
5:07 | 12/20/15

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders: Muslim Troops Should Be Going to War With ISIS
I do want to moved to the fight against taxes for the people of New Hampshire the brutality of crisis is personal. James Foley grew up here the first hostage but journalists. Brutally executed last year. You've all said crisis is a ruthless enemy and must be stopped al-Qaeda. As well. Senator Sanders you voted to send US ground forces to frighten a coalition to help destroy al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Can you then explain why you don't support sending US combat troops to join a coalition to fight crisis. And I also voted and helped lead the effort against the war in Iraq which will go down in history as one of the worst foreign blunders. A foreign policy blunders in the history of our country I voted against the first gulf war would set the stage are believed for the suck and are Iraq War. And what OI believe right now. And I believe this is terribly import. Is the United States of America cannot. Succeed or be. Fought off as the policemen of the world that when there is an international crisis all over the world. In France. And in the UK era hey just call up. The American military and the American taxpayers that gonna send the troops and they have to be in the Middle East with twenty or thirty years. No problem. I don't why. A problem with walked up what I believe has got to happen. Is there must be an international coalition including Russia a well coordinated at that but I agree as I mentioned a moment ago with king Abdul. This is a war for the soul of Islam. The troops on the ground should not be American troops they should be Muslim troops I believe that countries like Saudi Arabia and caught up. I've got to step up to the plight has got the contribute. The money that we need. And the troops that we need. To destroy prices with American support. The administration have. That all over and over again if it doesn't work and this threat is so great what's your plan B. My plan is to make it work to tell us Saudi Arabia that say instead of going to war in Yemen. They're one of the wealthiest countries on earth are gonna have to go to war against license to tell caught up. That it's federal spending to want to billion dollars on the world cop. Maybe they should pay attention to axis which is at their door. Battle gardens US combat force. Yet you support sending in special operations forces to Syria and sending those 100 to 200 troops to Iraq to do exploitation kill rates. We've already lost one delta force member in a raid. It's looked very much to me. Like were already in ground combat on frequent trips I'd make there. So are you fooling Americans when you say we're not putting American combat troops back into Syria or Iraq now. Not at all I think that. What we're facing with vices is especially complicated it was a different situation in Afghanistan. And we were attacked from Afghanistan. Helped hide out was based in Afghanistan. We went after those who had attacked us. What's happening in Syria and Iraq. Is that because of the failures. In the region including the failure of the prior government in Baghdad led by morality. There has ban a resurgence. Sunni. Activities as exemplified by ices. And we have to support. Sunni Arab and Kurdish forces against crisis because I believe it would be not only a strategic mistake. For the United States to put ground combat troops in as opposed to special operators as opposed to trainers. Because that is exactly what I sis wants they advertise that. They want American troops back in the Middle East they want American soldiers on the ground fighting them. Giving them many more targets and giving them a great recruiting opportunity. So I think it's. Absolutely the wrong policy for us to be even. Imagining that we're gonna end up putting tens of thousands of American troops. In to Syria and Iraq to fight crisis. And we do have to form a coalition I know how hard that is I have formed them. I put together coalition including Arabs. With respect to Libya and a coalition to put sanctions on to Iran. And you have to really work hard added in the final thing I would say bringing Donald Trump backed into it. If you're going to put together a coalition in the region to take. The threat of vices. You don't want to alienate the very countries and people you need to be part of the coalition and sound.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Sanders and Clinton discuss their plans to defeat ISIS at the ABC News Democratic presidential debate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35867148","title":"Bernie Sanders: Muslim Troops Should Be Going to War With ISIS","url":"/Politics/video/bernie-sanders-muslim-troops-war-isis-35867148"}