Bill proposed to decriminalize sex work in Washington, DC

Rights4Girls executive director Yasmin Vafa explains how the proposed bill will effect sex workers if it passes.
2:43 | 10/01/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bill proposed to decriminalize sex work in Washington, DC
Could Washington DC become B Sachs capital. Of the United States. That's a question that some people are asking after 3-D C council members. Have now proposed a bill to decriminalize sex work in the nation's capital the bill is called the community safety. And health amendment act of 2019 if it passes. They would make the district the only place in the United States outside of a few counties and in Nevada. Where prostitution and sex work are legal as you can imagine this is set up a pretty. Fierce debate a public hearing will be held next week. And a number of groups are raising questions about this today one of the advocates in that fight is here it is now he has mean. I'm Bob -- she is the executive director of rights for girls dot org he has me thinks cumin and. It's great to see you the legal prostitution good idea. How I have so it's it's a frog question I think one that is really complex. Were seen legislation like this introduced not only in DC but in places like new York and elsewhere throughout the country under the guise of decriminalizing sex work. As you noted but I think what a lot of people fail to recognize is that in doing so we're actually legitimizing and legalizing the entire industry. So what this would do was actually repeal the laws against pimping and pandering purchasing sacks and brothel keeping which were concerned would actually fuel. Exploitation. A vulnerable community. You your organization right for girls that were very concerned about that advocates in this bill share your concerns of course it that they say that. This would allow for safer sex it would allow for some transparency. Allow women to come forward to regulate. The trade of course they say there would be protections against trafficking. But I was struck cut and in some reporting our time shines as senior producer here at any ABC news did some work on this EC found one victim of sex trafficking are supported. They have said that her pimp. Informed her that this was happening and was very excited about him and that's the sort of testimony and it's got to trouble you. Absolutely inning we do a lot of work with young survivors of the sex trade here locally as well as across the country. I'm through our partnership with Cortese house which is a survivor led program here in the district. We've heard from young survivors between the ages of nine to 24 many of them came to us because they're traffickers told them about the legislation. We organized a closed door listening session with several members of the council and their staff to hear from these young people directly and they indicated that you know don't you think there's something wrong. If our traffickers are excited about discern fact planning. Around the passage of this legislation soon. Big debate ahead next weekend and indie scene ought to have you back yes you apple with rights for girls dot org an interesting conversation to say the least thank you so much for coming in.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Rights4Girls executive director Yasmin Vafa explains how the proposed bill will effect sex workers if it passes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65991421","title":"Bill proposed to decriminalize sex work in Washington, DC","url":"/Politics/video/bill-proposed-decriminalize-sex-work-washington-dc-65991421"}