Biden appeals to blue collar workers at rally

Former Vice President Joe Biden opened his third presidential campaign in his native state of Pennsylvania by setting a pro-labor tone early in the marquee battleground state.
4:11 | 04/29/19

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Transcript for Biden appeals to blue collar workers at rally
I am a union. Mass. Thank you. Thank you let me tell you why. We're back with. Then detail why. I chose Pittsburgh two began this. I believe that Pittsburgh and mine dated sounds great. My hometown Wilmington and claim. There are present to cities and towns and made up. Make up hardworking. Middle class Americans. Who are the backbone of this nation that's the hyperbole. The backbone of this nation. I also. And also came here because. Quite frankly folks. If I'm going to be able to beat Donald Tobin toward maturity. It's going to happen here. We're now. Never do that. Good. My basic thinking why am running for president United States. The first is restore the soul the nation and the second is to rebuild the back mode this nation. Where. Is the unified this nation we already do better react as one America today. Today want to speak about the second of these three and that's rebuilding. The backbone of America. That is that we have time all of my time to public life roots have gotten involved. I've been referred to as low class joke it's not always meant as a compliment he gently that I'm not sophisticated. That's one of them plateau but the fact of the matter is I'm awfully sophisticated about. Why Howard who built this country. Let me say this simply clearly. And I mean this the country wasn't built by Wall Street bankers CEOs and touch and it fit heads frontman Roosevelt high yield. It was felt by the break here. And 53% but folks in America don't think their children have the same standard and they had. Best of my knowledge of the first time that's happened. And a long long long time. The stock market is roaring. But you don't feel it. There are two trillion dollar tax cut back last year did you fear what did you get credit. Of course not. Of course not. All I want to folks in the top. In corporations that pay no taxes a number of corporations paid no taxes now had doubled sense that tact. Look guys this is not good what's happened here is happen for a lot of different reasons. But for me one who stands out. The basic bargain used existed Democrats and Republican district greeted. As a broken. And that is he contributed to the welfare the enterprise you work for you got to share in the benefits in the profits. If enterprises are times everybody took a hit up McDonnell wine. From the secretary of the CEO. But that bargain and broken. Not the only people benefited when a company does well as CEOs and the Cheryl. The people of the top. Don't people get hurt when a company gets hit by a hard times are workers it's a one way street these days. Folks nothing's beyond our pass. The only thing they contain air America part is American so. But folks. Everybody knows who don't trumpets. And I believe. I believe and hope. They know who we are we have to let them know we York. We Democrats and we independents who had the same view. Have to choose hope over fear. Unity over division. May be most importantly truth over lies. And I.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Former Vice President Joe Biden opened his third presidential campaign in his native state of Pennsylvania by setting a pro-labor tone early in the marquee battleground state.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62713619","title":"Biden appeals to blue collar workers at rally","url":"/Politics/video/biden-appeals-blue-collar-workers-rally-62713619"}