Biden VP search: Who’s on the short list?

Experts break down Joe Biden's VP choice, and what he needs to do to bring the party together.
11:09 | 08/10/20

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Transcript for Biden VP search: Who’s on the short list?
The countdown is on to the election and we're tracking your voice your vote with 85 days to go until Election Day all eyes are on presumptive democratic presidential nominee Joseph by and and who he will pick as his running mate in the campaign year has seen an increase speculation. And lobbying for the position by potential candidate. Former Obama's campaign chief strategist David Axelrod writing on Twitter. I can't remember any VP selection process where so much Oppo research has been down if I were Joseph Biden looking for a good and loyal partner. That should be a source of concern. And as we've seen in past years this case of a number two on a ticket can send a strong signal to voters about what they campaign and the parties stand for. Take a look here. The American people have a message for the tax raisers and that message is this you our time has passed. Hundred years from now. Americans will say our labor. That this nation. And this earth. We're he'll fight people they never even news. I yeah phase mom down main areas. Like a community organizer or except it's. Our responsibility. In these times require more than a good soldier. They require. A wise leader. A leader who can change. Chains. Could change if everybody knows we need. And Biden had guaranteed he will choose a woman making whom I hope whomever is the third woman. You ever be nominated as vice president on a major party tickets are making history there are so who will it be joining me now with a closer look ABC news political director Rick Klein. A Mandarin tear it renteria code for America's CEO and former national political director on Hillary Clinton's when he sixteen campaign. And associate professor of political science an African American studies at Purdue University doctor Nadia brown welcomed you all we appreciate you being here us. First I want to hear from each one of you rapid fire who do you think Joseph Biden picks not let's start with you. Well how I was really hoping back eighty Abrams would be informing the album for right now looks like he's fallen out of the top contenders. So I'm really hoping that someone whose shares and in the think while he's eight and. A man that what about Yale. No I think sure Vice President Biden relationships and relations he's had with people or a period of time really matter in this case I suspect. Ambassador rice's after running but it's a risk in terms of she's never. Run for elected office but she's in top woman and I'm sure she couldn't handle herself onstage. And Rick where the chips. All of this fun. I think Biden's heart is coming toward Susan Rice but his head I can't get around Kabul Harris has the pick that flat out makes the most sense I think from the beginning of the process. She is the that probably did the biggest do no harm pick the person or you can. I'll put out there and know that you can trusted to do everything and handle everything in and put the focus back on president Trout which were Joseph Biden wants a today. Right so Rick we'll stay with you for a moment what is by I didn't need to accomplish with this take when it was Smart of him to pick a woman I think people were surprised he picked a woman right out of the gate early on. Why can she make up for that he might lack. It was an unprecedented vowel early in the process before even really locked on the nomination as he was closing in on to say I'll pick a woman it boxing and in some ways but I think. Recognizing where the weaknesses were in his candidacy through the primaries and the reality of the nation the reality of the Democratic Party the feeling that he was an important signal to send. From the beginning. And I think look easy he has a chance to make some history here. Not only if he selects a woman as is expected but if he chooses a woman of color and African American woman in particular there's a lot they can get Don clearly he needs to send a signal that. He gets it he understands where the party in the country are and also that he has a lieutenant that could step in and take over the presidency if necessary. And it Amanda you've been on the other side of a campaign like this one before you mentioned when he sixteen with Hillary Clinton. What are some of the top considerations that the Biden camp is now going through right now. Well this is the biggest. Relation to our relationship or the presidential candidate at this moment in time. It's not just now how are you can are you gonna be on the campaign younger cardigan and govern together but this whole apparatus around campaigning leadership and you bring that you Cameron should together. She can't eat you really enhance all of the aspects of the campaign whether that's a political department for the organizing department. Or highlight certain policies are really important. And so it really does reverberate throughout the campaign and it's also an exciting time because it adds a new energy to the entire conversation. And not yet there's been some debate in the Democratic Party about weathered two win over more voters are you could win more voters by leaning moderately verses leaning progressively we know brought Biden is pretty moderate himself so which way do you think this could swing. It's sort of more aggressive briefs on the Democratic Party. Because then that flexible lost or won return. And that Biden and Democrats are hoping to turn out new voters voters that did not turn out for Hillary Clinton avenue and sixteenth. Amy energizing for people that aren't could be so. African Americans like the next orders those XP home to China and Japan than re Smart group. And it try to get them better are ready go and it won't happen to believe getting long line and then about. I question the million BP's gone that the movie than did the technique could