Bernie Sanders Rallies Iowa

ABC News checks in with some Sanders supporters on the campaign trail.
11:01 | 10/19/15

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Rallies Iowa
Well still more than a year to go before the actual election the can't think when he sixteen rolls along senator Bernie Sanders according to latest polls has experienced. A an uptick when it comes to name recognition they still trailing the front runner in the democratic field. Hillary Clinton and we are gonna go live now to ABC's Josh Haskell who joins us from Tuscaloosa Iowa. Where we understand senator just wrapped up an event speaking to some students at William Penn University Josh. What did people there think about what they heard. Good afternoon on the will's been an interest in two days for Bernie Sanders spent a lot of talk about SNL his underwear. Hillary Clinton in his hair. But this was a very serious sort of town hall format that he had just wrap right behind me it William and college jostle loose and I want to bring in some voters and supporters that we're here for burning they can tell you'll that about. What he talked about touching on everything from youth unemployment. To global warming so. I wanna bring in this young woman here can you tell us your first and last name. ABC Digital Life you're with Kelly Josh go Voskuhl Lusa Kelly what brought you out to your Bernie Sanders and what did you hear from him today. Well what brought me out news I am I started hearing about Bernie a couple of months ago and I started looking into. Him and some I just. Are just learning more about him he needs. Start to get more excited about the political process again and SI AE and sonic he will be coming to our town and it just a couple of blocks away so. They took money to middle schoolers out of school to come. Com. Teach them about the political process and I really house hearing earnings each way. I really liked what he had to say about us. About climate teens. It's. The criminal justice six. Above all I really liked hearing him talk about us. It's someone in the audience mentioned the whole thing about Ernie is people over profits witches there just really. And today it seemed like they had a very serious tones. And where you had a lot of questions people sharing their grievances with the country with government how do you think this presidential candidate responded to all that. Tax I think he responded very well. He'd he'd not one purchase. Enter into whoever's in front of and evaluate he agrees that plenary disagrees with what you're saying and I really fast. I don't even agree with him on everything it just because he and ladies in order. I am really excited. Thank you so much and I want to bring in Mary Alice parks which covers the Bernie Sanders campaign for us in. All we have on the new York and you hear on as well we want to talk a little bit about phone understand that the senator just commented. Regarding the current race in some of the other people involved Mary Alice. Yeah. Just look at universal floating about whether or not Joseph Biden. In and did something that obviously in Pakistan has kept hand at times. You know brains can really get dateline is always quick to seen in the highest of my. Lips. Appraisals weren't found positive crashed. You know and then and breezes has a lot of voters say they don't know yet how in the book how Jill entering a reasonably in. As he and his campaign some pulling out there that says ultimately hurt his campaign and others is in jail and drink my really. Taken keys and Hillary's supporters them. I didn't it and brings pretty gaining just single seat. And talk about this event that we just witness and Jennifer she's telling us a little bit about it out of the three events that he's. Four offensive he's passed the last two days in Iowa which stood out with you. You know we. Considers first launches campaign we are seeing is being made around this is really about. He has been out there pounding on the Eckstein of the Yankees may supporters out to come and show their support kind of rallying cry for progressives. And how that move a lot more Americans no glee as I know what he stands for. He's changing his gradually changing it out we're seeing some smaller fundraisers are sort of local and local. Leading activists worsening events like this is much more kind of cute and I am much more candidate reform law. Really get a chance to hear voters' concerns and talked and talked directly. So first time in his second please understand his campaign where we're doing a lot more informal more action an event. And Mary Allen the question for you. And active sanders' campaign asking the job hunting ground saw them latest poll numbers and it has mentioned. Lot more people now know who he is they told the man behind me and it sounds like some of the report Casey needs loosening up a bit on the trail cracking jokes about the SNL skit about how many pairs of underwear exactly he owns. So when you see this going as the campaign continues to change its fighting words and Terry. How does a candidate like Sanders from the hearing on the ground. How did he continue to sat himself up. Apart from the rest of the field when he's trailing Clinton by