Biden and Harris debut as historic Democratic ticket

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris appeared together for the first time as running mates Wednesday afternoon in Wilmington, Delaware.
48:48 | 08/12/20

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Transcript for Biden and Harris debut as historic Democratic ticket
This is an ABC news special report. Now reported. George Stephanopoulos. And good afternoon when coming on air right now because we are about to see the democratic ticket in this race for the White House for the first time. Joseph Biden commonly Harris that's a scene in Delaware today. Once rivals always friends. Now running mates. In this race for the White House in 21 need to see Mary and other one not be the typical. Announcement for a vice presidential candidate he came out over social media and email yesterday a socially distance event. In Delaware today Joseph Biden has spent most of his time during this campaign. In and around Delaware in and around his home because of the corona virus crisis want to go to Mary Bruce is on the scene there we've got this mix of tradition and something brand new Mary. George this is just a surreal and very bizarre scene to think that normally they would be unveiling this historic ticket. And massive campaign rally instead in just moments Joseph Biden and coddle and mayors will step up for the cameras and make history. Before what is essentially act and barely empty. High school gym they will be speaking to just a few dozen reporters members of the press and their staff were sitting in those socially distant circles there will be no massive cheering. No big applause. And here outside of that dead at the the building we are seeing quite a contrast I hear there are about 200 supporters who have been out here for hours on the braving the rain just get a glimpse of this ticket mostly talked you actually really went just get a glimpse. Of Kabul Harris it is a remarkable turn of events it reminds me that it isn't nearly five months is it actually seen anything like this since Joseph Biden held his last campaign rally that was actually an event where he was joined by Connell and Harris an act that rally Joseph Biden said that he views his role. It going forward as being a breach to the next generation of leadership and what a powerful message he is sending in choosing Colin Harris to help meet. That next generation a woman that we spoke to here said that it took our breath delight when she heard this announcement saying that he showed that Joseph Biden was listening to black women voters like her she's original that in his debasing of time. Good progress was still possible that word. That it means there's hope. George. And Rachel Scott we Ashenberg let me let me go to the scene right now we see. Former vice president Joseph Biden senator comma Harris both wearing masks. And now we will hear them as president but. It should be. Which we will talk with folks outside we're. Keeping our social distancing news. Playing by the rules. Good afternoon everywhere in. To me in two come Melissa exciting day. It's a great day for our campaign it's a great day for America in my view. Over the past several weeks I've had incredible privilege. The median is spending a good deal of time with a group of talent women leaders all of whom are qualified. To be president. We each one. More I learn about them the mark talked to more impressed I was even under the before. I want to thank each and every one on for being part of this process. Taylor Florida working with them as we rebuild this country. To get elected and once we are like the god willing. I approach this with a seriousness. Of purpose and don't mind. Because this is a serious moment for our nation. We're act one of those inflection point you've heard me say that before and our history. A life changing election for this nation. The choice. The choice we make this November. Is going to decide the future America for a very very long. Taunt. And IA had a great choice. Great opportunities. I had a great choice but I have no doubt. That I picked the right person to join me as an ex vice president United States of America and that senator Kabul Harris. Well. And it seems Americans all across this nation lease at the outset here agree with me. Yesterday we got our best grassroots funds raising day of the campaign. More than double our previous record and in doing so we set a single day record for online political fundraising. And I think I know why. So I hope I hope there you'll join us as well those of you listen today. Go to Joseph Biden dot com today. Five dollars ten dollars whatever. Com. As you all know is Smart. She's tough. She's experienced. She's a proven fighter. For the backbone of this country. The middle class. For all those are struggling to get into the middle class. Cause how to govern. She knows how to make the hard calls. She's ready to do this job on day one. Or both ready to get to work. Rebuilding this nation building to better. As attorney general largest state in the country. Come on took on the big banks over mortgage fraud. And Warren. Took on big oil. I don't want to pollute without consequences. She is applying cared marriage equality. And tackled the gun lobby. You know we've all watched through United States senate go toe to toe with top officials. Tried to hide the truth. Asking the tough questions need to be asked and not stop it until she got an answer. When it was forthcoming it was obvious. With the answer wives. As a member of the intelligence committee and he Judiciary Committee. She's been a satire in the middle