Bernie Sanders Rails Against Income Inequality in Rural America

The presidential candidate spoke in Huntington, W.Va., on the evening of five Northeast primaries.
3:00 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Rails Against Income Inequality in Rural America
West Virginia and thank you go. At. One. Ordinary. What an extraordinary. Turnout tonight not so much for being you know. But hey. Thank Helen which brain Chris region and Jeff Kessler for their introductory remarks. Yeah. Mostly. I want to thank all of you would be Yeo. I would want to thank all of you. I want to thank all of you. We'll be prepared the stand off. Fight back and make this country the nation we know it can become. This campaign. It is not show us about electing. A president. It is about transforming. Our nation. There. There is a buyout happening with courage. To demand a political revolution. And you moved off the revolutionaries. The oh. Cards you on this stand. That unlike football or basketball politics. Is not expect paid it's blocked. But bail let me tell you a secret that many others will not. You'll all roll each and every one of view how awful people if you choose to exercise. That power. A fight. A fight that we always security. Is not an easy fight. But I know you all operable head to wage that fight against but 1%. Against the billion class. And eight guys a small number of people with incredible wealth. An incredible Powell who control our economic life. I want political life and how long media life. Or. When we began this campaign. Just about a you're goal. We've slaughtered quit no political organization. We slaughtered we have no money. And we had no name recognition outside of Vermont. Right. Okay. I don't want all of yet again up to Vermont visit our beautiful state. Glad. Plan and believe me again. This campaign the media isn't well you know Bernie euthanized you columns is really well. Top notch dress up. Nonetheless. You really it is a fringe candidate. The campaign is a fringe campaign. Not to be taken seriously. And in the middle all of all of we were taking on. In most powerful political organization. In America all. An organization. Elected president President Clinton on two occasions and ran a very strong campaign. A president was Secretary Clinton in 2000. And crazy. And when we began this campaign. We were about 3%. In the national polls. We were about sixty points behind Secretary. Clinton. Well I'll lot has happened and. A a. And today. We have now won. Sixteen. Primaries and caucuses all over the and where you law help. We're gonna win year in West Virginia. We have one. All worked well. Hundred delegates to the democratic national command. And in the last. Last several weeks the national polls. Don't show was sixty points down a few them out both actually head a few. And blah is also extremely important. If the Democratic Party is to look at which candidate. Is the candidate to defeat Donald Trump or any other Republican. What we ought saying on national polls. Which have us 50s20. Points ahead Donald Trump. Club war except for. I'm. All mold almost every national poll and every state poll. Has us defeating neutral and that margin for us is significantly larger. So. And. A and the reason. That we. Law. Doing so much better against Republican candidates. Is that not only are we winning the overwhelming majority and democratic votes. But we are winning independent votes and some Republican vote. I. And that is eight point that I hope the delegates of the democratic convictions. Fully on the stand. It a general election. Every law Democrat. Independent Republicans. Have the right to vote for president. Them. The elections. On not close primaries we were in New York State last week. Three million people in New York State. Could not vote. Being flaws they wore in depends William a lot. Those folks and independents all over this country. Will be voting in November. What. And in most case says we Wear and the independent vote wire two to one margin. This campaign. It is awaiting. As well as it is with the extraordinary. Energy and those them. That we ought generating all the world country look at. Look at this room here tonight we oval next hour. Oh. He. A do. Israel that we ought generating. This enthusiasm. Is because we are doing something. Very unusual. In contemporary American politics. We are telling the truth. It. A the new. The truth mayors and every person knows whether it is our own personal lives. Or in column reward national political life. Truth is not always pleasant it's not always something you happy each year. If we go slow is humanity's. If we're hopeful it as a nation. We can't not so we all hog realities of how life on the name but brought. We gotta bring it out yeah. And unfortunately. Unfortunately. Media in this country for a variety of reasons largely because they're wrong by major corporations. Do not. Do not deal in most cases there are great exceptions. What day do not deal with the realities of Powell lives in a way that we need to be discussing. I. Let me