Bipartisan talks underway to try to end government shutdown

A handful of Republican senators crossed party lines to vote for House Democrats' bill to reopen the government. ABC News' Lana Zak reports.
3:24 | 01/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bipartisan talks underway to try to end government shutdown
We turn now to the big question in Washington. Deal or No Deal new bipartisan talks are under way as the historic government shut down. Runs into week six house Democrats are about to roll out a new bill expected to offer nearly six billion dollars for border security. But not pearl wall and president trump is hinting that he may be willing to compromise. But as they hash out their differences federal workers are feeling the squeeze ABC's Lana Zach has new details good morning Lana. Good morning Victor good morning DNA as this. Shutdown stretches on we are increasingly hearing from agencies with concerned that it is making the country less safe. The National Air Traffic Controllers Association says that that they are reaching the raking point. And that they worry that if they shut them continues about the possibility for mistakes. Today several thousand federal workers are missing another paycheck I received my last paycheck December 31. Indicated it will return three days. The shutdown lasting so long that the federal courts are running out of money civil cases are expected to be suspended now. Many federal workers are reaching the breaking point. What point to resign from the citizens. Can't continue to afford. Phone my family coverage savings and continue to pay for Asselta go to work. But for the first time in weeks there are signs that Washington leaders may be moving towards progress. After both the Republican and Democrat sponsored bills failed to reach the sixty votes needed to pass now you've got eight. Leader McConnell. And and the minority leader trying to figure out what we can't do. A pimple of Republican senators crossed party lines to vote for the Democrats bill to reopen the government. Which received more votes in the president's proposal sending a message to the lighthouse. If they can't do it reasonable agreement that would support president trump now saying he could be amenable to reopening the government if Democrats. One euros options here I don't think we do is gonna. Or they all meanwhile the president's commerce secretary Wilbur Ross himself a billionaire is being criticized for these remarks on CNBC. If there are reports that there are some federal workers who are going to homeless shelters. To get food. Well and nobody and I don't really could understand why there's no real reason why they shouldn't be able to get a loan. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling Ross a modern day Marie into one that he doesn't understand why. They have to do that. Commences select and they take kind of attitude or call your father for money. Leader Ross clarifying the remark is so. We're we're aware of painfully aware that there are hardships inflicted. On the individual workers. Now Ross is own employees at the Commerce Department are among those federal workers who will not be receiving their pay check today. When there is some promise in the fact that there are for the first time and it so long some actual bipartisan talks taking place. But it's still not entirely should not entirely clear that the president would sign on to a temporary measure to reopen the government. If it does not include funding for his border while he told reporters only. That he was not happy if that were to take place he's also reportedly still looking into the possibility of making an emergency declaration. Genetic factor we'll see what happens here aren't Lana Zack think you.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"A handful of Republican senators crossed party lines to vote for House Democrats' bill to reopen the government. ABC News' Lana Zak reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60621793","title":"Bipartisan talks underway to try to end government shutdown","url":"/Politics/video/bipartisan-talks-underway-end-government-shutdown-60621793"}