of the most critical national security challenges our country faces. Well aware. Well aware. Of all the threats to this nation. And ready to respond to them. He's a child and. How emigrant families enrich our country. As well as the challenges of what it means to grow up black and Indian American in the United States of America. Her stories America's story. Differ from market ready particulars. But also. Not so different of the essentials. She's worked hard. She's never backed down from a challenge. And she has heard each and every other accolades and achievements that she is the gain many of them. Often in the face some obstacles. That others put under way. But never quit. And a smarting. All across the nation. Little girls woke up especially little black and brown girls. Who so often feel overlooked. And undervalued. And their communities. But today. Today just maybe. Their seeing themselves. For the first time a new way. As the stuff of president. And vice president's. In her campaign in the primary Kabul often talked about what's referred to as the 3 AM agenda. Bob moms and dads awake late at night they're kitchens. Worried scared uncertain about how there are gonna take care of their families. About how they're gonna pay the bills. About how there are gonna make it simply make it. Grown up in Scranton and Claremont Delaware. I saw that struggle with my family as well. Cobble a sauber cars as well. Jimenez Americans are living out struggle as we speak. Especially this moment of crisis. Especially with cell ready jobs. Lost. Com and I. Both know. That all folks who look at four's my dad would say is an even shot. This give me a shot a fair shot. A shot at make heeded. And it would be the work of our administration. To make sure they get a fair shot. Working families they saw her father's side of this nation. Because they certainly don't have anyone. In the president now on their side. That's gonna change it abide Harris administration. It's going to be gratifying. To see the strong enthusiasts a reaction. To senator Harris. As our next vice president. You know. It comes from people all over the country's already occurred. All over the country. All ideological views all backgrounds. Events of course. We are predictable some of them. Becomes some all over except of course from Donald Trump's White House and his allies. We all knew it was coming. It could've set your watches through it. Donald Trump was already started his attacks. Calling cobble a Croat nasty. Why you need about how she's Croat mean to his appointee he's. It's no surprise. Because whining is what Donald Trump does best that in any president in American history. Is anyone surprised Donald Trump as a problem. With a strong women are strong women across the board. We know the mores to calm. Let's be clear. If you're working person. Worried about whether or not you have a job to go to where they ought to be able to pay your mortgage pay your rent. Worried about the Tories into the air you breathe the water you drink worried about your civil rights aiming your basic right to dignity. Which is under attack for this administration. Karbala Harris. Has had your back. And now. We have to have her back. She got a stamp would remain as campaign. And all of us. Are gonna stand up for error. On January 20. 20/20 one. Rob I don't watch senator Harris raise your right hand. And swear. The oath of office. As the first woman ever. To serve in the second highest office in America in this land. And I weren't get to work. Fixing a massive president trumpet vice president parents. Have created. Both at home and abroad up. Through four years of mismanagement. And caught lead of terrorists. And thugs around the world. Not only will America dig itself out of this hole they put us in we're gonna build we're gonna build back we're gonna build back better. We have a public health crisis. While raising car trying to do away. With health care. But more than five million reported infections a 165000. People dead and climbing. As a consequence of pro in ninety. And Stell. Months later. No real leadership are planned. From the president of United States. How to get this pandemic under control. No real help for the states and local governments try. Or to fill the vacuum. The leadership from the White House. No real help. For children and educators. For small businesses of front line workers. That hall and there was a holding our country together. Instead. That he's issuing. Executive orders. And making promises. That he had ruled defined under the Social Security system. Our assist me that there's liars who disappeared. The Joseph Barton in Kabul Harris administration. I have a comprehensive plan. To meet the challenge of Curwood 98. And turned the corner on this pandemic. Masking. Claire science based guidance. Dramatically scaling up check. Steve. Get a states and local governments are resources they made to open his goals and business safely. We can do this. We just need a president or vice president willing to leave and take responsibility. As its president says it's not my fault. The government the governor should thank me more. As an old saying goes gimme a break we have an economic crisis. And more than sixteen million Americans. Sixteen million. Still out of work. Don't choate. His contracts. To break another record. On track to leave office is the worst jobs record. Of any American president in modern history. But instead I have through the hard work. Of meeting face to face. With congressional leaders. Democrats or Republicans in the White House like every other president's Donna crisis. To get Americans the