The Best and Worst of Covering the Bernie Sanders Campaign

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks talks about her year covering the Bernie Sanders campaign.
8:22 | 07/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Best and Worst of Covering the Bernie Sanders Campaign
Mary Alice parks. Joining us. Now what note. It may now be. Year long relationship with you for. Though long serving network and that. Yeah yeah yes a lot. Are. I'd. I'd. Thought night. It. It already got it like it. Backcourt that you is fascinating on it got up out there reporters. You're document. Your year we Ernie and we knew that. Right how apartments come up with all those elements or. It barely out at me I it. Literally the brush shoulders the editor. The day every day. Or EX actually are currently not claim. Or. Eyes wet day so there as a countless acts at Eddie. Or. A lot. Like us. Don't ask you spent a lot of time out. What are you hearing today for a sitter supporters as that we saw that he end up yesterday. Now that it's official it's Hillary Clinton what's the standard supporters are they gonna finally get on orders there's a lot of. It's at all 18100 delegates. At the answer it they can edged. Part there's some people it had not expect after it right there comes thirty or age or. Like. Their plans yet others did get. The at. That blacks steal it out so it spin it. Processed for a lot of them there are a lot of folks that lasts yesterday beside it at a bit it walked out. Back there are others that locked at a protest air act. Are at 88 there are needed. Right there it's it's a party a route that I. A lot of her back that it can't it is over at. Not it adds it. But they are so it it's their issues and. A lot of people it's art. When they haven't been on the trail like you have and they've been dipping in at the news cycle it's hard to understand. That sort of level of commitment. To what became known as their beliefs right and so there's been so much criticism. We're still standing by senator Sanders acts text editor spoke sent. Like it or not what's it saying you're being ridiculous that you were inside act group can help people out there understand a little better. Why it became mr. urban sort of group. Easter people who. I Democrat art can't. Like averaged Eric. De Ron eight art center. She how dollars. Each year and apps out. Hot Air France. White out that. High up or not I can't back. She. Got eight. Chat at nine. It would let or. RE. It. Bear. Bear not eat their ears. Her. Lots are earning he's been politics heating aid art. And you Patterson's rather proud that they are adding. I think it a lot of people were surprised at the prize for acres to eight backed it all started at. Europe is that what you're effort that well that rally out. A leaked this is. Throwing. Some. I don't think. And act. Bob. I am. I. Write it I am I like. At. A lap or lights out. Hot race like not. Backing up. Why. Not ought -- Where its lineup hired out. Like a rat rat. At. Rat that's acts. Backs trying to get outside. I. It out eats well. Yet. Cut out a snap. Out with. XAEI. That at. All. Eat hated it all eat egg. It at a Alex expert. At. Imagine hearing never let it may not realize the UR 81. Like. Deborah or you're can't rexrodt got your but it's it. TT used to help at all like a lot of stuff like I don't know where. But I would always ask. Her about what you're tips. Kirk Kirk can't eat meals Bible. That. I am at. I'll take. So. They Atlanta. Right now ample. Right out right away and how did she out. At eight outer. How about that. I got. It. I ever got. Up at. The act well I. Eat. It's. Like you pick it up. I got there are a lot at. It. At her. Ever. Air. At Everett. At. A joke it's not edit it. There is. An. Act. Our. Idea sure. It's. Or. It rally it. Like. But I think it likely can't really out they're at. Candidate. Ayers. Out yet it really. Read. It. I ain't. RT. I think all the aspects. Air out. Not. Certainly not it. Area that. Air.

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{"duration":"8:22","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks talks about her year covering the Bernie Sanders campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40938747","title":"The Best and Worst of Covering the Bernie Sanders Campaign ","url":"/Politics/video/best-worst-covering-bernie-sanders-campaign-40938747"}