just give you like few examples of what I mean. And making it really relevant. Like your expertise I've been all over this country. I have been all over this country the things I have seen. Are incredibly ought pre Ike was the Flint, Michigan. Where children being poisoned. Like landed in the water they ought to. I have been to Detroit marriage again. Where they are public school system is on the verge of a fiscal collapse. I have been through Baltimore Merrill Lynch where tens of thousands of people are addicted. Who apparently. Right now note that addiction problem here that in effect what the pointed. Point 11 everybody here with you ever again. We ought wealthiest country in the its pre the world. Bought. Most people don't know country they'll know. Because whole bowl of the new column it's going well. One Ers. We all of the wealthiest country in the history of the world. And that means that public school systems should not be collapsing. You on him. Boy have been in this country. Should not paying thirty bloody well 50%. Our infrastructure. Should not be does that. And am. A a is eight people. Have gone and founder you laud questions. And then have them caucus. To take on so very palpable people. And a. All. I know a great nation. Is lock jawed. In the number of billionaires in the house what the number of nuclear weapons and passed it is charged. Why how it treats the weakest. And multiple horrible problem. I. It is it is. Not acceptable. To me. Did in America we. The highest rate of childhood poverty. Of almost any major country on earth that is not the way we should be treated to young people of this country. And right here in West Virginia you're beautiful straight. Off hugged her it. All 100000. Children in this great state lived in poverty. All of what 24%. Of the whole number of kids right here in West Virginia. Way and we talk about employment officially. Quote unquote. Unemployment in America. Is supposed to be 5%. But you know that that is not the case real unemployment is much much higher. Then that. If fact. And fact right here. In West Virginia. This they the lowest label blocked ought that the great rate in the country. In fact only 54%. Of the working age population. In this. At age all. When we talk about a little growth path level. And I talk about there's a lot. When I talk about that Brooke has levels of income and wealth inequality. West widget here is all bulls at the top all that list. And again and again. This is a national problem believe it exists in mice they've Vermont. But this is an issue we have got to deal with it every state in this country and listen to this. From 1979. To 2000 and well. The top 1%. Of the people in West Virginia. Flawed there in com go all. By more than 60%. On average. While Bo bottom. 90%. Thought there in com go down. Dial by four tenths of 1%. And that is what we've seen. Paul old or America we have an economy today that is doing really really really Graeme if you were in the top 1%. But if you are and the bottom Knight gave birth side. The likelihood is you'll work longer hours for low wages if you're lucky I have a job. A and I want everybody here that others did not just a music West Virginia. Statistics tonight because I'm Gil. This is a national issue. And that is why the deadlock. We are going to create an economy that works for all about people not just that B. Couple of years the gulf. Chairman of Islam committee in the senate. And we did a hearing. On poverty. As a death sentence you know what I mean by that. This is what I mean like. When you hear about people being poor people's left there in good clause that house and it's really good. And money wild to eat it's really bad law. Being pool is much much ball then. What being floor is a buyout in America. Is you die. At a significantly. Lower age that people have body. Okay. McDowell count that he. Here in West Virginia. It's one of the poorest counties in the United States of America the United States of America being the richest country in the history of the world. Ed Mick dollop how things 77. Percent of the children on the hate seeing our living in poverty. In the United States of America. And Mitt Dowell county. Men. And only X back to live until the age of 63. I want you to think about this. Again. Being poor means. It's not just big flat screen TV or fancy call it means that you are dying Eddie significantly. Lower age. The annual fellow Americans if you drive for example. Drive six files bought. From this I'll be your go to fast facts county Virginia up. It math facts count that he. Men live on average. Until the age of 88 school years of age. Eighteen years of all that men who lived in McDowell county. The average life expectancy. For a woman in Fairfax County. It's 85. And McDowell county it is 73. Years of age. And it's not jealous McDowell county we have counties like that maybe council all all put this country. These are issues of any quality that as a nation we have got to what drives. Or. I get all. What are the issues. That I talk about a whole lot. Entities