relief they need and deserve. Donald Trump is on the golf course. I told you this three years ago you look at me like I was being crazy. He hasn't even met. With the leadership. He doesn't have time it appears. When a climate crisis. But don't sharp refuses to even acknowledge. Me thinks about climate change all here we hear is the word hoax. By nurse administration is going to meet the climate crisis. Protect the health. Of the American public. Along the way. For a new ever worn word. Jobs. Good paying jobs. We're a racial crichton justice crisis. Dollar trump seeks only to inflame it. Whose politics of racist rhetoric. And appeals the division. You know. Today is not only the day I'm proud to introduce senator Kabul Harris is the vice presidential nominee the Democratic Party. It's also the third anniversary. Of that terrible days Charlottesville. Remember. Remember what it felt like to see those neo Nazis closure eyes nose Klansmen. White supremacist coming out of feels. Carrying lighted torch us. Faces contorted bulging. Veins. Porn industry's historic American city spewing this today. Anti Semitic file we heard in Hitler's Germany in the thirties. Or how it felt to see a violent clashes soon. Between those celebrating today. No stated against it. It was a wake up call. For all of us as a country. For me. It was a call to action. My father used to say silence is complicity. Not originally him but he believed it. At that moment I knew I couldn't stand by and let Donald Trump. A man who went on to say when asked about what he's already said there are very fine people. On both sides. Quote very fine people on both sides. No prayers in the United States America's ever seen anything like. Seem continuing to attack everything. That makes America America. I knew where in the battle for the soul of the nation. I sort of decided to run. I'm proud now to have. Senator Harris. At my side in that battle because she shares with the same intensity idea. For she's someone who knows what's a stake. The question is. For all emerged answer. Who are we as a nation. When we stand for. And most importantly. What do we want to be. You know. Someone who knows. That's the future this country is limited only by the tires replaced on our own imaginations. Because there's nothing Americans cannot achieve. When we put our mind to it we do it together. One of the reasons I chose coma. Is because we've both believe. We can define America simply in one word. Possibilities. Possibilities for the city. Possibilities. That's America. That's what sister station apart. And every one. Everyone. The ability for everyone. We mean everywhere. You go is far. And dream as big. As hard work and her god given ability we'll take them. I agree disservice president Obama's running mate. He SB number of questions as a tax Kabul. Most important was he said to me. What. He asked me what I want most important. I told I wanted to be the last person room before he made. Important decisions. That's what I ask Campbell. As common would be the last voice in the room. I always tell me the truth which you will. Challenge to our assumptions if she disagrees. Ask the hard questions. Because that's the way we make the best decisions for an American people. I got a chance to spend some time in my home today. With calm blue dog. Thank and I thank the members thanked them publicly. For agreeing to join. And take this journey. We children. Douglas. You're gonna have to learn what it means to be a barrier breaker yourself. In this job you're about to take. America's first second gentlemen. And Lawler although they're not with us here today. I want to thank Ellen Cole was well. I had a chance to speak to Doug mom and dad. And along coal. And really get our kids together. Let me know what what's comment. Hard my grandchildren are about the age of their children. Got to speak. My campaign is always been a family affair every campaign is run. So I got some news for him. You're all over advises. Pet. There's the best part copilot even an honored by and for quite some time. You know I came first to know Karl Malone was. Through our son Beau Biden. There were friends. They served as attorneys general at the same time. It took the same big they took on the same big fights together. Carlo California. Bowl here in Delaware. Big fights. That helped change the entire country. I know how much slower Specter commoner work. And that matter a lot to me to be honest review. As I made this decision. So now. We need to get to work. Toll this nation out of these crises we find ourselves and getting our economy back on track uniting his nation and yes we named the battle for the sole America. My fellow Americans. Let made it is to you. For the first time. Your next vice president United States. Come Harris probably won't. Floors you're. Thank you tell you. Thank you Joseph. As I said show when you called me I am incredibly honored but this responsibility. And I'm ready to get to work. I'm ready to get to work. After the most competitive primary and history. The country received a resounding message that Cho was the person to lead us forward. And Joel I'm so proud to stand with you. And I do so mindful. Of all the heroic and ambitious women before me. Whose sacrifice determination. And resilience. Makes my presence here today even possible. This is a moment. Of real consequence Pharmerica. Everything we care about. Eric economy and our health. Our children. The kind of country we live in. It's all on the line. We are reeling. From the worst public health crisis in a century. The president's mismanagement. Of the pandemic. Has plunged us