The best moments from Democratic candidates' campaign trails

Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Julian Castro in their own words.
23:31 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for The best moments from Democratic candidates' campaign trails
Yeah. It's those. And cash running for president. And which parts yeah. His shoes on. The issues Medicare for a moment the issue is whether we're gonna have a whole bunch of Democrats. Follow burning off the cliff here and lose the election to Donald Trump that's the issue. I think that we should not follow burning off the cliff. And instead what we should do is embrace the idea to cut to we should unite around the idea. That what we want is a public option and by the way the last couple days around here you started to see that. It Joseph Biden. Propose something looks very much like. My Medicare X. Other candidates who Cory Booker was saying that he supported Medicare for all but that who is very unlikely that that would never pass and instead will wish to pursue. Is a public option I think we have the opportunity to play offense. On. Health care are going into this election. We should not be on defense and if we nominate somebody whose plan is Bernice plan we are going to be a defense and by the way I would say all over the country not just. In states like Colorado and Iowa North Carolina and air zone and Maine where we have to. Beyond office if we're gonna win majority in the senate but everywhere and there's no need for what's the purpose of what why and why should we spent I hired Bernie sit today that everyone hates their their private insurance in this plan that's not true. Some people do I've had private insurance that I hated I had private insurers and I've liked. Why don't leave it up to everybody in America to decide what's best for their family and if we had a real public option. They could do that and they can do that at half the price are paying private insurers today. For their premiums. There at the union guys that I met with yesterday all over Iowa don't hate their insurance they don't want it replaced in those are Democrats. So if you're thinking of us and then it will actually unify the country an agenda. Through unify the country and put us in the position of of establishing universal health care in this country finally. Why don't we propose what are we follow a set of ideas there will do that by the way most countries with the best health care outcomes in this country. Do have a hybrid systems and come. The good news is that Democrats in this race believe that we need universal health care. That's what I strongly believe what we've tested for evil character and that's why led the effort. Back what we did the affordable care. On the public option and I for years of had a proposal called Medicare for actual tribute true public option. It administered by Medicare would give every single family. In America the ability to make the right choice for themselves in for their family would of the keep. Their employer sponsored plan or take this public option and pay for this public option. Instead I strongly believe that is the fastest way to universal health care in this country. I think that is approach can they can win senate seats in states like Colorado and Arizona and Iowa. Which is important to having upset a majority so we can actually enact universal health care coverage in this country even though the objection. Mitch McConnell. I think. Bernie Sanders proposal on Medicare for all goes in and hire who the wrong direction for America and for the Democratic Party. It makes being sure it's illegal for a 180 million people in this country. To have that insurance and who get it from their employer twenty million people who are on Medicare Advantage would lose their Medicare Advantage. And every single member of every union in America I met with the number yesterday in Iowa who have negotiated their health insurance over and over many years would lose that insurance to Bernie Sanders government plan. My beef really is not what Bernie you know burning who's believed in this for a long time. And it's consistent with his ideological view my worry is. The rest of the Democratic Party following Bernie Sanders over this cleft and reelecting Donald Trump. Instead of creating conditions where we can actually. The work to provide universal health care for her but in this country that is what we need to be doing here. The fact it Vermont. Pass. A single Payer plan and could not in acted because the people in Vermont saw how much it would cost in new taxes. For themselves and for businesses. Should give us a pause maybe Bernie should do this in Vermont before he insists that the Democratic Party. Carry this banner into an election with Donald Trump that the American people cannot afford for us to. Sexy. House Republicans voted no protection and and it asks us what justice. Do better. Please me a huge data Republicans given that there's there's saying that his tweets aren't racist. Our that the Republican Party great and congress at least the majority of them racing. It's lost listeners. And this is not I don't believe that the vast majority. Of Republicans. Aren't in the congress. Through this wave of right now he owns Republican Party and the move things I found. Even in the last user administration that. When you speak to Republicans and said he will lead to reform TP you know they say well defined different take a mom you know there. Kirkuk provincial drop succeeded in remarks my Irish. The you know Ali primarily due notice most Republicans can be accepted 2019. From the right now from left. And so he has between redistricting that's taken place gerrymandering and his new limited money he has been able. It doesn't make it justified in doing and I think that's reason enough because Greek polish and. He doesn't have an Al green is gonna file articles of impeachment. After dessert issues do you think that's an appropriate step to use it isn't something well look. I have pictures of there's a lot of people chirping the district doesn't think he's committed impeachable offenses. But eye opener Riordan is I think doing it flies in numbers moving away she is the best way to do it. Yeah I think is pushing back tonight on the idea act. Medicare for all line eliminate or dismantle. Obamacare she's seen that Medicare for all her plan is about taking the next step in making improvements on the bombing here what do you think. About nothing. I don't anybody who thinks that I mean you're