Sanders: 'We Are Doing Something Very Radical in American Politics'

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks to supporters after projected primary losses in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.
58:54 | 03/15/16

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Transcript for Sanders: 'We Are Doing Something Very Radical in American Politics'
This is an use. I. And and this is a a. Room. And I. It'll vary about threatening. This same thing. Let him tonight. Let me thank Gilbert Romero. Let me sending trapped written will be no physical world Leino. A young woman as juveniles or. Our parents arrested on television. And what this campaign is about. Is that they to shore up. Those types of things Napa. Tampa happen. I. Okay. I want to thank them come out and a woman think Jose Randall. I was saying director. Phoenix. You. I'm ready right political revolution. It. You and societal and a handful of billion and is. Running out of well if you Lauren who've come. To the right place. What excites me so much it's like all around the country. Is the C do you incredible energy. While hundreds of thousands of people who love this country but now all we can do. It's so much better. We thought they had this campaign. At 3%. In the national polls. We got Coleman a long way in ten months. And the reason. That we have done as well as we have. The reason that we up defied. All expectations. Is that we are doing something very radical. In American politics where telling me. That's wrote. And that throws. The truth. Is currently. Is always. Lesson. It's not a whole lees what we want that you. But we each had not called flow it unless we deal with the realities. Of American society. Today and that is what we are going to. Road mumble one. Is that today. We have a corrupt. Campaign. Finance says. With Wall Street end billion as spending unlimited. Sounds of money riches undermining American. The buck personally. To my mind democracy. Is not complicated. It is one person one vote. You want. Why don't vote for me ray you know that's OK well what I do not want to save. Our billion as spending unlimited sums of money. Buying elections. And undermining the democracy which they olive country so great. It's why the gavel. We are going to all of a turn. This desires for its Citizens United so high. Yeah. Here's why we got going to blow. Two public funding of elections. And and that is why we are going to take on. Vigorously. Those cowardly Republican governors what trying. To suppress. And I'd say. To those cowardly Republicans. Of the news. If you all of brave. Of a free and fair election it. Yeah and out of politics. Get another job. When in our country today's. We the vote Brothers and a handful of other billion. Spending. Hundreds of millions of dollars to elect and at a news. Who represented the wealthy and the powerful all that's not. The biographers say that is I'll look a lot gate. And the people all I want tree will not tolerate. Outlook on tape. But it is not join us a corrupt campaign finance Islam. It is a rigged economy. An economy in which we have today eight wrote as. Level of income and wealth inequality. Which is unsustainable. And odd American. I'll let congress. May not talk about it much. Media made talk about it much. What it is unacceptable. To me. And the American people. Are in the top 110 of one person and it. Now Apple's old bulls as much wealth as the bottom. 90%. It is unacceptable. Today. That the wealthiest twenty people blow wild. In the bottom half of American opt 150. Billion people. I want to give you one ideal. One example. Outlawed and a rigged economy is about. Turns out that the wealthiest family in this country. Is the Walton family of Wal-Mart. Turns out that the wealthiest family in America. Who owns wal Mott. Paying their workers wages that are so low. That many of those workers have to go on Medicaid. And food slams in order to supplied. And why they ring a lot of he has about. Is that the middle class tax by up. Pays more in taxes to subsidize. The employees. Of the wealthiest family in America. That's a wrecked economy. Oh. I say. I'd say to the Walt it. The wealthiest family in America. Gentle off of wild thing up. Pay your workers. Okay. The United States of America today. The United States of America today is the wealthiest country in the history of the world what old bulls nobody knows that. And the reason was Iraq. Is we have people workers who work three jobs mob has worked at that has worked in the kids are working. Marriages are stressed out parents don't have time to spend with their kids. And despite all that. 58%. It will no income generated calls to the top one side. At all at we have a good food to get them back at a create an economy. Networks were all of Obama's. Not jobs. A. We all go away that's now. We are going to. The billion is. In corporate America off. That they all going to have to start paying