Biden highlights American manufacturing, innovation in economic plan

Former Vice President Joe Biden said that the government should use tax payer money to buy American products.
2:33 | 07/09/20

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Transcript for Biden highlights American manufacturing, innovation in economic plan
That's a Marc Platt has the build back better. As walls it's practical. And is focused on building an economy for the future not for the fact. And every spots the fire truths. Laid out as over the crisis. The first says that we've seen of the course this fed data that we need to strengthen our industrial base. As long term source. Sources a middle class job creation. Let's use this opportunity it take bold investments in American history in an ovation. So the future is made in America. All of America. For today aggregation of reported I think depress tax. How to create millions of good paying union job. Building products and technologies that we need now and we'll be in the future and a starts at pretty basic idea. What we spend taxpayers' money the federal government spends taxpayers' money. We should use it to buy American products. And support American jobs. And my plant would tighten their role. To make this a reality and it goes further. During my first term a lot will invest 400. Billion dollars. It's. Virtually products and materials. Our country needs to modernize our infrastructure. Replenish our critical stockpiles and the ask NASA security. Kirk can't sit in the sidelines in a race in future. That's why aren't proposing a dramatic resurgent development investment of 300 billion dollars in March 1 four years alone. To sharpen America's competitive edge and a new industries. Where global leadership is up for grabs like battery technology. Artificial intelligence. Biotechnology. That's the future. And this money will be used purposely did sure all. America's about the deal. And committed to putting community is that historically been left out. Black brown and native American entrepreneur cities and towns everywhere in the region and a country. Next week I'll be laid out an update a blueprint of how we can build a modern state sustainable infrastructure. And the clean energy economy. And how to make sure that the communities. Have suffered the most from pollution. Are the first to benefit from this investment. How to stretch of the union movement how to make sure that you use our building America. Just like they built the middle class.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Former Vice President Joe Biden said that the government should use tax payer money to buy American products.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"71701334","title":"Biden highlights American manufacturing, innovation in economic plan","url":"/Politics/video/biden-highlights-american-manufacturing-innovation-economic-plan-71701334"}