Bernie Sanders Says Voters Need to Look 'Beyond Personality'

The Vermont Senator sits down one-on-one with ABC's David Wright before a campaign event with Hillary Clinton.
4:45 | 09/29/16

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Says Voters Need to Look 'Beyond Personality'
Senator we've mad any number of people for whom even at this stage it's burning your bus. What's your message. The right message it is that people have got to get beyond personal. And they've got to take a hard look at the issues that impact the lives of middle class and working class people that's what this campaign is really about. And I think if you booked at the issues. Whether it is making public colleges and universities tuition free. Dealing aggressively with climate change. Raising the minimum wage overturning this disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision all all of those issues and many more. Hillary Clinton's. Positions. All fall fall. Loss imperial. The cultural and I personally will do everything that I can to make sure the trump does not become president. But. You talked about this as a political revolution and you brought a whole lot of people into the process who otherwise wouldn't have cared. Now many of them are saying you know an ominous that this one I wanna go for a third party candidate who's more aligned with my values how can you blame them. Well not get a blame anybody everybody has the right to vote for whomever they want all all the at all I would say is two things number one. The next president of the United States will be either Hillary Clinton would go from. I think it will be at this list of what this country if our next president is. Odd number two. Politics. And the political revolution. And fighting for real change dogs not end on Election Day. And what I intend to do is literally the day after the election. Work with millions of people would demand that Secretary Clinton white hope will be president elect Clinton. Implement the most progressive. Platform. In the history of American politics what we did with the democratic platform and thought standing O and transforming our country. Secretary Clinton President Clinton can't do it alone we. Politics does not end on Election Day. We are ahead of primaries it is exactly we have got to galvanize people we see. We need to see great people running the school board the state legislature for congress at such. Let's get involved much transform America. And let the first step be making sure the tropical press do you see this choice in November as the chores. Of the Lester too you know I really I think a fail look look Secretary Clinton. Disagree on a lot of issues that was what. We campaigned on for you amok at a that I got for a second but hitting if you look at purple poles if you like issue. Ain't no moral them all very progress. But there are some issues where. She and you do not see aina I couldn't help thinking of you watching the grilling that Wells Fargo CEO took from Elizabeth Warren. That is exactly the kind of issue that you raised throughout the prime you'll. And I looked it up today. Wells Fargo gave 250000. Wells Fargo gave hundreds of thousands of dollars of the Clinton foundation what is it that gives you confidence that Hillary Clinton would fix that. Missiles what gives me. Confidence. Is that the American people ought catching on it Wells Fargo is just one of many examples. The business model alt Wall Street is fraught people should not be shocked about what Wells Fargo did. Every major bank in this country has paid billions of dollars in fines and supplements. Thwart illegal behavior that's what they do. What we need. Use millions of people standing up and a demanding that re establishment of Glass-Steagall legislation. Who breaking up large financial institutions and see from a criminal justice point of view holding executives accountable. And I think with that pressure I think Secretary Clinton is prepared to do the right. You you're saying you want your supporters to keep the pressure on so that Clinton administration would address these absolute. And but it is not only. Wall Street. The truth is right now. That the big money in for us Wall Street the drug companies. The biotechnology. Companies. All have enormous how -- what goes on Washington and the only antidote to that is millions of people standing go. And demanding that we have a government were present all of us and not just 1%. Clinton can't go it alone I can't do it alone people got to be involved.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"The Vermont Senator sits down one-on-one with ABC's David Wright before a campaign event with Hillary Clinton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42442921","title":"Bernie Sanders Says Voters Need to Look 'Beyond Personality'","url":"/Politics/video/bernie-sanders-voters-personality-42442921"}