Biden campaign expresses optimism on vote counts

ABC News' Rachel Scott breaks down why Joe Biden has a clearer path to victory than Donald Trump.
3:59 | 11/05/20

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Transcript for Biden campaign expresses optimism on vote counts
Rachel Scott. Is in Delaware with the biting campaign. Rachel as we can see looking at the map this is not a sure thing for Joseph Biden just yet but he sounds. Very confident using as George pointed out his strongest language yet saying we have no doubt. When the votes are counted we will come out on top here why do you think he came out with this statement system. And that's exactly right Diane you just two days ago -- thousand cautious optimism from the biding campaign we've seen that link which changed. And in the final hours here what could be some learning who the next president the United States is now they're saying they're absolutely confident that Biden. Has it the way to victory that he will be the next president have the United States and so today we see Joseph Biden yet again in front of the cameras. It rejected his message of confidence but also trying to show some leadership here it's interesting that he received. I briefing today on cold but nineteen on the economy two things that we know are critically important to Americans they were on the minds of Americans in many of their. Key swing states that are gonna decide this election like Pennsylvania for instance where we are still waiting. To hear what got final vote is going to be we know that from our ABC news Washington Post poll just days before the election 54%. Other Americans disapproved. Of the president's handling of the pandemic bear in Pennsylvania. I can tell you I was on the campaign trail covering both Biden's campaigns and covering I'd get my and campaigns event campaign events and covering president Trump's campaign events. And now this talk my for a lot of the voters I was talking to especially Biden supporters who said. This is an election about Donald Trump they saw this as a referendum on Donald Trump the wasn't so much voting for Biden as it was for the I'm voting against. President trump and that was an argument that in many also made. During the democratic primary when he came to the issue of electability. And Mary pointed out during that special report that this is the stage this is where. Joseph Biden what. Possibly be accepting. You know at this this victory this a win they're getting ready here they are very confident that they are going to have a secure path to the White House and. And it racial you know while votes are still being counted in this election is still ongoing those moves have already. Been cast there's no one left to win over here in this election so it was interesting that he came out and rather than just get straight to whatever message she has about the election itself he started. With that note about cope with the fact that he had been briefs where we are with the count. Why do you think he did that what message is he trying to send being that he's not trying to win over voters at this point. He's definitely not trying to win over voters but what we have seen from Joseph Biden. In the last 48 hours is trying to project this message of unity he has said that he's not going to be the president of red states or Blue States. That he's going to be a the president of the United States he believes should he win the election. So she is trying to portray this message that he's gonna represent all Americans that he didn't work. On behalf of all Americans but this is not over a they have not sealed the deal just quite yet we are still waiting. Brady states' to come in what we do know right now is that the pathway to victory. Is harder for president trump that it is for Joseph Biden at this point and so the biting campaign is sitting back there crunching the numbers they're looking at the map and they think that they're going. Still moving ahead ends in critical states like Pennsylvania and and Nevada they see Georgia as a tossup states but also what you heard from Joseph Biden today was stayed calm. You Americans were on edge heading into this election and they are you were nervous about it to begin with this is a critically Ed divisive nation right now who's trying to tell the American people stay calm little of the patients. Democracy takes some time that we are all just sitting here waiting for those those votes to be counted and he's trying to serve as a sharp contrasts what we saw. From presidents office he's continuing to push these claims. About the election without evidence I am right Rachel Scott they're Biden headquarters in Wilmington Delaware thanks Rachel.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott breaks down why Joe Biden has a clearer path to victory than Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74047124","title":"Biden campaign expresses optimism on vote counts","url":"/Politics/video/biden-campaign-expresses-optimism-vote-counts-74047124"}