Bipartisan group supports banning most flavored e-cigarettes

Congressmen Thomas Suozzi, D-N.Y., and Peter King, R-N.Y., discuss why it's important to push forward legislation that will put an end to the vaping epidemic.
6:10 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for Bipartisan group supports banning most flavored e-cigarettes
Here is in this ongoing did B you've heard it I've heard it about what's going on with. A boy band of those favored. Are now teaming up with a new legislation it's called the quits acts quell underage inhaling a toxic substances. I spokes represented as Tom swazi and Peter king of New York earlier about their new bill. Take a listen to that conversation about congressman swazi let me start with you because the CDC. Released its latest numbers they've now recognize six deaths tied to these. Those numbers still not finalized but what are you hearing sir from your constituents on Long Island. You know we fought for years against smoking in New York State in fact. We after decades of knowing there's a problem. And now good to see the exact same thing happened with the state being as it becomes more more of an epidemic is young kids smoked all the time we have a sixteen year old son at home Michael. This kid is talking about people making all the time it's a it's it's a very common thing. All over Long Island. And congressman king let me bring you into the conversation. You and congressman swazi our neighbors a difference being though you are Republican he is a Democrat. Do you think we could actually see some support. For your new build equates hacked up by president trump. I would hope it is huge not because of its stopped mean anything ours how you can. Please use VP. Interest. Usually it's we have many more. So I hear all the time from parents or my district. From kids who they thought didn't smoke or all. His on the gunsmoke and debate me then I realized that in many ways maybe more dangers of smoking and it really has an impact on the young brain and the young monks. If you talk to young he didn't. They'll say you know you asked what do you think it's not know smoking's bad field what about me being oh no there's nothing wrong with anything it's just. Moisture. And right don't realize how dangerous it is to actually be making because of not only of the nicotine the addictive effects but all the other stuff that's in there. And it's interesting that you say that because you just today is your new bill Bible that he was just introduced. We sort of full page had taken out by jewel they're obviously the company that is out most well known when it comes easy cigarettes. But in this full page ad we haven't we each showed up on screen. It obviously first says that nicotine is addictive it is not seat but then goes on to say that is smoke or their identifying. Who had smoked for eighteen years switched to the jewel and make the switch it you know their advertising campaign. Still aggressive no net recognizing that there are addictions to their product but still. Did trying to convince people hey it's still something you should try. Are they gonna go all. The same when the tobacco companies did so many years. I'm almost remember when they acted in doctor's uniform going on in the menthol cigarettes did your lungs. But the good healthy smoke. Menthol flavored cigarettes so this saves and we've been I would drool this is wrong and certainly at the very least everyone can agree that this should be a complete ban. Until the FDA does a full analysis she's you all the to make sure what impact as I am convinced the impact going to be bad but for anyone to say that message read I'm out is irresponsible tomorrow. And that was the same thing tobacco industry poll they said for years and as well science is not conclusive yet we don't really know yet we're not really sure. We asked the band the that is the price went up the people number of people smoke and went down and the cancer rates went down. Anderson spend more money on actually getting people is put. Smoking in the first place and could taping in the first place at. And congressman's Fazio let me ask you some assuming this was your part of the bill being here on the Ways and Means Committee was that part of the reason sir that you felt including a federal tax. On. Yeah I was account executive and as a candidate in 2002 to 2009 that's what Mike Bloomberg in New York City did so much good work on this issue along with the governor of the time in the New York State Legislature. And they said. If we increase the price less people smoke and that poses especially true in the case of kids because kids don't have that price elasticity. We don't want kids they think we don't want to see another epidemic of addiction. Relate to they've been the same as we saw with cigarettes before. We discards we need to discourage smoking the number one cause of preventable that that's the United States of America and we need to stop this epidemic among teenagers. In its tracks. Thank you congressman swazi and king much appreciate you can learn more about their bill we have a full write up on an online Right now but before we leave this topic. Let's get a quick fact check I want to bring in a member or ABC news medical unit where Jordan right now by doctor tells C Patel was in our New York studio doctor Patel. Real quick what is the latest guidance from the CDC when it comes to these. So Don the CDC had a press briefing this morning in this two major takeaways to take from that briefing that they had the first is that they provided us with more information and details about who's affected. They shared that they have bet there have been 530 cases. They related illnesses in 38 states and one US territory and they also shared that there's been seven deaths related to date use. The second thing that they mention is that they actually want to encourage the public to get involved in the investigation. The CDC and the FDA are recommending that people speak with their doctors and get involved in surveys so that we have more information. And of course those surveys would be reporting to your doctor if you're using them. He is there any dying so as far as the age span of the CDC's seeing about. Consumption of easy cigarettes sure they found that the majority of the individuals who have been affected by these illnesses are actually under the age of 25 and are mostly men. Very interesting doctor Patel in our New York City a thank you so much doctor we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"Congressmen Thomas Suozzi, D-N.Y., and Peter King, R-N.Y., discuss why it's important to push forward legislation that will put an end to the vaping epidemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65731345","title":"Bipartisan group supports banning most flavored e-cigarettes","url":"/Politics/video/bipartisan-group-supports-banning-flavored-cigarettes-65731345"}