either Medicare for almost reason Obama cares count. Cost period or you build an Obama care like I'm doing and you try to Medicare option I don't know order position maybe she's too into position I don't know. When President Obama was telling Obama care he said quote if you like your health care plan you can keep it. You're cute jockey said health care plan that I checked you'd have stressed yesterday. And and you guys the administration received some criticism over that. You said system either way similar line that you were able to keep your healthcare partners private insurance is still there from what you're talking about. Some people were lost the last bear their doctors or their plans. That's a different thing you said doctors that's different not their health care plan. The issue with regard to Medicare for all in my plan it is. That if you go Medicare for all there is no private insurers period. Period no matter what system your no matter who your doctors are alert there's no private insurers. If you like your private insurance. If you like your employer based insurance you can keep it you don't have to get knew the plan. But there's some aspect of you don't like he'd rather get in the Medicare. Proposal that I add to the would be hung over the Obama plus plan here. Then you could do that too but the vast majority of people are happy with there. And that's why there's such an opera that's where you see a lot of Democrats go well I don't mean I'm not gonna take a warrior your private platinum rock it would take away your employer based plan and the truth is it takes it away. Why isn't a private insurance need to remain a part of the American health care system that doesn't need to looking needs to happen it's the best way to make sure everybody discovered. Hingis covered with the plan is that they like the best. Tesla. Bernie Sanders accused you of lying in a tweet today he likened due to Mitch McConnell and senate analyze he's out there have been telling lies on Medicare for up. What do you make of that let anything about the personal tone. Can the I don't that he doesn't have a racist bone in his body do you agree could be use no bones. Yesterday hours in Manning where Aaron bell mired rural America plan that there have been moments one wires. For our roundtable rural health issues which are. Many people in this state understands my smallest and understand as well and then we closed out the day in Sioux City. And I said when I when my launched its campaign. He received a lot more read you want you. I'm gonna try my best to earn your support I'm no one's gonna work harder to get it. And and I hope that and trust that. You'll look me over folks. You know I hope you consider signing some supporter cards we had here today if you're interest it. But I want to make clear to you whether or not I'm the nominee I prom issue. I wanna work like the double to make sure Democrats have much effect. What's at stake his. So much bigger than an election and who participated. You know your gut you know undercut this election the president is different record. This nation are stated in the world are very democracy everything that makes America America is literally at stake. Folks you know I should no other reason why Donald Trump is banned engaged in not. Activities that are show utter disregard for people's lives. And change to me to be inserted cherry who saw a lot of this country. You know he's praise white supremacist embraced dictators. Separated children from her famines that the border and he's launched. He's launched. Vicious attacks against people in the United States congress because of their ethnic background. And I don't know of any president's ever done that before sitting president ever done that before. This isn't so we are in the form everyday as news. Half are very important to remember our children are listening. Our children are listen. But for the president has the face of our country. There's a role model a role model for future generations Americans and folks we can do what we can overcome for years Donald child. Putting begin making the White House will forever and fundamentally change the character in this nation in my view. And that's why we have to win this time. Reference about Iraq. Because I believe we have to restore the backbone of the country working class battle class people. Are getting killed right now. You know below Wall Street did not build America used to build America. That's. They've people doing extraordinary things given a chance have never ever ever ever let the country now. Mike batters W Matt long time regardless doubted expression should yelling at Johns a bottle a lot more than a paycheck. It's not your dignity. It's about respect. Budget placed in the community. About being able to look at child and I said honey it's gonna be okay in meaning for rail. So many people today bank many district want to assure. That a you'll look for child not say I mean. There's going to be okay. The bottom is falling out for the poor. And about class we're no longer the wealthiest and class in the world and we are continuing a loose traction. Majority no clock people don't think that you're more at the same benefits and lifestyle they had as a first time that's happened to like tell everybody wanted to. We had changed its. I know our stars president is what is better I woke her will be rebuilt. Linton middle class and it's time we have to bring everyone along and classes and noble are. It's about who set. And no that's not who was as president of the planned for didn't. The Newport has a solid. Weapons into out. It is a moment. That we must fight. For the best of cool we are and fight between well and here's the thing about that it's not a new thing for us. To fight for the best of who we are it's not new for us to fight for our ideals. It's not new dressed to fine eat. For love of country and the soul of our country this is not news and we know how to do quit. You know I think about it in the context of the circumstances in which I was born so. I am one of two daughters of parents who met. When they were students at university California Berkeley in the 1960s. So my parents in that he. When they were active in the civil rights movement. And my sister my and I we joke we grew up surrounded by a bunch of adult suspect full time marching in shouting. About this thing called justice. And among the heroes of fact great civil rights movement. Among the heroes were the lawyers Thurgood Marshall and Charles Hamilton Houston in Constance