Biden administration to reunite 4 families separated at Mexico border by Trump team

Members of the Biden administration's reunification task force say more than 1,000 families still remain separated.
5:45 | 05/03/21

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Transcript for Biden administration to reunite 4 families separated at Mexico border by Trump team
We begin with a Biden administration announcing that for families separated at the Mexico border during the trump presidency. We'll be reunited in the United States this week president Biden signed an executive order on his first day in office vowing to reunite the thousands of children separated from their parents. Under trumpet administration policies our chief White House correspondent see Avaya has more on that she's been following this from the beginning. And it to Syria some element about what the administration is doing now. To follow through on this promise that. I didn't man his first day in office and what do we know about these families that are being reunited. Immediately he. Yet denouement we don't know a lot about these families as you mentioned there are four of them we know that at least of this for their two mothers one from Mexico one from Honduras were talking about kids. Who were really young at the time right now they're between three and twelve to fifteen years old. This all happened back in 20172018. This was. Of course that family to senate family separations policy this was a policy by the trap administration. They used they would hope to separate families. That Ed and use that as deterrent for people coming across the border that perhaps families would see. This awful sits up recent situation he's awful images of parents being separated from their kids. And then not come without documentation and and and wait their turn to come but what was happening with that these ceilings are being separated kids would stay here in the United States. Parents were sent back to mostly Central America how without their children and here we are fast soared 34 years later. And they are still this administration the administration the White House the government is still trying to track down. So many of these parents that were moved across the border. Because the trump administration by the administration says he didn't clean keep clean records on them so now it's like finding a needle in haystack trying to find these families is just an awful situation. Just as this is clearly good news for these families. But never in the my administration task force on this have said already buys kill more than a thousand families remained separated for. That's not very many given that scale disruption. Why are only four and and what is coming next. Well it really speaks to how difficult this process is of locating these families I mean this isn't NN in investigation that's never been. Done before in American history because a policy like this has never existed in American history so. You know they're basically searching for a needle in the haystack when this policy was implemented it was done. So rushed in so just just frantically by the last administration. Sources are telling me anyway. That now the Biden illustration is having to go through in and find records that don't necessarily exist the trump administration when they separated these families. Didn't keep records for all of the families so families have cents. Being moved back across the border and we're talking about very rural areas off and very dangerous areas very isolated areas. And you've got advocacy agencies along the border who are literally knocking on doors in places like rural Guatemala. Trying to find some of these families and it has just been an impossible thing. The administration says these four families are just the beginning they expect to be able to reunite more but you mention it Terry and means we're talking about a thousand plus kids. That was a big headline out of this phone call I was on yesterday aided and most lawyers thought that there were 545. Or so. The administration is now saying this number exceeds a thousand kids that are still to this day years after this policy are still not what their parents it's horrible to think about Cecilia and that the numbers are daunting and a task itself and now finding all these families as you mentioned is daunting but. What happens to these families after they are reunited. This is a really complicated thing a lot of advocacy organizations are pushing for that the administration gives them. Basically compensation. For what they've into word in the way of some kind of legal protection once they are allowed here. In the country now these four families are going to be offered a temporary type of percent at protection. They can't humanitarian parole they will be allowed to come here and stay illegally without any fear of deportation but advocates say he's dailies have been through so much. Literally have had church their children in custody without them for years now. That the government owes them. More than just some kind of temporary status and the administration. Terms are telling your looking into ways to try to offer them some kind of status is unclear exactly what that's gonna look quite at this point now. To make them whole after this ordeal so my administration. If it's a lot of criticism from both sides of the aisle on handling the southern border he didn't even mention the border in his address to congress and the people us sure sign that in wanna talk about some that's a problem form. What's the status of the situation at the border right now what's administration to do about it. Yeah and women talking about a for so many weeks down because it really is hot down there you know the numbers of migrants who were apprehended. Crossing the border reached a twenty year hideouts under the bite administration. And they say look they have they have done a good job this is them saying this out of moving kids out of that first line of defense that. Customs and Border Patrol custody Davies jail like facilities that are not meant for kids. Moving them into more child friendly facilities through the Department of Health and Human Services they've opened up shelters they say children. Who on average were staying in these these these more adult facilities ease Border Patrol facilities for an average of five days that has been reduced down to twenty hours. They've made a reduction in the number of kids in Border Patrol custody down by 84%. But Terry you mentioned in this is being political issue that continues to dog this president. Poll after poll has shown that he is underwater on this issue in terms of how voters feel that he is handling. This issue at the border they say he is not doing a very good job of it. And by the looks of things he's got his work cut out form. Cecilia Vega at the White House thanks very much.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"Members of the Biden administration's reunification task force say more than 1,000 families still remain separated.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"77472388","title":"Biden administration to reunite 4 families separated at Mexico border by Trump team","url":"/Politics/video/biden-administration-reunite-families-separated-mexico-border-trump-77472388"}