their fair share of taxes. When we talk about a rigged. Economy. We uncle and and the absurdity. Of millions of our people working for an 89. Bucks and now law. Because Japan naked I dated I bucks an hour off. I. Lives we are going to raise the minimum wage to weigh in living wage theft today. Bucks. And quietly talk of a wrecked the economy. We're going. The absurdity of women said. Making 79 cents on the dollar. Why. Every man in this room. Will stand with the women. In the fight for. A few weeks ago. I was Flint, Michigan. And what I observe there and what are you hurt was literally. Beyond my comprehension. And it shook me. And upset me enormously at one eight observe that. Is that children in that city work being poisoned. By any water system that I had. Very every amounts of lead in it. It is. Incomprehensible. That this is happening in the United States in the year 2060. But it's not just went. All across this country our infrastructure. How old water systems. Outweighs what plants outlook riches rolls. I'll rails that Islam is pulling a plot. In the United States of America we should have paid first. Class infrastructure up and that is what we're going to bell. Or Google+ eight trillion. And dollars in the building. Our infrastructure and when we do about we create third T. A million decent paying job. What this campaign. Is about its student. The American people that think outside of the box outside. Of this not as well. Think about. Think about a nation. Not where our children being poisoned by lead in the water up well where we have. A cutting edge infrastructure. It roads and it bridges and it ran out. At an air trips well that's what we've got. And this. Campaign. In terms of the ridden economy. Is telling corporate America ought. That we are gone and these disastrous trade policies. Which are destroying the middle class it was. And I. Hello you cannot continue to shut down plants in America up. And move to cheap labor countries all over the world. All of us all of us. Want that I help. Poor people throughout the world. We can do it without destroying the American middle class through disastrous trade by. Am. I'd say took corporate America. You want us wide you'll products. Slot. Manufacturing. Those products here in America not. This campaign. Is about. Fixing. A broke in criminal justice Cecil. I. Yeah. Once again I ask you think outside of the box outside of the status quo Americo should not have. More people in jail than any other country on. We should not be spending. Eighty billion dollars a year up locking. Two point true. Million Americans disproportionately. African American. Nazi you know. All over this country. We see. Very high rates of youth unemployment. The white kids 33%. Latino kids third sixth African American kids 51%. What we will know. If create jobs and education for those young people. And not. War jails and it'd also registered. And we are going to create a criminal justice says the we're on on people than minorities. Are not shot. White believes office. I have. We're off. We lease apartments all the all the my state of Vermont and all this country the vast majority. Police officers or autos Claude working and they have a very difficult job. Lot like any other public officials. The league's localism breaks the law. That or postal must be held accountable. You through and the militarism Asian. Our police the blob at. Please fill should not look. Like occupying. Armies they should be taught of the communities they serve. And we knew you still make believes the apartments look like the diversity. Of the communities they serve. In my state of Vermont neighboring New Hampshire are all across this country. We have a major crisis. In terms of heroin addiction and drug overdoses. We need to address that issue of substance abuse. And addiction it. SA helped it show. Not a wherever. Need June reef marine. There's so Cold War drugs. Over the years. True amenity lives. Have been negatively impacted. Brutal arrests for possession of marijuana. Right now at the federal level. Marijuana. Is considered it a schedule one draw. On the though the federal controlled substance act. Right alongside. Parent. How scientists. Disagree about the pluses. And minuses of marijuana. Let all of you know Carol it is a jail locked rock. That is why. I have been introduced legislation. To take marijuana. Out all. The federal. One just tell you rings jewelry. A brief story about. Walk I'd be one I'd be. When welcome. He ripped economies are corrupt campaign finances them. And they broke in criminal justice system watch idiots. Last month. Goldman Sachs. One of large. You know Goldman itself excellent good. Goldman Sachs one of the large financial institutions on Wall Street paid. The federal government a settlement. Line applied billion dollars. They paid that fine because they what selling. They was selling worthless packages. Of sub prime mortgage loans paid a