Can Bernie Sanders withstand fire after comments on Cuba?

Yvette Simpson, CEO of “Democracy for America,” speaks on Sanders, securing the black vote in South Carolina, and what the candidates should be focused on going into Super Tuesday.
4:28 | 02/26/20

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Transcript for Can Bernie Sanders withstand fire after comments on Cuba?
Is bringing in vets Sims sends CEO democracy for America an ABC news contributor. So in that obviously we've been talking about the criticism those comments that Sanders made on two ballistic listener that again. You know what I did kick teaching people to read and write is a good thing. All I have been extremely consistent and critical. A poll or authoritarian regimes all over the world including Chu book. Including Nicaragua including Saudi Arabia including China including rushed out I happen to believe it's hypocrisy not. The truth is the truth and dots what happened in the first news of the cash to reshoot. Do you expect that he's gonna take a lot of heat for that. What should his response be if he does I don't think that was a bad response to meet you think about the fact that first of all this is 20/20 not 1960 so the way we think about our ally in the way we think about. Our opponents are the folks that we don't support. We can separate as he did they are acting very well be authoritarian regime. That Castro represents from the very real striking they. Barack Obama made some of the same comments about Castro and actually was one of the first presidential long time to visit Castro opened up relationships between US and cast her in those results mean they are true right so when you think about Bernie Sanders who's trying to promote. You know socially responsible. Kind of as we know that measures like education using Castro's results are not necessarily a bad idea right so the literacy rates for instance in cash and cash under Castro's or zero almost a 100%. The highest in South America those are good results you can separate that from the fact is an authoritarian leader is the point so what I don't like is that people aren't acknowledging that. Barack Obama says the exact same thing that really jumping on this network and the other thing that big is problematic as they're trying to connect. And things like Bernie Sanders. Tentative touting these are very rare results that may be him being supportive of some of the other things and I just think he did not go back in 1960s and realizes is different times you're not consented on this might be a vulnerability if he ends up being head to head against Tron. I think not if we're honest about it ray I mean I think the fact the policies that some of our. Adversaries. Have. Are sometimes positive. And some of our allies do really bad things and I think that this president has to say hey Al I didn't really really bad thing which we don't see Donald Trump doing everything Donald Trump doing a whole lot. We also won't say that our adversaries do get things and so I love the fact that. That Bernie Sanders is really saying look I don't support this thing about Castro and so that we all agree it's bad about him but I can't say that his investments in education have paid off. I can't say that its investments in health care paid off let's be clear the mortality rate is lower in Cuba than hear the the adult mortality rate is. Higher than it is here so it's important breast to make sure we talk about that I think it was awesome but I think gives us some criticism because people are trying to connect him. To the authoritarian nature of Castro. Rather than giving him credit for the fact that he's saying some of his policies have been very successful let's fast forward to the primary in South Carolina on Saturday do you think that. Biden has the black vote online there you know I don't think anybody does I think if you are talking. Maybe two months ago. He probably had a lot she was seeing probably a majority support among black people but his failures in the early states have really hurt him I think this early on black folks will be with you but if they don't begin and when they were the beginning you. And we've seen people like Tom flyers started to pick up some steam there Bloomberg. Although he's not necessarily on the ballot there is starting to get people's attention and I think Biden has really really narrowed. It's like. Bernie Sanders to gradually narrowed his lead on Biden and I think is within five points among black voters so the reality is is who shows. Who has the energy and I think it's. Bernie Sanders can't really show that energy heat rate cut is abundantly enough that he might not end up number one there he's also shown some vulnerability you've heard him get attacked aren't. Saying that he was a part of a civil rights movement anywhere there really that could end he had some clubs on the on the trail the last couple days forgetting what racing was running for I think he's dead and one of one town hall that he was running for USA that he seemed very tired. There's the question is how are black voters going to judge. His performance tonight is going to be very very important because people want to see I'm a strong they want to see him the winner right now he doesn't seem like why really lashing together he met thank you very much you don't think you.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"Yvette Simpson, CEO of “Democracy for America,” speaks on Sanders, securing the black vote in South Carolina, and what the candidates should be focused on going into Super Tuesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69216602","title":"Can Bernie Sanders withstand fire after comments on Cuba?","url":"/Politics/video/bernie-sanders-withstand-fire-comments-cuba-69216602"}