Biden campaigns in Iowa on 'No Malarkey' bus tour, Warren opens up on campaign trail

The 2020 presidential candidates hit the campaign trail in Iowa over the weekend; Sen. Elizabeth Warren emotionally connects with a supporter while answering their question.
10:29 | 12/02/19

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Transcript for Biden campaigns in Iowa on 'No Malarkey' bus tour, Warren opens up on campaign trail
Moving on now though to the race to 20/20 a whirlwind holiday weekend in Iowa now almost exactly two months to the day before the Iowa Caucuses. Kick off former vice president Joseph Biden leading nationally in the polls trailer and a little bit out there and Iowa scene he's kicked off. Pretty ambitious eight day eighteen county bus tour he calls it the no Malarkey bus to work. And our Molly Nagel campaign reporter is embedded on a tour joins us now from outgoing Iowa Molly. To tell us what this tour is all about and why is he doing it now. Look at minutes Joseph Biden is embarking on his longest trip to date on the campaign trail with this cost more and he's doing it. Every now and I loved it he says people in Iowa I really do it now is ready to pay attention. They're telling we're there he keep telling us on the but the ninth different line that the people who are coming here keep coming you're really need to eat both. And make that case when they're starting to pay attention after the holidays have already started. He thinks that I was something he can lead despite the fact that his campaign as previously thought it's not a must win state for them. I think he's here is Jesus meet those personal interaction that helped turn voters out on caucus night. And Rick Klein or political director is here Rick as we see there the definition from Malarkey is spent. No no love of bull S that's speak as Joseph Biden a straight talker he's making this appeal though. Out in the rule part of deceit and he's really trying to go after some of these farming communities that have been hit. By prison trust Harris look I his whole play with this bust war and the way he's trying to connect with with voters as they. Basically go around a lot of the national news media narratives that have that have taken whole. He still has the stubborn hold on on the party list a national polls. These early state polls are very difficult for him and they recognize in the Biden campaign that he can't just get wiped out in those states that he has to get that till all going somewhere. I he's got a good strength and connecting to voters when he gets to meet them look him in the and die you out it's a little bit corny that you talk about party. Really not a phrase that the kids are using these days but died three of. I'm he is trying to create some buzz out there Molly back to you though because. Is some of the buzz he's creating actually is for some of the imagery. That has come out from this bus tour already I get a there was a lighter moment from Saturday Council Bluffs, Iowa that has gone viral we are gonna show it to our viewers. High here it is it was when the former vice president was sharing the stage and his wife Jill Biden. And it looks like he's biting her finger. It gets took off on Twitter and social media a lot of people. Convenience is sort of a usual behavior. He campaigns are laughing it off what order has said his aides saying about that moment. Well I it it looks like he's my yes you're exactly right because that it. At the kickoff event at his home lots. Where we started our past four and you know this is one of the most animated features I've seen till I didn't give on the campaign proceeds really was talking about her husband and in the ways that evening skies would be a great commander in chief. And I had it in her enemies seeing in that scene with reading your hands quite close to his face any Eileen Lawrence a given a little nibble. Now I'm just a lighthearted moment in the at the time but you know how these things happen they can take off and get our mother like fun doesn't mean and that's exactly what we're seeing here. I'm calling it all out there on the no Malarkey bus tour thanks so much Molly we'll check back in with you over this week Rick. Speaking of buzz he's the billionaire businessmen Tom Styron who is in this race is look into. To make a little buzz this holiday week as well take a look at this Tom sire has purchased the domain name keep America great. Dot com. Rick we've seen this for force both sides doing this the truck to team has done this as well try to redirect. It does unassuming in voters tootsie your website but this does this actually tell us something too about. The importance or lack their of a fashioned face to face retail politics these days these campaigns are so absorbed in the electronic. Warfare over campaign. Some elect Tom star Michael Bloomberg. Trying to big served by their way in Merom in the maybe spend as much time on the ground. They're testing essential proposition we have always held that these early states where you get a chance to retail politics matter quite a bit. When you see billionaires like Michael Bloomberg. Bypassing us that's entirely it's going dumping money into the early voting states out beyond the first four. That is him saying I think I I can figure out the whole process and