five billion dollars flying. Now all of you know. All of you know that eight years ago this country was plunged. Into the worst economic downturn. Since the Great Depression. As a result of Wall Street greed and illegal behavior. We lost millions of jobs people lost their life savings people lost their homes. That took place because of the greed and illegal behavior on Wall Street now today. Today. Now this is the broken criminal justice system today. Some person in Arizona. Or Vermont. It's picked up with a small amount about Juan up that person has a police record for the rest of their lives. And I. Plot if you are as CEO. Or an executive of on Wall Street whose illegal behavior destroyed the economy. You don't eight wrote run you get a salary increase. Not hateful leaflet. Now. What we are dark still docked at a government be easy but we will go it. Is we are going up Russell Johnston is. To all broke in criminal justice system. America is supposed to be about his job losses equal justice under the law you'll walk to break the law ripped your break the law you'll vote. Paid the price. That is why. This campaign is through a well. Because we don't as the need to the American people. Ed not just wealthy campaign. The turbulence. I am very proud. That outlook. It dollars not. Have a superpower it. We have for a C. All of all five. Million. Individual. Campaign contribution of jets. Anyone know what the average contribution days. What these bed. Collins. Quote it's. My opponent raises money in a slightly. Different way. Shooting it's a slow but not. Which among other special interest has received fifteen million dollars from Wall Street. She. Hey guys listening budding from the drug companies and the fossil fuel. Industry. She does Kevin speeches. Rules straight. What's at La Madrid and 25000. Dollars a pop. To my mind. If you're going to give us an age. The GO hug dreaded wedding five. Thousand dollars it Bosnia really great speech. And a group thought your great speech. All of America should be able to read it. Our campaign. Is listening. The senior citizens and disabled veterans. And here is a principal bedrock principle all of my campaign. And that is. We will be judged as a nation. Not by how many millionaires. And billionaires we have. But by how we treat the week is and most vulnerable among. I. A wildly you have seen in recent years. A proliferation. Of millionaires in billion us. We have millions of seniors and disabled vets. Trying to make it on 11121000. Dollars a yeah Social Security. And you know why. Nobody can make it on 11121000. Dollars to you saw. I. My Republican. Colleagues in the senate they want so caught. Social Security. And they wanted to give huge tax breaks the brilliant S. Well I have so bad moods that. Knoll. We are not dominant color. Social Security. Regarding Greece shall. No we're not going to give tax breaks. The Donald Trump the deal the billion. In fact that is thought name. They have thing a share of taxes. I. Just him paying. Is listening. To the Latino community. I. What the Latino community is telling me is that I ought hired. Of living in this shot loves. I had all. Living in fear at being exploited. Name wants IA wants. Comprehensive. Immigration wrote flawed. And hey man. Lord citizenship. My fall of all. Came to this country at the age of seventy. From Poland's alike know a little bit. I know a little bit about the immigrant experience. Let me just say this eleven. Million undocumented. People in this country if the congress the laws not do its job. I will use the exact you know powers of the heart. I do. Want to see young people like Catherine. Look at the television and watched their parents arrested. I do not want to see families. Broken up the funds should have immigration reform. It's to unite families. Not the Bible. Day let me say this I know. I know all that in our country not everybody agrees. With my views on immigration reform and that's one word democracy. People at different points of view but. What is not acceptable. Amount what shall point of view is. If that road races. Attacks against Mexico. Reid said. That Donald Trump will definitely elect a president. As the American people will not accept insults. The Mexicans. Muslim vote women. The American people will not accept it president. Who insults our old veterans. War moves several years ago led the so called burglar after it. Which was it ugly ugly at a time. Undermine the legitimacy. Of of the presidency. Of Barack Obama. Oh. You can agree with president you can disagree that's democracy. But don't tell me he has not the legitimate president of this country. When we talk about racism in America I always find it interest thing. President Obama's father was Bologna Kenya. Michael that was bullet in Poland. But nobody. They asked me or my birth certificate. And I kinda think maybe it has something to do with the fact that my skin color. It's a little bit