The Best Hats on the DNC Floor

ABC News' Josh Haskell and FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey search for the best hats on the floor of the Democratic Conventions.
8:25 | 07/29/16

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Transcript for The Best Hats on the DNC Floor
ABC's Josh Haskell here with Baltic activity we all are sort of strapped but it could weigh on the war right now that's the best kind of way but the aisles were closed or maneuverability. Greatly. But we thought there still stories to be told. Yet we're going to do something that we sent it on and off. I sat college age haberdasher thunder dome we're gonna find offense that we're gonna it raided an attacking look down it over here and exciting. Little history for you wolf packs or conventions state. Some of these delegates and we. Months years. Crafting the perfect where there in the initial rats isn't it at the Babylonian and Nielsen democracy and and so we will sign. Vault and then myself. A minute to run over there because there's a lot of practical enough opportunities right. Grab someone get them over here interview. Show you them introduced them to the world. And then our friend Ronnie here will judge job yet we're going to be we're gonna try to you know. What exactly makes its. Think it's time to get started enough of us time for them says yup hold the Mike Lee. Timing. OK see you soon. And we're off their gold vault McKee. He is on his way into the Florida delegation he's about to make a left already went street or someone. He found someone who was the closest to the camera I don't think that's cheating I think that green. It's as having little bit of troubles have. She wants the yet. Looks like wolves will get her on the minute while. In. Oh what's going on right now Walt lost her she's back. 35 seconds ticking away Walt. I meant lets you name it here my name is Diane. My hat is my priorities and values. I tell me about what goes into the creation of such as this year's. That is actually husband dies at or about three or four hours on it again. Or. It looks like democracy there. Would you mind I try it on your vote. And. Yes you can get that party at what percent of the country if those 99% of them. And this is about democracy and sharing so I need to share my hat. All right so I think in his mind as human. It's going to be the name of this century. Would you name your at it and Antony. They Smithsonian. Bernie Sanders and wonder values. Sony and Bernie Sanders one is valued at that it might percent of its shots and ending in an Atlantic. Smithsonian. Yes Ali did you hear that are running I got an eye contact and that's. Sick of this and all right Jesse detonated on the copy rented you know I'm a little nervous. Let me know what regularly take the Mike out. Management. Yes book. Nine and waiting opportunities these. He's in the Hitler. Talking to a person trying to get I don't know he's gone over when you're in there when things and amp and Michael's you know. For all of us that you know plants is a list that for us substance. Season opener you know what it really comes down to use it like actually wears well you know I mean. And he land we'll see how this goes all right. Shot past you're giving out Mike all right I'm here with the line yeah at this to have and a half. Of on we just interviewed Bernie Sanders supported this looks like a Hillary Clinton happens. Tell us about your hat Jimmy Q what did you make it tells every. Well I didn't mean my neighbor immediately upon. She's able to lead 208. Mines 63000. And if you look at it fears its wouldn't be in films and new ones woody Allen's half Florida's it's still up there. And I'm telling you to vote it's the instantly updated. And I just want to know who I am leaving it is imploded vote. It it is they have blow out of fall Hillary Clinton and on to implement than 98. At him. There is so much going on in this I and senior Tolkien obscene amount or nothing in American life and seeing it in god we trust funds it looks pretty heavies and have. And and it. Is well it makes music. They. Yes it isn't. I. Oh we have music. What song is that. I don't know which one level plain that this grasping the band it's one in my current is that the and you're telling me this had is not having. Can I tried on. Oh. You. Out of yours that we know it's quite a process to put it on in the last thing we wanted to use mass. Tell us about that process and we did some have to hope you put it. At. With the way definitely. That is once they instantly acquitted on some things. That's. Why. They made him. We don't want it. Disrupted it looks great on you right now. I'm probably gonna lose some points inciting a riot on. But I also think I did pretty well level competition on hats. And now. It's these you meets. At Wright rightly. Look at. Please take a mental image won't help me it's an incredible it's really. Okay. President that question. This is kinda heavy but it regularly looks again like a birthday cake on top of your hat. Yeah it also owns skills like I'm hearing some type of equipment. Sit back battery powered. Units. I don't know I look at your hi. Heidi and it pretty pretty good. We asked them last contestant and ask you what would you name your outlets name here. Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton all right well let's put this hat back on you can take a team effort as we want to be just right. Looks to have my attack. Commitment to you some other Arab emirates cardinals. Way. We. Agent well. What's your name again. Okay.

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{"duration":"8:25","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell and FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey search for the best hats on the floor of the Democratic Conventions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40980724","title":"The Best Hats on the DNC Floor","url":"/Politics/video/best-hats-dnc-floor-40980724"}