into the worst. Economic crisis. Since the Great Depression. And we're experiencing. A moral reckoning with racism and systemic injustice. That has brought a new coalition of conscience. To the streets of our country. Demanding change. America is crying out for leadership. Yet we have a president. Who cares more about himself than the people who elected him. The president was making every challenge we face even more difficult to solve. But here's the good news we don't have to accept the failed the government of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. In just 83. Days. We have a chance. To choose a better. Future. For our country. So. Joke. Stuck there Biden. Thank you for the chest he's placed in me. Jill I know you'll. And my husband Doug and I are so grateful. Grateful to become a part of your extended family. And ever since I received Joe's call I've been thinking. Guests about the first Biden. That I really came to know and that of course is Joe's beloved son of one of his beloved sons beau. In the midst of the Great Recession. Though and I spoke on the phone practically every day sometimes multiple times a day. Working together to win back billions of dollars for homeowners. From the big banks of the nations that were far closing on people's homes. Let me just tell you about Beau Biden. I learned quickly. That boat was the kind of guy who inspired people to be a better version of themselves. He really was the best of us. And when I would ask him where he hit that witness come from he noticed talk about. His dead. And I will tell you that love that they shared. Was incredible. To lunch. It was the most beautiful. Display. Of the love between a father and a son. And both talked about how Joseph would spend four hours every. Day riding the rails back and forth from Wilmington to Washington. So he can make breakfast where is kids in the morning and make it home in time to tuck them in bed each night. All of this so too little boys. Would just lost their firm in their sister in a tragic accident. Would know that the world was still turning. And that's how I came to knowledge else. He's someone. Whose first response. When things get tough is never to think about himself. But to care. For everyone else. He's someone who never asks why is this happening to me. And instead asks. What can I do to make life better for you. His empathy. His compassion. His sense of duty to care for others. Is why I am so proud to be honest ticket. And John Knight yes we are cut from the same clock. Family is everything to me to. And I cannot wait for America to get to know my husband dug in are amazing kids call in Allah. Because weather and cheering in the bleachers at a swim meet them are setting up a college room dorm. Are helping my gut daughter prepare for her school debate are building Legos or my god son. Or hugging my two baby nieces. Or cooking dinner. Sunday ten it my family means everything to me. As had a lot of titles of in my career. And certainly vice president will be great. But mom alone will always be Doyle and that means amounts. And you know my mother and father and they came from. Opposite sides of the world to arrive in America. One from India and the other from Jamaica. In search of a world class education. But what brought them together it was a civil rights movement of the 1960s. And that's how they met as students in the streets of Oakland. Marching and shouting for this thing called justice. In a struggle that continues today. And I was part of it my parents would bring me to protest. Strapped tightly in my stroller. And my mother in Shyamalan. Raised my sister my in me to believe that it was up to us. And every generation of Americans to keep on marching. She tell us don't sit around and complain about things do something. So I did something. I devoted my lines to making real the words. Carved in the United States Supreme Court. Equal justice under law. And thirty years ago I stood before a judge for the first time. Breathed in deep and uttered the phrase. That would. That would truly gut my it career and the rest of my career. Connolly Harris for the people. The people that's who I represented his district attorney fighting on behalf of victims who needed help. The people. That's why spot for as California's attorney general. When I took on transnational criminal organizations who traffic in guns and drugs and human beings. And it's the people who I have thought for as a United States senator. Where I worked every day to hold trump officials accountable to the American people. And the people are who and Jill and I will fight for every day in the White House. And let me tell you as somebody in who has presented my fair share of arguments in court the case against Donald Trump and Mike. Pence. Is open and shut. Just look where they've gotten us. More than sixteen million out of work. Millions of kids who cannot go back to school. A crisis of poverty homelessness afflicting black brown in indigenous people the most. A crisis of hunger. Afflicting one in five mothers who have children that are hungry. And tragically. More than a 165000. Lines that have been cut short. Many would loved ones who never got the chance to say about. It didn't have to be this way. Six years ago in fact we had a different health crisis it was called Ebola. Now we all remember that pandemic. But you know what happened then. Barack Obama and Joseph Biden didn't they are jobs. Only two people in the United States died too. That is what's called leadership. But compare that to the moment we find ourselves in them. When other countries are following the science trump