directly related some pop pretty directly related to unemployment. Is the fact that we have a broke and criminal justice system. Yeah. Okay. What they're campaign. Is asking all of you. Is there think outside of the box. Being outside of this matters Paul. Need beyond the options. That corporate television. Allow you to envisage. Okay. Think about why people in the McDowell county. Eddie significantly. Lower age. Then people in wealthier communities think about why it is that in city after city in America op. We have youth unemployment. Levels of 48 fit me. Eight per side. And that relates so at international. Embarrassment. That we more people in jail that any other pop country on earth. This is the United States of America are. We should have though best educated. People in the. How will people should of deeds did Nate jobs. Not rot in jail. Now this campaign. Is gonna win. Because we are doing something. Unusual. We are talking to the American people and not just the wealthy campaign picture. And when I talk about on wives and Ruth. That all of us have to address. Truth tumbled one. Is that we have a wrought campaign finance system which has undermined. A. The ancient. Out fly at the box what does democracy mean it is highly complicated concept it means that you'll have a boat. You've got to vote you've got to vote majority whip. A on March 1 aid does not mean that the cope Brothers and a few other billionaires. Can spend hundreds of millions of dollars to Bly elections. Oh. Is not the hypocrisy of my friends. That is coupled I'll look talking. Okay. I. And employee. Turn things around. We will increasingly. Tuesday and the economy. And a government run by a handful of billion. And to get we will not allow black top. What it is not god. It is not jobs and rob campaign finances them. That we are gonna have to address it is they who rigged economy. There's there's bought eight Rick economy means it means today with this. This is really pretty unbelievable. A top 110 of 1%. Not 1%. Want pen of 1%. Now owns almost as much well as the bottom 90%. In America today the wealthiest might be people. Own Walt well in the bottom half of America 158. Million people. In America today one family. The Walton family of wal bought. One family owns more wealth than the bottom 40% of the American. You know what I. I say he not. Is enough. It. Why did is not only an unfair distribution. Of wealth it is ink home as well. Again I want to say this for the young people. Who may not believe me I don't watch your check and I'll Google it after you and I did not now. But here is the fact. Forty years ago before the explosion of technology report is filled. Cell phones and the space age technology and people of the global economy. It was possible in America. Full one person one red when. To earn enough money to take care of the Ian Hart family. Why no bread went out to take earn enough money. To take care of audience part only well then you got. The whole global economy all of the technology you know what happens today mom about work that is not work in the kids around market. And that less disposable income. I don't Warren Redmond apparently had bloody years ago some thing is wrong when our economy. In America yesterday. In Vermont West Virginia you've got people work not one that workers who jolts that work three jobs you've got people work longer hours. Wall lower wages. We are all going to create. An economy. That protects the needs of our workers. We're children. Policy is all of veterans. All of the people of this country and not shots but one person. There are. What is not days if not a hard thing to don't know it's not. Let me give you an example council what we ought to do. Number one. In America if you work forty hours a week you should not be living in poverty don't raise the minimum wage. Fifth game bucks and Powell will mean that millions of people. We'll be able to support their families with the kind of dignity. And security that they do not today. It. And second when we talk about equitable wages. We've gone and the absurdity of women making 79 cents on the dollar. And I know that every man here will Troy in the women. In the fight for pay equity. And when unemployment. Rates throughout this country. Are extremely hall you especially in urban areas and in rural areas. And when people are not making enough income to take care of their family. It is a no brainer to suggest we need a massive federal jobs program to put up people back to work. In Vermont's. And in West Virginia are all over this country our infrastructure. Or. Our roads our bridges our water systems outweighs what plans Al Ralph with them. Our ample at the levees and dams are in math of this were a path. We kind create thirteen million jobs. Whether trillion dollars. Well people say. Yeah off that's an I's like yeah our infrastructure is crumbling like Bernie and me in the paper I we'll tell you paper right now. We have eight we're up. Federal taxes which allows major corporations. Major corporations. Who make billions of dollars a year