Biden introduces nominees for economic, jobs teams

President-elect Joe Biden formally announced nominees for Commerce, Labor, Small Business Administrator and Deputy Secretary of Commerce.
4:52 | 01/08/21

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Transcript for Biden introduces nominees for economic, jobs teams
Today I'm pleased to announce the latest members of our economic team. Who's this where there announcement. I'm proud to announce we have finished the meet are kept. Saving the best for the last. 44 outstanding. Women and men. Who lol get our country moving again. And it'll gonna restore trust in our government again. And who all of whom are ready on day want to do their job. This is a cabinet that I promise you cannot fulfill that promise and looks like Comerica. It taps into the full range of talent we have and varnish we have immense talent. Vision historic cabinet. This'll be the first cabinet ever. That is evenly composed of as many women as men in the cab. The severe the first cabinet ever. With a majority of people of color occupying this cat. And as more than a dozen history making appointments included the first woman secretary of treasury. First African American Defense Secretary. The first openly gay cabinet member in the first native American cabinet secretary. For secretary congress. My nominee governor Jeanne remind you Rhode Island. The daughter of working class family noses like when her parents factor jobs shipped overseas. She never took her parents sacrifices grant. Should always remember where she kind from. She became a successful launch from her created jobs on main street and brought business is back from yet. She became a state treasurer. Who invest in local communities and took on financial predators. And today she's my most effective for thinking governors in the United States America the first woman ever leave the oceans the views and state. For sector labor. I know made a good friend. Standup guy. Marty Walsh from Boston. Some of our nation is an instrument only downside is not enough male from galway. Of galway and moved to Boston. Martyrs Warner reasons or chest. I know tough as nails. Diagnosed with cancer at age seven PG and age eleven. During the labors union 2223. At age twenty want. Elected the state legislature became union president and graduated from college at age 42. He's not own a second term as successful mayor. Of the iconic American city of Boston. Who always puts working people first. Fighting for fifteen dollar minimum wage. Paid family. From right in front line workers and emergency child care and protective equipment they need. Marty understands like I do to middle class built this country and unions built the middle class. For administrator of the small business situation I'm nominated. As bill goose. Isabel grew up in California working alongside her dad and a small vendor business that he bill. She devoted an early understanding and development program Stan. Or small business needs to their employees. In the neighborhood they support. In the family's dreams that represented. She dedicated her career creating jobs supporting entrepreneurs. As a senior official Ohno Obama Biden small business news church. As director of California's office small businesses and a small business advocate for deputy. Commerce secretary nominee. I have to that you could boil great friend doctors. Donald's a long time returns to the virus. He was there to Treasury Department during the depths the Great Recession. Helping small business weathered the storm stay afloat. Would President Obama asked me to lead the effort to get short out of bankruptcy and office back. On its cheek. So I can take anyone's administration. On my team do it full time so wanted treasured. Attacks stopped come over work for me work on full time. Who's the best decision not made that much or are you thinks about letting witnesses I've. Did a great job. Work whose city officials state officials. On its road to recovery and by the way it's the little things. Security you know what's happening on the ground. Remember how we threw the issue about the number of buses lights street lights and it gets down to the degree. What has to be done.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"President-elect Joe Biden formally announced nominees for Commerce, Labor, Small Business Administrator and Deputy Secretary of Commerce.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75139067","title":"Biden introduces nominees for economic, jobs teams","url":"/Politics/video/biden-introduces-nominees-economic-jobs-teams-75139067"}