different. But the presence. I am a memo or all of the senate committee on the environment. I applaud. I have let's it is all over the world. Climate change is real. Ed is caused by U. An activity they. And let me tell you. What does science is telling us and that is that we do not get our act again about in the very near future up. We got knocked Italy a planet for our kids that grandchildren. Urges house thing. And that is unacceptable. It is literally beyond belief. That we have a major. Political plodding. The Republican audit which rejects its alliance refuses to technology in the Riyadh. A climate change. What could gather we all going to take. The fossil fuel industry trends or. Oh. We can worry today. Millions of good paying jobs. Why moving to an energy efficiency. And sustainable energy. My Republican colleagues. Run all over the country. Talking about family. Values. I watched it and what they mean like family values what they mean is no woman in this Rome. Has the right to control our own body eyeglasses. Like day mean. Like friendly values is our gay Brothers and sisters do not have the right to back. Larry I disagree. Jane and I have been married for 27 years. And we equally. In family but when we talk about family values. What we mean is ending the embarrassment. Of the United States being the only major country on earth. Not to provide paid family and medical laid. Today in America's job. A woman here in Arizona are in my state of Vermont is giving birth. And if that woman isn't working class woman a low income moment. In all likelihood. She will have to go back to work. In one week or two week it's separating herself forum are basically. It ordered our egg come to take terrible famine. No all mug book should have to be separated. From our baby because she lacks. Necessary and and that is why it's a gamble we are going to pass. Three months paid. Family and medical. One of the important jobs. Of a president of the United States is that could dock. Saying in effect over foreign policy. Most important foreign policy a volatile. The war in Iraq. Either lessons. That's very closely. Took to what president boards should Cheney had to say. And I did not believe them and voted against that law. Unfortunately. Secretary. Clinton voted flaw that war which it was a. Let me today is my age you. Yes we will be destroyed prices but we well let get away. That doesn't involve. Our men and women in the military. It popped it. Our men and and women in the military will not be involved in perpetual walked fail in the Middle East. Now I have been critters is. Let's say a missile let me say it again. I related. That human beings are entitled to certain. Inalienable. Rights. And we have a constitution. That grants us and it's a great document. A lot of political. Rights but I believe we have got to go for a vote. And and I believe that we have got to guarantee I'll of people. Economic rights. It's irony about. The greatly and I thought the Martin Luther King Jr. up. A when he led the great march on Washington in 1963. It was cold the march toward jobs and freedom jobs and freedom. And wedding you die you all remember when he died when he was assassinated. It wasn't on quote unquote civil rights than the direction he was standing up. With the exploited sanitation workers in Memphis Tennessee. And he. On spoke. And all I agree. That to be truly free. You need economic. Security as well. Now it turns out. And every. Made your country on world. Germany United Kingdom France Holland Scandinavia. And Canada every major country. Guarantees. How can opt to. All yeah it's pretty well. And you won't. Elected president I will do my best that I have the United States joined the rest of the industrialized world. How gap for all. Oh. What this campaign it was about again. Is thinking outside of the status will you do not have to accept. Those status quo we can do battle. Hello. Let people tell you. That your dead date bid. Now. I'm a member of the committee that helped write the Affordable Care Act it has done a lot of good things we should be proud of that. In proud of president Obama's leadership. What please oh 29 million Americans uninsured. Many of you are underinsured or. With logical payments and deductibles. And all the hopeless. Or getting ripped off without mercy. Why the greed of the pharmaceutical. Industry. They are charging us like flaw. The hires vices in the world war prescription drugs. People aren't dying. People are dying in this country because they cannot hopeful the medicine they need. That is unacceptable. And App Store all of after all of that we end up spending lawful more per capita on health care than any other people others want to go. That is why Attica. We must fight to meg shall. That we pass a Medicare now. For all health care so slow. Who. I do not on the stand. Why give Canada its ability you can agent Philip Fred adored all of these other countries to go