pushed miracle cures he saw on Fox News. While other countries or flattening the curve he said the virus would just fools go away. Quote like a miracle. So in other countries opened back up for business. What did we do. We had to shut down again. This virus has impacted. Almost every country. But there's a reason it has hit America worse. Than any other advanced nation. It's because of Trump's failure to take it seriously. From the start. His refusal to get testing up and running. His flip flopping on social distancing and wearing masks. Is delusional belief that he knows better than the experts. All of that is reason. And the reason that an American dies of covic nineteen every eighty seconds. It's why countless businesses have had to shut their doors for good. It's why there is complete chaos. Over women how to reopen our schools. The mothers and fathers are confused on certain an angry. About child care. And the safety of their kids at school. Whether they'll be endangered. If they go. Or fall behind. If they don't. Trumped. Is also the reason millions of Americans are now on implode it. He inherited the longest economic expansion. In history. From Barack Obama and Joseph Biden. And then like everything else he inherited. He ran it straight into the ground. Because of Trump's failures of leadership. Our economy has taken one of the biggest hits out of all the major industrialized. Nations. With an unemployment rate that has tripled. As of today. This is what happens when we elect a gun who just isn't up for the job. Our country ends up in tatters. And so does our reputation. Around the world. But let's be clear this election isn't just about defeating Donald Trump or Mike Pence. It's about building this country back better. And that's exactly what Joseph and I will do. We'll create millions of jobs and fight climate change through a clean energy revolution. Bring back critical supply chains so the future is made in America. Bills on the Affordable Care Act so everyone has a peace of mind that comes with health insurance. And finally offered caregivers the dignity that respect and the tape. They deserve. Will protect a woman's right to make our own decisions about her own body. The root out systemic racism in our justice system and passed a new voting rights act. Eight John Lewis voting rights act. That will insure every voice is heard and every voice is counted. The civil rights struggle. Is nothing new did you. It's why he got into public service it's why he helped to reauthorize the voting rights act. And restore unemployment discrimination. And employment discrimination alarms. And today he takes his place in the ongoing story of America's march toward equality and justice is only. As the as the only who has served alongside the first black president. And has chosen the first black woman as his running me. But it still all his points out. This election is about more than politics. It's about who we are as a country. And I'll admit over the past four years there have been moments when I have truly worried about our future. Well whenever I think. That there is a reason shipped out whenever I've had my own doubts. I think of you. The American people. That doctors and nurses and front line workers who are risk seeing your lives to save others. The truck drivers and the workers in grocery stores. In factories and farms. Working there putting your own safety. On the line. To help us get through this pandemic the women and students taking. To the streets an unprecedented numbers the dreamers and immigrants who know that families belong together. The LG BTQ Americans who know that love is love. People of every age and color and creed for finally declaring in one voice say yes black lives matter. All across this country a whole new generation. Of children. Is growing up hearing on the cries for justice and the chance. Of hope. And which I was raised. Some strapped into strollers of their own and trust me it's a song you'll never forget. So it everyone keeping up the fight. You aren't doing something. You aren't doing something great you are they heroes. Of our time. And you are the reason I know we are going to bring our country. Closer to realizing. Its great promise. But to do it will need to work organize and vote like never before him. Because we need more than a victory on November 3 we need a mandate that proves that the past few years do not represent who we are. Our cool we aspire. To be. Still likes to say that character is on the ballot and it's true. When he saw what happened in Charlottesville three years ago today he knew we were in a battle for the soul of Aaron nation. And together with your help that's a battle we will win. Earlier this year I said. I do it every Joseph asked me to do. And so now I'm asking you to do the same. So visit Joseph Biden dot com to get involved in this campaign. And folks. Because electing Joseph Biden is just the start of the work ahead of us and I couldn't be prouder. To be by his side running to represent you. The people. To thank you and make god bless the United States of America. America gives its first look at the first woman. The color on the national ticket Conroy head. The music is white music you normally would play after an announcement might have to check that out right there. Joseph Biden Connell Harris sunset at five from the stage in his socially distance while there were no hugs are no handshakes. Here comes a family comes come on harris'. Husband died. Jill Biden. Again both going masks and just a bit of a handshake right there. And how to husbands and wives because. Joseph Biden said her story is