Biden HHS nominee speaks before Senate committee

President Joe Biden’s HHS nominee California Attorney General Xavier Becerra will come before two Senate committees on Tuesday and Wednesday to test his confirmation.
4:41 | 02/23/21

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Transcript for Biden HHS nominee speaks before Senate committee
Everything I do including this is a family affair. I'm here because my parents mom when am I yet that is time. We had only their hope and health when they settled in Sacramento. Taught me to earn the American dream. A construction worker with the sixth grade education and a clerical worker who arrived in her teens from while how to at least make equal they never saw the inside of a college classroom. But they sent other kids to one or two the military. We lost my gap last year on New Year's Day. When he and came. Might get knew we were there with him. At his side. In our home. Sadly hundreds of thousands of Americans haven't had that closure this past year. That senators. It's why I'm here today. The co would pandemic has killed 500000. Americans many of them alone without their M millions more from Gloucester jobs and health care. That is not the America my parents would be possible. To meet this moment we need strong federal leadership. That's president Biden is demonstrating and I unfortunate to be confirmed by the fort joint press and me. I understand the enormous challenges before us in our solemn responsibility. To faithfully Stewart. This agency attaches almost every aspect of our lives. I'm humbled by the task. And I'm ready for. The mission of HHS. To enhance the health and well being of all Americans. Is core to who I am. When I was a child. My mom had a house here she was rushed to the hospital after imaging at home the image is seared in my memory. We were lucky my mom is doubt 87 years young. Better but we were blessed my dad the labor. Had insurance. Through his union labor's local 185. We didn't have much that we didn't have to face the threat of unpaid medical bills or even bankruptcy. Over two decades in congress I worked to ensure every family at the assurance of care that mine yet. I help expand a Children's Health Insurance Program helped write and pass the affordable care. From the Ways and Means Committee I thought to strengthen and modernize Medicare and how we finance it. As attorney general I created a health care rights and access unit we crack down on Medicare and Medicaid fraud. I've worked to hold hope you had manufacturers accountable for the addiction crisis. I've taken a hospital and drug makers who unfairly Jack up prices on patients. I protected patients' privacy. If confirmed. I'll work with you to continue this type of work and to address HHS's biggest challenges. And that of course starts with quote. The president has ambitious goals 100 million vaccine shots an arms in his first 100 days. Increasing access to testing sequencing the virus so we're prepared for the variance. Reopening schools and businesses. HHS has a central. In meeting all of these goals safely and adequately. As attorney general. I saw the importance. Of this on the front lines. I work with my colleagues in other states both Republicans and Democrats to make Covert treatments more readily avail. I am ready to work with you with our state and local partners and across government to get this right. Next we must ensure people have access to quality affordable health care if confirmed. I will work with you to strengthen our Medicare and Medicaid like lines to reduce the cost of health care and prescription drugs. And ensure we are accountable spending resources wisely and effectively. And I won't forget the other H in HHS. Human services. I want to work with you supporting our vulnerable children those in Foster care. Strengthening house at start and expanding access to count here. Finally we must restore faith in our public office. That starts with putting science and facts first and showing respect for our Kruger workforce. No one understands. Your state. And your community and avenue. We may not always agree. But if I'm fortunate enough. To be confirmed. I will always listen to you. I will keep an open mind. I will look for common cause. And I will work with you to improve the health and dignity of the American people. I want I think you for the suck future my fish.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"President Joe Biden’s HHS nominee California Attorney General Xavier Becerra will come before two Senate committees on Tuesday and Wednesday to test his confirmation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76065835","title":"Biden HHS nominee speaks before Senate committee","url":"/Politics/video/biden-hhs-nominee-speaks-senate-committee-76065835"}