significant now. You're suggesting a big part. His message from dateline and I think he's this anti establishment can't say it's not really Democrat he's been the longest serving independent member of congress. Here at EE heat seeking. This democratic socialists so I won't be exciting and exclusive. That language really ramp up its that your heart is yesterday's news beaten in that speech written means to be democratic socialist. I'm can get all those questions answered and they let him. Have a strong footing and is due to pending candidate you know. I didn't have a really hard time running away from the president's agenda and Bernie Sanders is in this unique position where he gets to. I credit democratic I think he likes but also critique. He doesn't he can play that house Eric Hart and we know that this is the cycle of the outsider. So I think in my answer is you'll see even more that outs for an easy access. Rain Larry heaney kind of of their friends among the response from the crowds that he's addressing now as people. Kind of increased start to know who he is a little bit more about him are they asking different things of him are they reacting to them differently or has that stayed today. One interesting. Our. It's not an analyst again he's events and Alison yeah who's in the crowd. Yeah really had sent an underground I don't regret that we are seeing these crowds. Folks who have. They had tented turn Occupy Wall Street had been following these issues around long time to Iran and move on dot price in mountain Taylor here. And progress of believers and the crowd was much more diverse political spectrum now Bernie as quick nap Tuesday he's appealing to Republican. His message is appealing because he he would like to see in his message and healing to some evangelical Christians for instance. And who care a lot about social programs even. Mark I'm Christina on U interviews he likes to mention that he believes. You'll recent past the island's murders are at Atlanta thousands hundreds yesterday and it hopes and a lot of my friends here are here that are registered Republicans. I think that he. He wants now to say he is reaching cops that I won't be easy to. Bryant and his needs and pulling and medium and rural island some books in the eighties and pocketed Democrat. Idea what we'll see that's all you don't know if you actually amount to anything anything that's part of their rhetoric and I think he's using leisure. That is and Koonunga yes. Want to say one thing. After being on the trail for a few days here Mary Alice although we talk about the changing events that somberness that happen it's really hard to sort of trip him up or get him to talk about something that he doesn't want to talk about such as Hillary Clinton his rivals. Joseph Biden he's a very regimented politician. Even on something like S and Alan I just want to get Mary Alice is if you want comes locals. When you get Mary Alice is feedback on. Yesterday is you he's starting to talk about his hair. A little bit network he's starting to talk about SNL and he although his press person and we asked about the underwear yesterday said guys guys come on. We don't want to go there. Bernie entertained. Yeah it is yeah that's different and yeah absolutely. And yesterday it brings Italy he lives having fun day he has great numbers I have right out there and they're standing there. They're precinct captains and a number of till toxicity and an yesterday dealing. Lighthearted actually and not really sure we he was talking to reporters and fast totally right he normally serves shuns us. Question at hand tendency even publicized and yes it was different. The Press Secretary tied to today I tried to cut it offense when asked about they even under a moment and sprays that no no no and hell we'll talk about it and then went ahead it's a few jokes. I think he's trying to loosen up lighten up he danced on Allen last week I think he knows the next day just relief. It's not just talking to his face you have to get people since the end that likening know him so. We're we're definitely seeing it brings Anderson lost flail Allen at Martha crap. And on if you think about the last week's debate which you and I covered. Everyone was making such a big deal about the team and emails common with Hillary and they eat you know that was a moment their rooms talking about I think a lot of people like Mary Alice cover. Bernie Sanders on a daily basis they were surprised by that high heat heat is is not gonna shy away from speaking his mind even if she's he said it might not be in the interest of the best. Politics. He says he and his supporters like to say that he says Leahy he thinks and he thinks that he's he's an interesting thing for a lot of years it is one of his strong suits. Sure that it ABC. Mary Alice park. And Josh tackle live for us and I they've been staying. In Iowa and with the standards campaign and we'll continue to do so. Thanks so much to you guys we'll check back in with both of them as we know more. On the senator's campaign on whether or not vice president Joseph Biden will enter the race and of course all the latest. On campaign 2016. Right here on ABC news.

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