baker Motley in these individuals. Who understood the skill of the profession of law. To translate the passion from the streets. To the courtrooms are for our country. And to do the work we know must constantly be done reminding folks of that rape comments. We articulated in 1776. That we are all equal and should be treated that way. Well I love it more about how I was raised my sister and I were raised by a mother who was all of five feet tall. But if he ever met a unit apaches seven to ten feet tall our mother was extraordinary a real. Power house and she was the kind of parent who. Who taught us that you will be. Measures. Based on your service to and four others. You'll be measured based on how you impact the lives of ethics. That is your duty it is not just about charity it is about part of your purpose on earth we were raised by a mother who would say. Don't you don't let anyone ever tell you who you are you tell them who you are. He's made it. I was. I was raised I am mother who said Conlon you may be the first to do many things. But make she and I collapsed. And so. And we are raised by a mother who was the kind of parent who issue ever came home complaining. About something. Our mother would licking you may be with one hand on her hip. And with a straight face she would ask. Well what do you gonna do about it. Thanks. So. I decided to run for president of the united quote. A yeah. So let's. But didn't we Canada the current occupant of the White House. We have the we have dissect context Friday we have sync contacts. So this is a fellow who came into office on an platform that was about. Make America great again. Well of course that point begged a question again from home. But it also requires us to ask. Make America great again so you mean again back before the civil right. Back before the voting rights. Back before the fair housing you eat. Back before roe V way it goes well the then she. But I will say this. Real leadership. Real leadership. Is about understanding that the greatest strength and power that one can have. Is the power to lift people up not to beat them down. Unfortunately the current president United States is not understand that. And fortunately. We have a president the United States who has come into office and threw out his career in office and in the White House. Has been in the business of dividing people. And sowing hate and division. Instead of doing what real leadership is abound which is acknowledging the truth. About the fact that we all have so much more in common than what separates us. Some want to thank all the leaders who are here today we planned on being here before it. Those statements were made we will be here long after those statements were made. And part of who we are together is as he community of people. Leaders who recognize. That we are all in this together. And that we will never tolerate. Those who would so hate and division. And use their words in a way that is about belittling people instead we expect of our leaders as we expect of ourselves. That we will always being in the business of giving voice to those who are voiceless. Giving power to those who are without power and organizing communities knowing that we are stronger. Unified than we are excited. Housing opportunities. Education's school together tremendously. I'd love with the grandmother had come over from Andy Cohen she was seven years old with her little sister. Because their parents had died and they came across in 1920 cute through eagle pass. And ended up on the west side of San Antonio. She never graduated even from elementary school and because of that she worked as I've made a coconut babysitters. She raised my mom as a single parent. And my mom raise my brother and I as a single parent to. My mother where the hell raiser when she was young she was part of the old she gonna movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s. And when my mother was 23 she ran for City Council in San Antonio. She ran with a slate called the committee for audio betterment and their slogan was give government back to the people. Which reminds me that the more things change the more they stay the same. On April 6 1971. All of this late lost. Before folks that ran. But the night of their defeat one of the newspaper journalist asked my mom about the loss and she said. We'll be back. And thirty years later in 2001. I was elected. As the youngest city councilman at that time in San Antonio's history. And so in this spirit that Lou lack was formed in that it has worked for so long and I stand before you as a proud American. Just imagine. The two generations after my grandmother beat Saudi Al came to this country for Mexico. With hardly anything. The one of her grandsons. My brother Joaquin. Is a member of United States congress and the other one is here to ask for your vote for president of the United States. I. Now I know that that progress didn't happen by accident it happened because of you. And so many people like you across our country who have been committed. To making sure over the generations. That we had equal rights. We have voting rights that we had access to good quality education. That we have access to fair housing. To ensure that little by little. In this struggle for our country to reach its full potential and that every individual can live up to his or her dreams. You have been apart as Lou lakers' of that progress. So much to be proud O. From these night years. And today. We need your voice in your fight more than ever before. Today the choice that we have before us is whether we're gonna continue to expand opportunity and our country. One that recognizes the futile to beautiful diversity and the strength in it of America. Or won the goes backward. We have a president who is committed to taking this country backward. And over the last four years of his campaign. And of his administration. Has chosen to put a target on the back. A Filipino community. Especially. Our immigrant community. Cruelly separating little children from their parents. Warehousing human beings in overcrowded unsanitary conditions along the border. Threatening raids to terrorize the immigrant families throughout our country. And this obeying the orders of a court. By trying to put a citizenship question on the US census to chill participation. And cheat American communities of their do. We need you know. Now more than ever to stand up and fight got so pushed back a narrow my options panhandle project and.

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