Biden gives statement on COVID-19

Former Vice President Joe Biden said “our guiding principle must be to keep everyone paid through this crisis,” in his first livestream address on Monday.
3:00 | 03/24/20

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Transcript for Biden gives statement on COVID-19
For too long warning signs were ignored. For too long administration said the threats were quote under control quote contained quote like the flu. The president says no one saw this coming and that's just not accurate. Our intelligence officials were warning you know corona virus threat endgame. Just based on public information I had. I warned the threat was getting worst way back on January 27 and urged the need to put science first. Draw on emergency funds to get response started. Think about revoking disaster powers to respond. The federal government needs to coordinate getting medical supplies. Out to every corner of the country. So we don't have governors compete against one another. As of late yesterday were told that the president still has not activate the authority. Under the fence production Accra John others call form to invoke immediately and act on. To direct American manufacturers to make essential supplies. Trump keeps an in his words he's a wartime president. Start to act like one. Let me be clear. Donald Trump is not to blame for the corona virus. But he does bear responsibility for our response. And I along with every American hope he steps up and start to get this right. Guiding principle must be to keep every room paid through this crisis every. Should be doing everything on our power to keep workers on payrolls. Make small businesses health and help the economy come out and the other side's strong. The federal government should provide the resources to make that happen while still protecting American taxpayers we can do both. Here's my bottom look. Millions of small business news like the family run restaurant. Is trying to stay open to pay its workers they should get the funds they need. Big companies won't be helped to put no blank checks. If corporations take money from taxpayers have to make an enforceable commitment. That they will keep workers on the payroll. Workers. The workers who see their rages slashed they need to be made whole. Those who those losing jobs they need strong sustained unemployment benefits whether there are gig workers were full time employees. The fairly will go hungry and these food at a table they need help now. Social Security checks need to be boosted now. Student debt should be forgiven for. Cashed look cash relief needs to God's fastest possible of those who need it tomorrow. And we can act quickly and we can do it together.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Former Vice President Joe Biden said “our guiding principle must be to keep everyone paid through this crisis,” in his first livestream address on Monday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69760342","title":"Biden gives statement on COVID-19","url":"/Politics/video/biden-statement-covid-19-69760342"}