in profit. Does stash their profits in the Cayman Islands Bermuda and and other tax havens. We're gonna hand real gun and that tax loophole a hundred billion a year up we invest in the infrastructure a quick break off. And when we talk about the economy we've got to talk about something. That medio almost inevitable about. It's not a sexy. Not a sexy issue. What an enormously important issue. And that is how a disastrous trade policies. Okay. Let me tell the young people something they may not know. And that is that it was actually. Ones is calling not so many years ago. When you could go to with them off guns galore. And by products manufactured. In the United States of America. But as a result of trade policies like Napster and permanent normal trade relations with China. Policies written by corporate America. What happened his company's shot down plants. In Vermont West Virginia and all over this country they said why don't I want to pay somebody up. 1520 bucks an outlaw what I go to China Mexico pay people Andes and Alan that's what they. As a result of these terrible trade agreements. We have lost millions. Of decent paying draw us. Millions. And one of the big difference is between Secretary Clinton and might well. She supported virtually every one of these disasters trade agreements I have oppose them. And our message to corporate America is. You'll want hostile Bly the products you may make these damn products here at West Virginia. This campaign. Is going to win because we are listening to people. Whose voices. Are not often. Bird. And one other groups of people I have been very proud to listen through all of this country is young people. A. You know if the funny thing we began this campaign general. Attitude of the punditry and political lines were. Where young people you know and I really interest in development and not the politics they're too busy with their video games and whatever else they. Well. While it turns outs. But the young people in this country lots all the many of the ponds ought. A. It turns. Turns that the young people on the plan. All future all this country and they want to help shape that future. Young people understand that there is something poll found only wrong. When in this country today. The young generation may be the first. Generation in the modern history of American off. Who have a low our standard of living than their parents. My father came to this country the age of seventy with no money never made any money but he worked caught my mom worked ought. And they are dream was that their kids my brother all right would be. Financially that rule then they were that is cold the American dream. That millions of American families have experience. Parents were caught. So their kids can do better off than today. And Jeb off. That gap that American dream. That American dream we we will not allow adult life. As another air show out there that young people all over the country talk to me about obviously you know Bernie. We did what our parents. Polled us to do what our teachers told us to do our community almost matters go out and got the best education. That we can. Because we all understand. That learning and education. Is inherent. In who we are human beings. And that also for our country to do well in the future we need the best educated workforce in the world. Oh million. Millions of young people did the right thing. They went to college with then what happened is. They left school. Thirty deputies 70000. Dollars in debt. And I have to walk the people. Who are paying off that debt for decades. They can applaud them by Paul. House get married gays because they're in all. Yet. Walt what were alive today committed. What getting an education. That is not us. Okay. A. All all of you don't know. A full audio fifty years ago if you had a high school degree. The likelihood Wallace that you were able political and getting halfway decent draw and make it into the middle with a high school degree. But the world has changed. The economy has changed. Technology has changed. People today need more education. Than they did fifty years ago. And thinking outside of law outline of this well. Leaves you very simple conclusion. Fifty years ago it was great that we free public education. First rate to twelve grade with great. But the world is changed and we talk about public education today. It must be making public colleges and universities to Wear it shed great. I think it's horrible there are people who are attacked the on this volatile radical idea Bernie. This is not he radical idea that. It a exist in countries like Germany already and Scandinavia. They understand. That investing and a young people is investing in the future of their country. And bide away. May not notice. But fifty years ago in the United States of America. Allen made Joseph great public colleges and universities. Were virtually to wish you agree. If we could have virtually free situation. Fifty years that all week damn well can do it. Now once again. Once again this proposal. Which by the way also