it. Wait dole it's. I don't want to get go another example. Of where as a nation we have got to think outside of the box. Flaw all hundred plus years. We have had three public education. In this country from first grade to twelfth grade. The world has changed the economy has change. People today. Me and walk education. The senate votes room. Room foods. That today in many respects. A college degree is the equivalent of a high school degree was fifty years ago. In it is why I believe we have not made public colleges and universities to where it should. Right. This is not a radical idea. It exists in Germany Scandinavia up other countries. If they can dole led. We can dole it. And they all vote. A dictatorship we have got to deal with is the outrageous level. Of student debt in this country. When you think. About crazy. Listened today as we tell. Don't people. You've got to go out and get the best education yet to head. Well yourselves for the country. And yet millions of people or thirty dollars and 50000 dollars in debt. Because they got at educate should not greatly. Now I'd find that interest thing. That when Wall Street with the agreed an illegal behavior crash. Congress bailed them out. I believe we should impose a tax on Wall Street speculated should. And you. Back rabid Euro. To make public colleges and universities. To where it should break. Okay. Everybody. Here on. Line important. Historical. And that is change real change. Now but takes place from the top on down. It always. It always. Snakes legs. From the grass roots on all. Yeah. Workers. A hundred plus he is the goal. Said they would not be treated like animals. And they shrugged and went to jail and were beaten up in orbit to form unions and get collective bargaining. That's how we fight for workers' rights. Flaw hundreds of you is African Americans and their white allies. Struggled. Through Tampa. And racism. And bigotry and segregation. In America. Those changes did not take place. From the twelfth on with blacks and whites standing together. And saying we will not accept racism. In the united states of a and I. People forget. People look at. But all 10100. Years ago. Women in America. Did not have the right. To vote could not get the education. They wanted. Could not the dogs they want. What what happened is that people around them exit he. In America we will not accept. Women being treated as sex in class citizens. Yeah. If we were here seven years ago ten years ago and solemn audience that a lot. I think gay marriage will be legal in every state in this country. Hi honey. I'm. Nobody. Would have. We'll leave did but it happened and it happened. Because the gay community and they are straight out like said. That in America people have the right to love could have. If we war in this rule. Eight years ago I'd be physical and somebody jumped out that you know burning. I think it's seven dollars and 25 cent minimum wage. Is this fall they should think we got a raise of the fifteen bucks and Allah. The person next what would've said you're not you're wanting to double the minimum wage that's crazy can happen. Well you know what happened. Fast food workers at McDonald's or Burger King went out on strike. Days total and fought back and then you know what happened Seattle. Fifty bucks are now. Fred Fred Smith though Los Angeles fifth day. Grudge fifth day. Eight bucks an hour. About fifty dollar. Allowable that is sweeping the country. Line here is. My point. Though most important point. Do not settle. Load that's not as well. When the status quo is broken. The home. Town. That we cannot have a political old since the home. In which we have one of the highest. Voter turnout rates in the world rather than one oval bullets. Hello tell. Then we have to have. The highest rate of childhood poverty in the industrialized world. We're going to have a proliferation. Millionaires had no evidence ouija Jerry. Tell at veterans in this country have to sleep out on that straight. Richard Chang. Dobbs show and they. That an America where the only we have to be the only. Major country that does not guarantee health care or pay them legally to all about it. Weak hand. May. Real change. What we don't. May change if day. To apply. Us all. Why trump is about in other demagogues have always been about. Is scapegoating. Minorities turning one group against another group. Am. What we aren't foods bought. 'til full flow back. And so if we use then together is black and whites and Latinos and Asian American and native Americans. Instead flick Babylon. And is gay and straight men and women. If we instead together if people want an America people who have confidence country. Ever. If we stand to get well. There is nothing. We can not. Accomplice. Next next way or slowed. It's a very end we'll election. We will when. Oh win if the voter turnout is high. Let's bank get a high. MI.

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