be out here people that XP home. And idea do you think couldn't fit that bill. In the earlier on yes. At that with the color I accept reservations about com alert sue Henry. I'm I do want. It to its VP Diddy will be shown to mobile I'm reporters we know what I'm. I think you can look at each end and our voters that things did not want her with. It's a little concerned that they get people like to see her what I heard the ticket or lethal turn out into the for her. And also bringing it to them right it's never. Chris don't relax and don't eat a little bit of an unknown quantity about what some do not turning out voters and getting people to beat. Energized and enthusiastic or out about this ticket. Yeah may be a bit of a wild card there and in Britain there has been an unusual amount of jockeying for this position as we heard David Axelrod say. Over the past few months and why do you think this could be how does this affect Biden's choice. I think that it in a cove in nineteen environment review don't have the same opportunity for face to face meetings up for. A trial runs out on the campaign trail there's been a remarkable amount of public lobbying the kids are so many of these women. Out themselves talking about why they think they would make strong running mates that's not usually how it happens. I do wonder if it's gonna change the way the veep stakes takes place I also think you're not having talked some of the winner on the listed in people around them they feel like because of the history making aspect of this these are all ambitious women that have put themselves forward and that if someone else's an amnesty for the navy to speak for themselves and maybe that is a refreshing. Piece of of honesty in politics that they're able to talk about themselves and that way and as for the op on the David out -- talks about it is gonna come out one way or the other it's part of the game. I and I think if they can't stand that kind of scrutiny then now they probably would make a good spot on the ticket. So you don't see this as anomalous so Amanda how important is it for the voters to feel energized by this picket have to add to that. We heard Jill Biden talking about how important a chemistry is between whoever he picks and himself. And how important that was with him and President Obama. How how does that factor in when he starts to choose his pick and how energized will that the nation be moving forward by whomever he chooses to. You know that's the part that is that your cat you make sure that it's a good match and unique sort. Not only does help you in the campaign noted in broad based ordered bringing energy to. Govern together critique theory at this moment in time and people see that people cedar relationship they see how it's gonna work and it really doesn't he pick the right person and he hands that vision. The listen I think there's a lot of folks aren't that may or really in Justine parent buttons and I do you think it becomes. Fund campaigns you because just floats and an energy you're in deserts and I look forward to not just that may mean that really seen the pair climbed out as a state Democratic Party. And we are in a moment as you mentioned and not EM Biden has said he will only choose a woman as his vice presidential candidate as we mentioned in most of those being vetted or women of color. In this moment how important is it to you how important is it writ large that he nominates a woman and particularly a woman of color. Is there concern that that woman vice presidential candidate could give some voters pause. Are we neon not. Right now would not beyond shrinking one thing we we know what happened experience but it will be this that I'm the lobby at this woman can. Particularly if the woman of color they won't see some racist and Carol will come her way bats unspeakable. Act. This is the right time and if that happens and I think we keep that lead in the street straight. This is the most sustained protests that we see it that the largest number of confirmed that the ever in American history can rescind the warrant Mormon where. Or that equals showed up. I'm protests from what matters now have been millions of people showing that Sistine. End to end a name that is the right time for countries paying attention to its Hispanic wreath at them and all the implication. They're real opportunity to meet change here cannot. It's someone to symbolically speak to racial injustice and the politics that people Kofi. But hundreds on Friday in baton hadn't changed with the Tibet policy. Our neck in the country around recently beaten death. And Rick the Democratic National Convention begins one week from today it's hard to believe that this is the first time as we know the conventions will be held virtually any preview what that's gonna look like in. Candied conventions actually garner momentum if they is on and on a virtual platform and not being held in person. It's going to be a huge test because we've never literally never seen anything like it added in no what is would have really physically be there. In a location and either Milwaukee or Charlotte's last Jacksonville as the Republicans are planning for a week later. They are still both parties are going to aggressively program the prime time hours and hope to to get aid and audience at home that it is joining in but. All the pageantry. All of all of that the that the typical mash and Asians that your. Tune in to watch are on a convention they'll be gone and it really will be speeches and videos and sustained messaging both parties want to take advantage of that but. Frankly speaking but no one really knows what to expect in terms of how the public is going to. Consume this information and ultimately use it to determine votes. Rick thank you so much and not yet and also to a man does well we appreciate your time at of course we're gonna stay tuned to see who Joseph Biden takes as his running mate. We appreciate your time and thanks for joining us.

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