includes. Dealing with the crisis of spoon in debt from day. Because we are millions of people dealing with them that and our proposal will allow people with student debt. To refinance. Their loans. At the lowers interest rates they can find. Tell us out of curiosity how many people here are carries in depth right now. Are we are going through Lola that's flu death. Now. Now my critics say. And burn unit earned nice given out free to question. You're gonna lower student debt we've got to get the money. Okay. And here is the point what you to think again outside boxes not the dynamic but the medio. Provides what you got to think through this open you can. 89 years ago as a result of degree reckless and is an illegal behavior on Wall Street. The congress bailed out the big banks. Apparently. Apparently there was plenty of money available the bail out. Law large banks who worked to date of oil now I believe. That right now. When Wall Street is doing quite well thank you. That we should impose. A tax on Wall Street speculation. Back packs a long act one tax alone will bring in more than enough money. To substantially. With debt and make public colleges universities which free in this country. Yeah. Now Wall Street may not like it let you know why. I could care less what Wall Street life. And by the way. When we make public colleges and universities to worship free. We do something that is really revolution what you think about that reflect. Right now in my state. And right here West Virginia you got a lot of kids. Who rule growing up law whose parents went to college in these kids network news can't imagine that they will go to college. But if we had. Make it Cleo. To the parents and the teachers and the children that any kid in this country whose bodies ought who dug him or her or war well. Both kids will be able to get a higher rector. And. It is. Revolutionary. Now want to touch on an issue that I know. Is controversy alone here in West Virginia. But it's an issue that I deal worth all over the country. And I am not going to tell you anything different and I say in Vermont or California. That is that is. That is a member of the US senate committee on the environment I applaud the scientists. All all along this country and all all of the world. And what the scientists tell us almost unanimously. Is that climate change is real. Climate change is caused. By human activity. Climate change is already. Causing devastating problems in our country and our round the world. Here is locked. Scientists also tell us witnesses scariest. What they say is that we do not get our act together. And transform our energy system a wave from fossil fuel. Then what we will we've seen in years to com. Here's more drought. Mall flooding more extreme weather disturbances. Boy is certification. Of the ocean. More rising sea levels and more international. Conflict. As people fight. All of a limited natural resources. And it's names today. That to address this issue we have got to do two things. Number one we have a moral. Obligation. To our kids and future generations. To make certain that we leave this planet in a way that is healthy and habitable. I. What second off all. We have a moral obligation. To protect both workers. In the fossil fuel industry. We cannot leave those people in the coal industry. In the oil industry in the gas industry volumes Roy we cannot do. And that is why. That is why we have moral obligation. To make certain that those people who may lose there dogs get new jobs. Get the education. And all all of the benefits. That today deserves. I. When we think outflow side of the box. We have to ask outsells them simple questions how does that happen. That every major country on earth guarantees health care to all of their people except the United States. I'm a member of the committee and helped write the Affordable Care Act portable characters on a lot of good things. But. Today 29 million people have no health insurance bill many of you or underinsured when Michael payments at a high deductibles. And it's. And drug companies. Rip off all all like charging off a high. I. That is why I believe. We need to move toward paying Medicare. Were all single pale. They think about it America where every person as the right it's yeah. What that means. Is you will not happen it's today on you would draw but you don't like that job just because you've got health care on that they'll. The is. Think about going to let thought the line yet sick. Not having to worry about a cult payment or a deductible. Okay. Think about a Medicare for all programs saving. The average family thousands of those you know on their health insurance. And when we talk about health care let me Gilbert briefly with an issue that is on the lines all all due in West Virginia. And in my state of Vermont. There is no debate but that we have he fractured crisis in America today with opium and heroin addiction. I. I know I know. Syria if prices he. Atrocity it is a serious crisis in my state as well. And the issue all how we deal it. Seems to me. To