Big Hopes for the Trump Campaign in the Northeast

ABC News' Tom Llamas breaks down the stakes for the GOP frontrunner in the 5-state primary.
4:28 | 04/26/16

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Transcript for Big Hopes for the Trump Campaign in the Northeast
But let's go now to Tom yeah Thomas a current political correspondent covering the trump campaign. There is Tom at trump tower. Howard the actual folks still resonates now. Hey Devin a first a little concerned just make sure Donald Trump doesn't see Josh Haskell equity stake. You know what you know how he critiques people's eating habits we heard that yesterday on John case to call and discussing bringing a thank gates. I tonight is going to be a big night. It's from campaign thinks fort bend because of all the pre election polls at Chatham literally winning in every single state tonight it could be East Coast take over for the trump campaign. But tonight as they they're close to tasting victory some other news don't vote largely be standing trial in the fall. People for the general election or right around the time of the general election. Over the case of trump university New York's attorney general suing the trump corporation over trump university calling a sham group. Seeing thousands of students were defrauded out of millions of dollars. And today trumps legal team responding saying they actually were content that is gonna go to a jury trial are hoping that jury trial. Takes place in New York City so throat dealing with the election and also possibly dealing with a huge lawsuit against this company at the same time DeVon OK Tom. On the here at queen most of the other candidates are out if not in the state that are voting tonight in state that are voting soon Donald Trump so we just learned a little while I was actually be attending the time 100 gala. Just up the street from it here at Lincoln center at the that they confident I don't know what. Yep pretty busy night for Donald Trump tonight gonna go to that time 100 event that Galley you just mentioned it'll come back here to trumped out to make some remarks hope we'll take some questions also. Actually some of them on don't you guys in the go around the corner here from tower. Edwards CPI comes out it and hopefully take some questions before it takes off for the gala. But like Jimmy still a man around town here in New York City he actually criticized time. For not putting him on the coverage says he deserved to be on the cover and of course there was that great moment when they were shooting part of that story. Out with Donald Trump and that bald eagle an eagle actually flap is air a little bit. It was actually one of the funniest moments in the campaign so far so I guess from gonna go over there and and revel in that moment in enjoy some of its time colleague. Is Tom over the past week we've heard so much and you reported on this the trump. So called trump 2.0. A week ago Tuesday. His victory speech last week in New York City we heard of this sort of immunity got a more presidential tone addressed senator crews. That over the course of the week what a picture on the campaign trail of these stories of intrigue with this new. Convention manager what kind of truck do you think we're gonna see tonight. You know Deb that's a great question we we have seen these trumped 2.0 stories happened about this campaign I think this is the third or fourth time we've seen a new version of from pop up. But from always goes back to classic trump he does what he wants he says what he wants he didn't try to seem a little bit more it is worth presidential. Earlier this actually last week and Tuesday after aptly when that that big victory here in New York. And then I went back to his old ways we certainly put a John basic eat pancakes. Call him disgusting when he started talking about lines had at any sort of with crooked Hillary as well. And then he also just recently he was he was criticizing. Hillary Clinton's appearance just yesterday think he doesn't look presidential today saying that she she's playing the women aren't the woman card that's not gonna work. So we'll see what happens I think Donald Trump just likes to be Donald Trump is like to be put in a box at least that's what. Some of his aides are are telling reporters and we'll see where he goes from there from covered him personally I think trump likes to go. And work of crowded heal up the energy that route he likes to make people laugh he likes to be a showman that's what he likes. And I think that's wheezing can essentially do. And so forth worked for him you know he's far ahead the GOP front runner might warrant delegates by boats and isn't likely go to that convention in July. With a very strong number if he doesn't win this thing out right and and one of the main reasons is because. He was who we wise you know any time we talked with from supporter they say you know he says it like it is even even though trouble contradict themselves in the same speech. People love him his supporters because you know he is not politically correct and he says it like it is and when he go to these from rallies they love that they beat you get sort of apart part of stand up comedian and part of presidential candidate because he's always cracked in those jokes about the speeches. Clark had that is ABC timing on the outside of count our right here in New York thanks so much Tom.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"ABC News' Tom Llamas breaks down the stakes for the GOP frontrunner in the 5-state primary. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38689581","title":"Big Hopes for the Trump Campaign in the Northeast","url":"/Politics/video/big-hopes-trump-campaign-northeast-38689581"}