America's story she cast yourself as a child with the civil rights movement. And Deborah Roberts chief pass on the mantel in her speech urging. Young girl's young boys all across the country take up that fight. She sure did George and I tell you when you look at this picture here you certainly are aware of the history seeing Conlon Harris here. I'm the first black woman on a major ticket like this you heard Joseph Biden say black and brown girls we'll see themselves differently. I'm there's no question that black and brown women across the country have been giddy with excitement asses this announcement came along last night my phone was blowing up. Would messages from people who were posting social media pictures it so excited. But I have to say Georgian at the risk of being a wet blanket. The black vote is not monolithic and there aren't some in the black community for a little weary they may not be dancing on the ceiling just yet because. About Connell a Harris is strong record as a top prosecutor. There are some who credit her with out putting black and brown bodies in prison. And that is something that she is going to have to deal with she's connected to a little more I suspect even though they are there are a lot of people who are excited today. But as this thing goes on in the excitement wears off I think she's gonna have to do a little work to convince. Some within the black community to be as excited about this ticket as others are but for today there's no question just excitement and giddiness from. People all over this country. Let me bring in that sense and on that point as well thank you dead because. Commonly Harris comes from the middle of the road moderate wing of the democratic. Party not the first choice progresses but Joseph Biden. Thinking that this historic move as the first woman of color or national ticket we'll overcome that. Right and that's something that we have to fellow. Ray any one thing the progressives don't get enough credit for. Is the fact that we fight for equality leave the leader racial justice and we believe we should have a representative democracy. We had our suspicions that he might not choose the progressive because it would be too difficult for him to rein that in. That he be worried about the way try to play that in the media that he would have to fight too hard one of the things about Pamela Harris spoke. If she has worked with a progressive community before she gave a whole litany of some of the things that she's done before. But I do agree with Debra she talked a little bit about policing which she needed to do to talk about black life matter she's been one of the most outspoken. About the murders that George Floyd and Lou Rihanna Taylor and we expect that she will have to answer those questions and I think she will now. But most importantly today she made the case against Donald Trump and that's exactly why I think he put her on the ticket. She did make the case against. On a trumpet John Karl our chief White House correspondent I was also struck by in some ways. How that the script was flipped today. You saw Joseph Biden come out there first usually have the vice presidential candidate the attack dog the one defending the person at the top of the ticket Joseph Biden read the top of his remarks did exactly opposite defended her took on Donald Trump head on for his attacks against Connolly Harris. Yeah it made it clear that the issue number one for the Biden Harris campaign. The big promise the big agenda at the big vision. Is undoing that damage that they say has been done to this country by Donald Trump this was a 12 punch. Most of the message from both of them. Was a message against Donald Trump and quite a harsh warn quite at you so you got a taste of of the way Harris will bring the attack to Donald Trump she called him delusional. And eight said that he took the greatest economic expansion in our history that he inherited. From. A Barack Obama and Joseph Biden and like everything else he's inherited drove it into the ground. And terror hammer and clearly. They want to make this a referendum on how the president's handled the corona virus crisis and it is the major issue in so many ways George junior heard. Joseph Biden there are saying there's been no real leadership he said from the president of the United States on how to get this pandemic under control no. Real help and com Paula Harris there the old prosecutor prosecuting the case with. Vigor and intensity against Donald Trump's handling of the pandemic and in part doing so by comparing high the United States is done. Against our peers in the world and that is going to be a hard argument for the trump pens ticket. That's it underneath that it seems to me there's no moral case that the Biden Harris ticket is making it. But Joseph Biden raising Charlottesville there and Kabul Harris also talking about the ideals. That the country's stance for Joseph Biden saying. Who are we as a nation what do we stand for what do we who we want to be. And I think with president trump embracing those who. Fly the confederate flag hailing their heroes those men who fought against the United States on behalf of racist human slavery. And today on Twitter even saying Cory Booker will be running housing and having low income housing invade this suburbs. It's clear that race is on the ballot not just in the person come O Harris but another president of the United States wants to run this campaign will learn a lot about the country in November. We certainly will and enrages telling bring in on this but here come on Harris talk about Joseph Biden's record. On civil rights