reach the conclusion. That we got the view we substance abuse and addiction. As a health issue not a horrible. A a. What I've done name. What it means that again think outside of the box what it means. Is that we I've got to revolutionize. Mental health treatment in America. We have got to provide treatment. So people when they needed. Not six sort. And on another issue. Relating to drugs one of the problems with our criminal justice system. Is there over the last thirty years millions of people have received criminal records because the possession of marijuana. And. And if you'll have a criminal record you don't want your kid. It is ought to go out and get a jaw. We have got to read date so called war on drugs. Federal controlled substance act federal controlled substance act. Marijuana is listed as they schedule one prologue next I have. Now so I had this dog food. Scientists argue the pluses than minuses of marijuana. But marijuana is not heroin which is a chilly drawn. God is why. I have legislation. In that would make marijuana out all the federal. Allies saying legalizing marijuana is pleased they issue it should not be federal him. I. Everybody here on both. April found lessons of American history and that is that real change. Network takes place on the top on down it always takes place. All hunt through eight years would go. When workers in West Virginia or an all over this country. Will force the work seven days a week twelve hours a day when kids were working in the minds. And in the factories. Working people came together to form trade unions so they got to have some big. Long. That's what happens when people. The cattle. A hundred years ago all. In this country and the kids don't know this. Women did not have the right to vote but not out the right to get the education. Or the jobs they wanted. Less then a hundred. Years ago. What happened. Women's don't know. A when men toward Iraq. And where they have now allies they said you know lot in America. Women will not be back in class that is. I. Hundreds of years ago that's the abomination of slavery. African Americans and the allies. Had eight different vision for America. Some of them went to jail some of them dogs some of them were beaten. What they said that in a miracle we will and racism segregation. Or. A. If we word hero in this Rome ten years ago. Which is no time at all from an historical perspective when somebody jumps off its original Bernie. I think that by the year 2000 and that team. Gay marriage will be legal in fifty states. The Perth then next. They have would have stood Yorkers knocked out. Doc and but people as the gay community in their separate allies who are prepared to take on bigotry and hatred. We've succeed in making America. If we were here five years ago. My views. Somebody jumps off says Bernie. You know. A seven dollar and 25 cent federal minimum wage is peaceful nation wage we have to raise that waged a fifteen bucks now. The person next to her would have said. Fifteen bucks and how you wanna more than double the minimum wage you're not you think YouTube make it can happen. Maybe eight books maybe 915. To life. But you know what happened. Workers in the fast food industry and McDonald's Burger King Wendy's went out on strike. A. Or. They thought and they fought back and three years at all. In Seattle Los Angeles San Francisco. Fifteen bucks an outlaw minimal way. And our gay and a California. New York State fifteen dollar and alum in a moment. One is my point. Mike Boyd do with that on the end to day. That seem sold radical. Raising the minimum wage making public colleges and universities the rich and free. Providing healthcare to all people as of right having paid family and medical leave. A how Little Rock new name finances. Well. On addressing the prices. Of climate change making sure that women upgrade equal pay for equal. I. Making sure our kids have Joan not jail cells. It. All all of these ideas that then. They theme. But the day on not radical. They all ideas that in fact are supported by that they have majority of the American people. Okay. Lot today ought not so applauded. By the billion class why Wall Street and corporate America. So what this campaign is about. Is asking millions of people the route this country. Working people middle class people young people old people. Gay people straight people black white Latino Asian American. A. Making certain that the Donald Trump told the world do not divide us opt. Or am. I. Understanding. That when the we stand to gavel. There is nothing. Not thing that we cannot accomplish. On main tanned. There is going to be a very important primary. Here in West Virginia. We'll. What we have learned in this campaign is when there are large voter turnouts. We win when they're all low voter turnout we'd lose. All right. I. I hope. I hope that on made sense. West Virginia will. The lodges voter turnout in the history of. And I hope very much. That West Virginia. Will fly in the political revolution. Thank you.

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