Biden draws stark contrast to Trump on 1st foreign trip

President Biden is aiming to restore key alliances and reaffirm the nation's commitment to NATO ahead of his summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin.
7:34 | 06/14/21

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Transcript for Biden draws stark contrast to Trump on 1st foreign trip
That big meeting with Putin and president Biden is Stephanie was more key allies at the NATO summit to try to reassert the United States' commitment to the alliance. Chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl joins me live now with more on this Jonathan good morning you know Biden seems to be trying to drop. A really strong distinction between his administration. And former president trumps America first policy. A stark. Difference clearly most importantly on the question of working with allies multi lateral approach. To foreign policy as you heard. Krona France say you know it's good to have you back in the club America back in the club. But Biden has. It has has embraced our allies he's talked about working together. I was at a lot of these some its whip Donald Trump. The America first approach was we will work with you Woodard is in our interest but our interest absolutely. Always come first and you're on your own we are on our own that is a very different approach now that said. I'd be there is a big question about what. Biden will actually be able to do working in concert with our Alice there was a lot of but talk of working together on climate change for instance. On the the build back better world approach. Did it the IG seven talked about in terms of you know while providing support for underdeveloped pour countries around the world. Those are all big and lofty goals and and and you saw Biden talk about you know embracing this idea for instance and a 15% minimum. Our corporate tax for the world. But as Biden is also pointed out this is an alliance of democracies. And Biden will have to be able to deliver on that by getting congress. 22 to agree on on a lot of the things he is promising. And of course that is a tough road. And the summit with Vladimir Putin isn't the only high stakes meeting on by a scheduled he's also set to meet. With president aired a lot of Turkey today and this comes after Turkey's purchase of the Russian defense systems and Biden's recognition of the Armenian Genocide so things are kind of tense there what's at stake. With that meeting. Yeah this is a tough one during the campaign Biden talked about aired a one as an autocrat. Which is. Not quite possibly very accurate description of of aired a one vote put up put up but label that also irritated him. Other two I have known each other for a long time they'd they'd they go back. You know more than a decade. But. Indeed this is eight this is a tough relationship you mention recognizing the Armenian. Genocide. As genocide this is something that Turkey has resisted and lobbied against for years. And the only time so far it Biden has spoken as president herta want is what he called him to inform him. That he would be labeling what happened to to the Armenians under the Ottoman Empire as a genocide. So this will be very interest thing. Meeting you're at it that said it there are areas where the United States really needs Turkey Turkey of course is in NATO ally right there at the crossroads between. Europe and Asia. Actually critical 22 it to stability. In Syria and also. The last thing that Biden wants to do is to drive Turkey into the arms of China. Or Russia need to see you don't Turkey remains solidly. As a NATO allies and die for his part aired a one also needs the United States aired a one. You know the the Turkish economy has been battered. By a number of factors including. Cove eight. And they need. Turkey needs investment investment from America investment. For from the rest of Europe. Investment frankly that Russia cannot provide. And speaking of rush of course we're all looking ahead to that big summit between president Vlad and battery Biden and Vladimir Putin's so. I don't says he'll be giving a solo press conference after that meeting what does that tell you. Well either told you that he doesn't want a repeat of of of trumpet and Biden and trumpet and and prudent in Helsinki you saw. You know from from Cecilia is. Story. This is extraordinary. I. I've covered a lot of one on one meetings between American presidents and a foreign leaders I have never seen after a one on one meeting. The United States president coming out and doing a solo press conference. And the White House announcing that in advance make you very clear they did not want Biden did not want. But to be side by side at a press conference we've Vladimir put it's an indication. Of the one thing that the two men absolutely agree on that is date US Russian relations or at a low point. And that said. I died I can also tell you that Joseph Biden is not looking for a major confrontation. Was Vladimir Putin here. There are tough issues that will be raised the rhetoric will be tough he will criticize Putin has already has. On on the issues of cyber security election interference human rights but he does not want a big confrontation. With putting because. Biden wants to engage with a Russia and more importantly as Biden sees the world as the by the administration. Sees the world. The number one foreign policy challenge problem is not Russia its China. That's were Biden wants the focus to be. I would to be a fly on the wall for that meeting mr. doubt Chen back here at home John we're learning some new details about the trumped Justice Department seizing records. From White House canceled on again and his wife in 2018 what's the latest on that. This is we're really bizarre and frankly we don't really know what was going on the basic facts are. We've actually learned from from apple. That is date side it did in response to a subpoena from the Justice Department this going back 20172018. I did date that they turned over. Our records are related to what they top lawyer in the trump White House Don again just like a turn over records two top Democrats. On Capitol Hill including Adam shift. What we don't know is did they specifically to DOJ specifically. And intentionally. It's horrid get me again. Or was this part of a much broader. A search that was requested. In Robert Saunders began its awesome against white it's it is really really strange we also don't know. What the investigation was about we we know it was some kind of a leak investigation but what leak were they investigating. It would. Possibly. It involved. Going after a deep the White House counsel. So more on answered questions and questions the DOJ is investigating this team the inspector general the internal watchdog for DOJ. But you can be sure that that congress will be looking at this as well by the way what one and one other very strange thing about this. Is did neither. Jeff Sessions. Former attorney general or former attorney general bill Barr say that they knew anything about it. They did they it's at this both men say has come as a surprise. Tonight so whatever it is secret is it's in deep one but chief Washington correspondent and Jonathan Karl we know that you will be staying on top it Forrest thanks John. Thank you thank. And you can watch our full coverage of the Biden Clinton summit on Wednesday right here on ABC news slot.

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{"duration":"7:34","description":"President Biden is aiming to restore key alliances and reaffirm the nation's commitment to NATO ahead of his summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"78266826","title":"Biden draws stark contrast to Trump on 1st foreign trip","url":"/Politics/video/biden-draws-stark-contrast-trump-1st-foreign-trip-78266826"}