struggle in his life she said. As well what a change in the first time we saw them on that stage together in the first debate last summer. They really was George you know senator Connolly hair wasn't really his toughest critic on that debate stage now turned. His running mate it's really took them to task right. On his comments about working with segregation is senators to oppose busting and she delivered that line that that little girl was knee and she wasn't that little girl that was. Busta elementary school in Berkeley California she said that her elementary school class is only the second two desegregate. Bayer. And we saw a glimpse of Biden's talking points a few weeks ago necks or her name he wrote do not hold grudges right but definitely a different. A tone today and Biden was under so much pressure not only to pick. A woman of color but to pick a black women in this about needing the moment meeting though no no no reckoning on race that we're experiencing in this country right now he was certainly. Under a lot of pressure doors to choose a black woman as his running mate. Thank you racial strange shot you've covered come on Harris for an awful long time we learned a little bit more about her today her background her parents her family rain she represents. In many ways a real life modern family. Yet Georgia she really does I mean you could just see it from her invents right pepper her Oakland rally. Her entire family got on stage. She even calls it. Like a modern family like the TD shell. But onstage it weighs her her husband's with percent of Jewish background. Her family. The range of backgrounds black south East Asia and South Asian. She really there's something for everyone we've seen enough I still meet people can connect with her show me. Young people so we people of different backgrounds and see themselves and her George. Okay thank you very much drain on bringing Matt Dowd as well you know Matt Dowd. We're seeing come on Harris make history as the first one of color on a national ticket women have been. On the ticket is is the vice presidential. Pick twice before Sarah Pailin. With John McCain Geraldine Ferraro Walter Mondale in both those cases there were kind of hail Mary. Choices bold choice is trying to shake up the race this is a little bit different even though it's a bowl in history making choice. In some ways it was also one of the safest choices for Joseph Biden that's is a lot about where the Democratic Party and the country are today. Yet George the fascinating thing to me about that there's so many ways and it especially Cigna Cigna signifying the division of the country and how divided we are. It's with both simultaneously. Predictable and fake choice. Because she's been batted you can on the national stage and a bold choice become historic nature of it. He'd pick somebody that one automatically made the cake and eat that Joseph Biden is leading. One of racial diversity wonder gender diversity might have generational diversity he pick somebody that embody the two biggest. Social movements in the last. Five years which is black white matter in the need to move Meche. Any pick somebody that open debate top top prosecutor and can prosecute a case. I give Donald trumping administration. But also in many ways exudes this tremendous amount of war so she is a paradox in many ways. She is a predictable fate choice but she also really is a bold and historical choice. And finalists Natalie Herrera gor professor of politics at Harvard University is going to be many battles in these 83 days ahead. But for today for this moment it is another barrier broken in America. It. I mean we have the first black woman and quite presidential candidate on a national ticket and the first Asian American woman and thing at the vice presidential candidate on a national pick yet. And the bigger bang which I think by an inherent managed to do today. With about changing the narrative and studying the narrative and setting the stage for these snack DD three gay. You know we talked a lot about how their art on fractures within the Democratic Party there are some issues that are shared in particular. The secret black voters given her record and including in the senate but also the prosecutor. But one of the things that they could really well today that they had a narrative that centered around Stanley and around conscience but conscience of the nation. But conscious of the diet Democratic Party and also asking people on the ground. School might be critical. To hold them accountable and to move forward into say that the work there then on November 3 it can begin to really does begin. And that all the making this a referendum about Donald Trump in waves. But the current campaign simply hasn't been able to eat captured they don't know how to handle a bite in here campaign. As though that it's what we should be looking forward to how how how Biden and Kerry who really begin to sculpt the narrative. School or out for the presidential election campaign moving forward. That is for the next 83 days he also sudden but some nuts and bolts politics from both. Com resting Joseph Biden both making fundraising appeals telling people to get out there and register. And vote. This is all just days ahead of almost certainly be a very different Democratic Convention starting in Monday not in Milwaukee where was supposed in the basically. All around the country we're gonna return now to our regular programming on a full report tonight on world news tonight were David Muir. Have a good afternoon. This has been a special report. BC.

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