everyone is sort of gotten it wrong I think Osiris and other instructive example because he has spent. Other than Bloomberg more than anyone else and he's bought himself what 234%. Apples he hasn't really risen above that so. Yes there's some number that by putting your face out there getting us up on television you can rise but getting beyond that takes more that I think the fact that he's. Perusing domain if sesame insurgent candidates do that's not a billionaire both. That what's that cost like seventy bucks a road out or something that's a little has a low tech relatively low tech maneuver to try to get some some conversation right. Candidacy kick conversation so little bit of fun to talk about their Elizabeth Warren know on a serious note is actually somebody who's argued against. This sort of electronic focus campaigns of Tom's Dyer certainly Michael Bloomberg with his ad blitz. And she should over the weekend that engagement with real voters can actually be quite emotional out there on the campaign trail take a look at this moment that has caught our. I was wondering if there's ever a time in your life where some that you really looked up to. Maybe gain access to use knots. And I don't. If a home. My mother. And I. Had very different is. A home. How to build a future. She I'm native Marian well. And I. Religion. He just doesn't work at. And your can day when I had a caller. And saying. This is over. Heard the disappointment of waste. I knew how she felt down. But Austin was right in to do. At some times. It just got to. Which I. Inside. Am. Hope and the rest of the world come around. And maybe. The treatments. Got taken so first did Zgonina. And railing. And who has asked that we not use her last name but was seen their high mean now Elizabeth Warren joins us now live from Iowa are railing great to see used to tell us about that experience we just. Watch their play back from the weekend. Come I. Wasn't really sure is gonna be a house that question. I went right town hall a loan I am I having being wit meet. And I think it is funny thing rises U I they lot grapples it's for people see beyond the crash scene. And you people look for mean. March at his name there number was so close to mind like there is no way that I get chosen anymore. But. When my number is called I literally sat straight about it may see an outlet yeah pain and I. I. Thought it might question on the right over you know just in case ID gets it question. And it. Really manages arts friends and personal areas. And I'm his thinking and like I really want asked as his knowledge there responses in being but. I lend from my parents to be courageous and a policeman who I am ends at the end comment. And I might you not if I'm gonna get to ask a question. I'm gonna make it something worthwhile. And I'm really had an opportunity to oh. And it was a great question and it was great to see be courageous and that moment it was also an opportunity Rick. To see the candidate respond in sort of an authentic way and we've seen it play out over the course of this campaign we've seen it. Over the number of campaigns and cover together these sort of authentic moments that speak to voters they love raw emotion you can tell when the candidates are no longer scripted. And some of second play very well can be very compelling to undecided voter. I was up what is the cadence. Out there she recognized that this is a powerful moment of human interaction the personal. The connection and that it had a connection is well with the audience and yes you can't script moments like this penalty with a campaign. Is emphasizing I was more of that. The less of the I've got a plan for that. Her her stem winding stump speeches are team covering Warren notes that much shorter and she she gives that base of the C speech all the time and in this case she truncated its a lot more questions. I don't think it's a coincidence that she's the scene of a bit of flat lining or polls of late recognize you needed it different strategy we write you that's exactly the kind of moment as a candidate you you look to create. Abra quickly railing before we let you go have you met any of the other candidates out there and Iowa how how important is that face times he was a voter went he made up your mind. Come I have any other candidates I've been listening going to sound but I had a busy schedules. So I have millions of any and I have made up my mind. I didn't sign more and I just gonna let her enter sees a lot. And I volunteers. Are so. That's also another. They use and. Year you're locked and loaded for Elizabeth Warren and this campaign now just two months away from those caucuses in your state really think you so much for joining us live today ABC news live in our takes. As always our political director Rick Klein thinks not rest.

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{"duration":"10:29","description":"The 2020 presidential candidates hit the campaign trail in Iowa over the weekend; Sen. Elizabeth Warren emotionally connects with a supporter while answering their question.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67448793","title":"Biden campaigns in Iowa on 'No Malarkey' bus tour, Warren opens up on campaign trail","url":"/Politics/video/biden-campaigns-iowa-malarkey-bus-tour-warren-opens-67448793"}